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  • Manufacturer: Raven
  • Category of Device: Controller, Control Systems
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  • Updated: 23-07-2023
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Raven AccuBoom Controller, Control Systems PDF Installation Manual (Updated: Sunday 23rd of July 2023 02:13:22 PM)

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Compatible devices: SCS-330, AutoBoom, ICD Sidekick Pro, AutoBoom UltraGlide XT, SCS 450, Cruizer II, ISO Product Controller II, SC1.

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(Ocr-Read Summary of Contents of some pages of the Raven AccuBoom Document (Main Content), UPD: 23 July 2023)
  • 1, Raven AccuBoom AGCO RoGator 64/74 Series AccuBoom™ Installation Manual Manual No. 016-0171-003 Rev. D 01/17 E28992 Copyright 2017 …

  • 2, Raven AccuBoom While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this document, Raven Industries assumes no responsibility for omissions and errors. Nor is any liability assumed for damages resulting from the use of information contained herein. Raven Industries shall not be responsible or liable for incidental or consequential damages or a loss of anticipated benefits or profits, work stoppage or loss, or impairment of data arising out of the…

  • 3, Table of Contents Manual No. 016-0171-003 Rev. D i Chapter 1 Important Safety Information................................................. 1 Chapter 2 Introduction............................................................................. 3 Preparing for Installation ........................................................................................................... 3 Recommendations ...............................…

  • 5, CHAPTER 1 Manual No. 016-0171-003 Rev. D 1 CHAPTER 1 IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION Read this manual and the operation and safety instructions included with your implement and/or controller carefully before installing the AccuBoom™ system. • Follow all safety information presented within this manual. • If you require assistance with any portion of the installation or service of your Raven equipment, contact a local Raven dealer for support. • Follow all safety l…

  • 6, CHAPTER 1 2 AGCO RoGator 64/74 Series AccuBoom™ Installation Manual • Lines and hoses carrying hot fluids beyond harness component specifications Avoid contact with any sharp edge or abrading surfaces such as, but not limited to: • Sheared or flame cut edges • Edges of machined surfaces • Fastener threads or cap screw heads • Ends of adjustable hose clamps • Wire exiting conduit without protection, either ends or side of conduit • Hose and tube…

  • 7, Manual No. 016-0171-003 Rev. D 3 IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION • Inspect all electrical components and connections for damage or corrosion. Repair or replace components, connections, or cable as necessary. • Ensure connections are clean, dry, and not damaged. Repair or replace components, connections, or cable as necessary. • Clean components or connections using low pressure water, pressurized air, or an aerosol electrical component cleaning agent. • Remove visible surface water from components, connections, or seals using pressurized…

  • 8, CHAPTER 1 4 AGCO RoGator 64/74 Series AccuBoom™ Installation Manual • Allow sufficient length for free movement without interference to prevent: pulling, pinching, catching or rubbing, especially in articulation and pivot points • Clamp hoses securely to force controlled movement to occur in the desired hose section • Avoid sharp twisting or flexing of hoses in short distances Protect hoses from: • Foreign objects such as rocks that may fall or be throw…

  • 9, CHAPTER 2 Manual No. 016-0171-003 Rev. D 3 CHAPTER 2 INTRODUCTION Congratulations on your purchase of the Raven AccuBoom system! This system was designed to provide accurate and cost-efficient application by avoiding no-spray zones and eliminating wasteful overlaps. This manual applies to the following machines: MAKE: AGCO MODEL: RoGator 64 and 74 Series MODEL YEARS: 2006 and Older MAKE: AGCO MODEL: RoGator 74, 84, and 86 Series MODEL YEARS: 2007 to 2008 …

  • 10, CHAPTER 2 4 AGCO RoGator 64/74 Series AccuBoom™ Installation Manual POINT OF REFERENCE The instructions in this manual assume that you are standing behind the machine, looking toward the cab. NOTE: Section 1 will always be to the left end of the boom or implement. UPDATES Software and manual updates are available on the Raven Applied Technology website: http://www.ravenhelp.com KIT CONTENTS This section contains a list of the components that are included in the AccuBoom installation ki…

  • 11, Manual No. 016-0171-003 Rev. D 5 INTRODUCTION TABLE 1. AGCO RoGator 64/74 Series (2006 and older) AccuBoom Installation Kit (P/N 117-1004-010) TABLE 3. AGCO RoGator 1274 7-Boom (2007 and 2008) AccuBoom Installation Kit (P/N 117-1004-022) TABLE 2. Picture Item Description Part Number Qty. Not Pictured Manual - AGCO RoGator 64/74 Series AccuBoom Installation 016-0171-003 1 Cable - RoGator 64/74 Series AccuBoom Harnes…

  • 13, CHAPTER 3 Manual No. 016-0171-003 Rev. D 7 CHAPTER 3 ACCUBOOM INSTALLATION These instructions are designed to assist in the installation of the AccuBoom system on AGCO RoGator 64 and 74 Series machines. Refer to the Installation & Operation manual for the specific field computer being used for instructions on setting up the software and using the AccuBoom system. INSTALL THE ACCUBOOM NODE FIGURE 1. AccuBoom Node Mounting Location 1…

  • 14, CHAPTER 3 8 AGCO RoGator 64/74 Series AccuBoom™ Installation Manual INSTALL THE ACCUBOOM HARNESS CABLE For wiring connections made outside the cab, apply dielectric silicone grease (P/N 222-0000-006) generously on both the male and female ends of the connectors. Application of the grease will prevent corrosion to the pins and wires. NOTE: The following procedures will be required to connect the AccuBoom node harness cable (P/N 115- 0171-556 or 115-0171-683) for…

  • 15, Raven AccuBoom Manual No. 016-0171-003 Rev. D 9 ACCUBOOM INSTALLATION FIGURE 3. Existing CAN Connection 3. Locate the CAN terminator (P/N 063-0172-369) connected to the CAN product cable behind the operator cabin. The product cable and terminator can usually be located below the catwalk on the right side of the vehicle. 4. Disconnect the terminator and connect the single connector on the CAN tee cable (P/N 115-0171-363). FIGURE 4. CAN Terminator and Tee Cable Connected to the Accu…

  • 16, Raven AccuBoom CHAPTER 3 10 AGCO RoGator 64/74 Series AccuBoom™ Installation Manual IMPORTANT: Do not use chassis or frame ground connections with the Raven AccuBoom control node. Route the ground leads directly to the negative battery post or ground bus bar to properly ground the system. ROGATOR 1274 7-BOOM HARNESS POWER CONNECTIONS Perform the following procedure to install the AccuBoom node harness (P/N 115-0171-683): HIGH CURRENT POWER FIGURE 5. Existing Power Connection 1. Locate the 2-pin Deutsch style connector labeled “Aux Sys. P…

  • 17, Manual No. 016-0171-003 Rev. D 11 ACCUBOOM INSTALLATION LOGIC POWER FIGURE 6. AccuBoom Cable Power Connection 1. Locate the 2-pin Deutsch style receptacle on the existing machine product control cable located behind the right side of the operator cabin. 2. Remove the dust cap and connect the 2-pin Deutsch style connector labeled “Logic Power (Switched)” on the AccuBoom control harness. AccuBoom Logic Power Connector Existing Product Cable Logic…

  • 19, CHAPTER 4 Manual No. 016-0171-003 Rev. D 13 CHAPTER 4 SECTION MAPPING SETUP This section contains section mapping settings that are used to program the AccuBoom controller. Refer to the Installation & Operation Manual and the appropriate section in this chapter for the specific field computer being used for programming and section mapping settings. ENVIZIO PRO VIPER PRO TABLE 1. 5 Section 7 Section Boom Secti…

  • 20, CHAPTER 4 14 AGCO RoGator 64/74 Series AccuBoom™ Installation Manual 655 655 77R 766 877 9** 10 10 R TABLE 2. 5 Section 7 Section Boom Wired As Displaye d As Boom Wired As Displaye d As …

  • 21, CHAPTER 5 Manual No. 016-0171-003 Rev. D 15 CHAPTER 5 TROUBLESHOOTING The AccuBoom CAN control node (P/N 063-0172-316) features several green light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which may be used to diagnose issues within the AccuBoom system. NOTE: If the LEDs are not displayed as outlined in the figure below, check the CAN connections and the control cable connections on the node. If the issue persists, contact a local Raven dealer for additional technical support. All boom switches must remain in the On position while Ac…

  • 23, Index Manual No. 016-0171-003 Rev. D 17 A AccuBoom Installation 7 Installing the AccuBoom Harness Cable 8 Installing the AccuBoom Node 7 I Important Safety Information 1 Introduction 3 Kit Contents 5 Preparing for Installation 3 Point of Reference 4 Recommendations 3 Tools Needed 4 Updates 4 K Kit Contents 5 S Section Mapping Setup Envizio Pro 13 Viper Pro 14 T Troubleshooting 15 …

  • 25, Raven AccuBoom Raven Industries will not assume any expense or liability for repairs made outside our facilities without written consent. Raven Industries is not responsible for damage to any associated equipment or products and will not be liable for loss of profit, labor, or other damages. The obligation of this warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and no person or organization is authorized to assume any liability for Raven Industries. Damages caused by normal wear and tear, misuse, abuse, …

  • 26, Raven Applied Technology products that have been registered online are covered for an additional 12 months beyond the Limited Warranty for a total coverage period of 24 months from the date of retail sale. In no case will the Extended Warranty period exceed 36 months from the date the product was issued by Raven Industries Applied Technology Division. This Extended Warranty coverage applies only to the original owner and is non-transferable. How Long is the Extended Warranty Coverage Period? To register, go online to www.ravenhelp.com and sel…

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