Broadcast Tools DSD-2 Installation And Operation Manual

Installation And Operation Manual for Broadcast Tools DSD-2 Security Sensors (8 pages)


1806/1806019-dsd2.pdf file (22 Jan 2024)
  • Manufacturer: Broadcast Tools
  • Category of Device: Security Sensors
  • Document: DSD-2, File Type: PDF Installation And Operation Manual
  • Updated: 22-01-2024
  • Count of Pages: 8
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Data: UPD 22nd January 2024

Broadcast Tools DSD-2 Security Sensors PDF Installation And Operation Manual (Updated: Monday 22nd of January 2024 07:02:08 PM)

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Compatible devices: Tychem 6000 FR Cat.III ThermoPro TP275T, ProTech-GII 8237-1594, DT15-AM, LMA-1200-120, B031, iNELS RF Control RFMD-100, HT36, BuckAdjuster.

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(Ocr-Read: Summary of Contents Broadcast Tools DSD-2 Document (Main Content), UPD: 22 January 2024)
  • 6, Broadcast Tools DSD-2 ee--mmaaiill:: [email protected] vvooiiccee:: 360.854.9559 ffaaxx:: 360.854.9479 6 DSD-2 Installation and Operation Manual SPECIFICATIONS Specifications Input Level -20dBu to +24dBu Input Impedance 10K Ω balanced. Frequency Response 50 to 20kHz +…

  • 7, Broadcast Tools DSD-2 7 DSD-2 Installation and Operation Manual LIMITED WARRANTY LLIIMMIITTEEDD WWAARRRRAANNTTYY The term “Buyer” as used in this document refers to and includes both (but only) (a) any person or entity who acquires such an item for the purpose of resale to others (…

  • 5, Broadcast Tools DSD-2 ee--mmaaiill:: [email protected] vvooiiccee:: 360.854.9559 ffaaxx:: 360.854.9479 5 DSD-2 Installation and Operation Manual PROGRAMMING Programming Dipswitch setting DIPSwitch-1 OFF: The DSD-2 detects 25 and 35 hertz tones, along with comb…

  • 4, ee--mmaaiill:: [email protected] vvooiiccee:: 360.854.9559 ffaaxx:: 360.854.9479 4 DSD-2 Installation and Operation Manual INSTALLATION Installation Please examine your DSD-2 carefully for any damage that may have been sustained during shippi…

  • 1, Broadcast Tools DSD-2 Installation and Operation Manual Due to the dynamic nature of product design, the information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. Broadcast Tools, Inc., assumes no responsibility for errors and/or omissions contained in this documen…

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