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  • Updated: 20-06-2023
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Compatible devices: 813, UNI3, UNI4, 11Z, 11, 11B, 11W, 12.

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  • 1, EUROSTER UNI2 – INSTRUCTION MANUAL 1 EUROSTER UNI2 Weather-based heating system controller MANUFACTURER: P.H.P.U. AS, Chumiętki 4, 63-840 Krobia Please read the instruction manual carefully to fully use the controller potential and to ensure proper operation of central heating system. Manual version: 01.08.2016 1. APPLICATION UNI2 is a universal controller designed for heating systems equipped with:  two central heating circuits with mixing valves (e.g. for heater supply and …

  • 2, EUROSTER UNI2 – INSTRUCTION MANUAL 2 2. FUNCTIONS 2.1. Central Heating Circuits  independent setting of temperature and weather curve for each circuit  independent control of each circuit with room control unit and weekly schedule  ability to disable circuits,  manual or automatic switching of summer/winter seasons – ability to set the start and end dates of the heating season  selection of circuit operation: by switching the pump on and off or by lowering t…

  • 3, EUROSTER UNI2 EUROSTER UNI2 – INSTRUCTION MANUAL 3 The symbols shown in the controller mean the following: pump operation mixer operation heating switched on by room control unit active Anti-Stop algorithm error lack of communication DHW disinfection boiler input switched on DHW priority function switched on AF – frost protection turned on 3.2. Multifunction Knob The control is operated with a multifunction knob. In addition to a rotary face used to change the set value, it …

  • 4, EUROSTER UNI2 – INSTRUCTION MANUAL 4 3.6.1. User settings CH1 circuit  schedule It can be used to switch off the circuit for selected time on selected days of the week.  circuit temperature It is the circuit temperature maintained with the use of the mixer. Three settings: for -20, 0, +10 for work with the weather compensator. One setting for work without the weather compensator. CH2 circuit  parameters identical to the CH1 circuit DHW circuit  schedule It can be used to switch off the DHW circuit for selected time on s…

  • 5, EUROSTER UNI2 EUROSTER UNI2 – INSTRUCTION MANUAL 5 controller. Settings for CH1 heating circuit and identical ones for CH2 circuit  turning the circuit on/off This item enables to turn off the unused circuit.  Mixer  turning the mixer on/off This option enables to turn the mixer control off if it is not used in the CH circuit. In such case the (current and preset) temperatures are not displayed for the particular circuit. When operating with turned off mixer the functions responsible for controlling the temperature and the continuous operation f…

  • 6, EUROSTER UNI2 EUROSTER UNI2 – INSTRUCTION MANUAL 6  frost protection, anti-frost temperature The anti-frost algorithm is activated when the temperature of the particular circuit sensor drops below the preset level. In such case both the boiler and the pump are activated. The schedule settings do not affect the operation of this protection. CAUTION! The protection is disabled by default.  sensor correction CH1 or CH2 circuit sensor correction allows to correct temperature reading errors, such as the ones resulting from improper contact between the…

  • 7, EUROSTER UNI2 – INSTRUCTION MANUAL 7 Settings for DHW circulation circuit  turning the circuit on/off This item enables to switch off the circulation circuit if it is not used.  Control  temperature-based control of circulation Circulation may operate according to time or temperature parameters. In case of temperature-based control, the circulation pump is running until the temperature of the circulation t…

  • 8, EUROSTER UNI2 – INSTRUCTION MANUAL 8 Enables to switch on communication control. Do not switch on communication when the controllers are not connected into a network.  device addresses Enables to determine the addresses of the individual inputs and outputs. Device addresses Description Proper Physical address of the particular controller (identifier). Range from 1 to 247. For the proper functioning each controller in the network must have a unique address assigned. Supply se…

  • 9, EUROSTER UNI2 – INSTRUCTION MANUAL 9 4. INSTALLATION 4.1. Connection GENERAL SAFETY RULES  It is necessary to read this user manual carefully prior to the commencement of the installation works. Incorrect installation and improper use may lead to a serious hazard to a user or other persons and result in material damage! Prior to mounting or dismantling and maintenance of the controller, make sure that it is de-energized!  Dangerous voltages, hazardous to life, may be present on the controller and its cables, ther…

  • 10, EUROSTER UNI2 – INSTRUCTION MANUAL 10 The connection diagram is shown below. 4.2.Maintenance Before each and every heating season, the controller must be cleaned of any dust and dirt, the cables must be checked for tight fixing. If necessary, wipe it carefully with a soft cloth. Do not use solvents and aggressive detergents since they may damage the surface of the housing and the display. Avoid contact with water or other liquids. 4.3. Communication 4.3.1. RS-485 connection UNI2 con…

  • 11, EUROSTER UNI2 – INSTRUCTION MANUAL 11 4.3.2. Address allocation After connecting a twisted pair, activate the communication and select the addresses of controllers in all connected controllers. Each of the controllers must be provided with a different address. It is advised to write down the addresses in a visible place in a boiler room, which will facilitate the configuration process. 4.3.3. Boiler control The communication feature enables to control the boiler with the use of one controller output. T…

  • 12, EUROSTER UNI2 – INSTRUCTION MANUAL 12 (although does not exceed the alarm temperature). Otherwise, it is not possible to maintain proper temperatures in the system. 5.2. Heating Circuits Heat in the selected circuit is activated if:  the CH circuit is switched on  the heating season mode is on (WINTER)  the current time is indicated in the schedule of the selected circuit  the room control unit is switched on or work with room control unit …

  • 13, EUROSTER UNI2 – INSTRUCTION MANUAL 13 5.6. Boiler Output The Boiler output is used to switch on the heat source, for example gas boiler. It is equipped with 3 contacts, marked NC, NO and COM. They are galvanically isolated from the rest of the system. They withstand a network voltage of 230V and a load of 4A. The boiler output is switched on if it is necessary to heat any of the circuits. CAUTION! The output status is not affected by the supply temperature. 5.7. The operation of the controller in arrangement without supply tempe…

  • 14, EUROSTER UNI2 EUROSTER UNI2 – INSTRUCTION MANUAL 14 7. DIMENSIONS 8. TECHNICAL DATA Power supply: 230 V 50 Hz Maximum power consumption: 4W Maximum output load: 100W (each output) Temperature adjustment range:  CH circuits: 15°C to 90°C  DHW circuit: 40°C to 75°C  DHW circulation circuit: 20°C to 50°C Temperature measurement range: -30°C to 120°C Accuracy of temperature control and readings: 1°C Work temperature range: 0-40°C Storage temperatur…

  • 15, EUROSTER UNI2 EUROSTER UNI2 – INSTRUCTION MANUAL 15 ELECTRONIC WASTE MANAGEMENT INFORMATION This product is designed and manufactured of high quality materials and components suitable for reuse. The crossed out wheelie bin symbol located at the product means that the product is subject to selective collection in accordance with the provisions of the Directive 2012/19/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council. The product contains an internal battery subject to the selective collection in accordance wi…

  • 16, EUROSTER UNI2 – INSTRUCTION MANUAL 16 WARRANTY CARD EUROSTER UNI2 Controller Warranty Terms and Conditions: 1. The warranty is provided for a period of 24 months from the date of sale. 2. A faulty controller with the warranty card should be delivered to the point of sale. 3. Claims under the warranty shall be examined within 14 working days from the date on which the manufacturer receives the device. 4. Only the manufacturer or other entity, explicitly authorized by the manufact…

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