Idena Riva Manual, Assembly Instructions

Manual, Assembly Instructions for Idena Riva Tent (2 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Idena
  • Category of Device: Tent
  • Document: Riva, File Type: PDF Assembly Instructions
  • Updated: 13-04-2024
  • Count of Pages: 2
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Idena Riva Tent PDF Assembly Instructions (Updated: Saturday 13th of April 2024 03:54:43 PM)

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Compatible devices: Titanium Tent, 302630, 4.0086, SINTRA 250, OXFORD BELL TENT, Instant Shelter Endeavor, 4F-DC, X4 TC.

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  • 1, Breiten Sie die Strandmuschel auf dem Boden aus, so dass deren Boden (in der dunklen Farbe) unten liegt. Stecken Sie die Fiberglasgestänge ineinander und führen Sie das lange Fiberglasgestänge von der einen Seite zur anderen und das kurze Fiberglasgestänge von vorn nach hinten durch di…

  • 2, Lay the beach shelter on the ground and spread it out such that the bottom (the dark side) is face down. Insert the fibreglass rods into each other and now place the long fibreglass rod from one side to the other, and the short fibreglass rod from the front to the back through the tun…


waterflosser WP-860, RLG20, V70MA, SCE81821FS

Clia 100, RIVA, Sportz SUV Tent 82000, MOTORDOME CLASSIC PRO, StormPro RainProof
  • Center Tent Cabin1. Spread the inner tent out flat, floor side down.Tie Metal center hub G to top of center cabin.Assemble the five black fiberglass poles(C,D,E) insert into the sleeves on the top of the tent.The upper ends of C,D,E insert into G (center hub), and the lower ends insert into ste ...

    Model & Doc Type: TGT-CARSON-18 2

  • Assembly Instructions for the Hex Screen House:fig.6fig.4fig.2fig.3fig.1fig.5fig.7 www.eurekatent.com1.800.572.8822REV E 10.09You can usually assemble this screen house alone. However, with first time set-up or with windy conditions, you will need help.Component List:1 Screen/B ...

    Model & Doc Type: Hex Screen House 2

  • fig.3 fig.5 fig.13 fig.10 Assembly Instructions Grand Manan Note: Do not drop the tent bag or pole bag on its end. Do not bounce tent bag on ist end to get the tent out. These actions may cut the shock cord and/or damage the pole ends. Raise the tent:  Unroll and un ...

    Model & Doc Type: Grand Manan 4

  • JOURNEY QUADFOUR PERSON TENTAssembly Instructionsx1 Large Orange Tipx2 Silver Tipx20 Alloy StakesLay the footprint down before erecting the tent. First unroll the outer shelter and locate the pole bag and separate the poles, clip the sections together to make a continuous pole, t ...

    Model & Doc Type: Journey Quad 2

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