Carbolite Gero HTRH Operating Instructions Manual

Operating Instructions Manual for Carbolite Gero HTRH Furnace (23 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Carbolite Gero
  • Category of Device: Furnace
  • Document: HTRH, File Type: PDF Operating Instructions Manual
  • Updated: 02-02-2024
  • Count of Pages: 23
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Compatible devices: MH95, HTF 17/10, O24 series, 155, Mod Con, ELF 11/14B, GPCMA 174, ML193UH.

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  • 1, Carbolite Gero HTRH Page 1 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS STANDARD FURNACE „HTRH/HTRV“ Furnace: Controller: (Option) CARBOLITE-GERO GmbH & Co.KG Hesselbachstr. 15 D-75242 Neuhausen Tel.: +49/7234/9522-0 FAX.: +49/7234/9522-99 URL: www.carbolite-ger…

  • 2, Page 2 Directory Used Symbols ......................................................................................... 3 Warning symbols ............................................................................................................................ 3 Prohibition signs ........................…

  • 3, Carbolite Gero HTRH Page 3 Used Symbols Warning symbols The following warning symbols serve as work-safety instructions in these operating instructions. They are also fixed to the exterior of the plant if the respective operations could jeopardise the safety of the operating personnel. Please, pay attention…

  • 4, Page 4 Safety precautions Protective measures and rules of conduct When working When working on the furnace, wear protective glasses, protective clothes, and protective hand-gloves. Health risk Eating, drinking, and smoking are prohibited when working. What to do in the case of eme…

  • 5, Page 5 Operation as per destination Operation modes Permissible operation modes Operation of the furnace is permitted  after thoroughly reading and fully understanding the operating instructions. Furthermore, the procedures described in the operating instructions must be observed. This f…

  • 6, Carbolite Gero HTRH Page 6 Operation as per destination Operation modes Requirements for the operating personnel Persons operating powered working equipment must make sure that they do not put their own or other person’s health at risk as a result of dangerous vehicle manoeuvres. The plant operator may onl…

  • 7, Carbolite Gero HTRH Page 7 Safety facilities For protection of the operating personnel and the environment, the furnace is equipped with the following safety facilities: No. Protective equipment 1 Main switch 2 Casing of parts under voltage 3 Galvanised isolation of the heater 4 Over temperature controll…

  • 8, Carbolite Gero HTRH Page 8 Operator’s obligations Accident danger! The operator is obliged to operate the furnace in a perfect condition. Danger spots resulting from connected plants must be secured appropriately by the operator. Assign and instruct responsible persons  Only skilled and instructed …

  • 9, Page 9 Operating and working instructions Instructions for the furnace operation Basic safety instructions Please observe these instructions. Non-observance may result in danger to life and limb! Instructions 1 Do not de-mount or amend protective clothing. 2 Immediately inform the senior em…

  • 10, Page 10 Operating and working instructions Instructions for electrical / electronic equipment Note! Works with electrical components / component may only be affected by skilled electricians in accordance with the appropriate electro-technical regulations. The five safety rules 1 Switch off m…

  • 11, Page 11 Operating and working instructions Cleaning instructions Caution! For cleaning works other than those described above, switch off the furnace thus avoiding unintentional activation of the furnace. Wet cleaning of the furnace is not permitted! Cleaning agents For medium amount of dir…

  • 12, Carbolite Gero HTRH Page 12 Delivery Check completeness Compare scope of delivery with delivery note and ordering documents. Missing parts or damages resulting form inadequate packing or transport must be reported immediately to the forwarder or supplier. Packing The type of packing used depends on the transport…

  • 13, Carbolite Gero HTRH Page 13 Liability information Storage of furnace The manufacturer / supplier will not assume liability or warranty for damages resulting from corrosion which can be put down to improper storage, e.g. in a damp location or similar. Store furnace on an even ground and secure it from tilti…

  • 14, Page 14 Installation structure Complete furnace The furnace consists of the following sub-assemblies: Sub-assemblies: Standard pipe furnace Control system Option Furnace case The furnace consists of an enamelled case with covered power supply points in the interior of the case. Heating el…

  • 15, Page 15 Notes on the MoSi heating elements General  The air supply of the heating elements should be ensured, as the heating elements need this oxygen supply for creating a quartz protective layer. This protective layer has got the function to protect the basic material from extreme oxidation a…

  • 16, Page 16 Functional description Step Procedure Processing instructions 1. When heating the furnace for the first time, small amounts of water can flow from the insulation (fibre insulation, hygroscopic). 2. The heating element is designed to stand a maximum furnace temperature of 1600°C (…

  • 17, Carbolite Gero HTRH Page 17 Functional description Step Procedure Processing instructions 6. After the first commissioning or after the first hours of operation at higher temperatures, the contacts of the Kanthal Super heating elements have to be checked. If the elements are operated with loose contact…

  • 18, Page 18 Commissioning Switching on the furnace Requirements The furnace must be connected as per the required technical procedure as long as it shows no signs of technical deficiencies. No disturbances may occur during operation of the system. For operation of the furnace, please obs…

  • 19, Carbolite Gero HTRH Page 19 Shut-down Switching off the furnace Step Procedure Graphics / Operating element Terminating the process 1. Switch the controller to OFF: Standby (see user manual controller). Necessary because the controller starts after switch on poss. unintentional. 2. Switch power off by bu…

  • 20, Page 20 For your safety You are responsible! “Observe safety precautions!“ Personal requirements Who is allowed to operate the furnace?  Persons with appropriate training and the appropriate qualifications who have been authorised and assigned to operate the furnace and who…

  • 21, Page 21 Maintenance Schedule Observe the safety instructions in the operating manual! Position / Maintenance position Size / Value Remark Maintenance interval after ... hours Operating Specia list INFO Page 8 40 160 500 2000 1 Switchgear, measuring and control system 1.1 …

  • 22, Page 22 EG Declaration of Conformity The manufacturer: Carbolite Gero GmbH & Co KG Hesselbachstraße 15 75242 Neuhausen Tel.: 0049 7234 95522-0 Hereby declares, that the following product: Product description: HTRH/HTRV/(A)/RETTH Type: tube fur…

  • 23, Page 23 Attention! Please remove transport support before put into operation. Concerning this you have to take off the above metal sheet Remove all parts from foam and plastic. …


AVS-OCT-6464-110, M6VZK, Dimension 0U7023A00, LrV790R

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