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  • Manufacturer: Creda
  • Category of Device: Electric Heater, Heater
  • Document: 79341S Assembly Instruction Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 18-10-2023
  • Count of Pages: 8
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Creda 79341S Electric Heater, Heater PDF Assembly Instruction Manual (Updated: Wednesday 18th of October 2023 06:03:19 PM)

Rating: 4.6 (rated by 98 users)

Compatible devices: TPRIII050E, 70305S, 793415, 1FT, TPR III 500E, CSS3, Newera TSR12AW, CSF3.

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(Ocr-Read Summary of Contents of some pages of the Creda 79341S Document (Main Content), UPD: 18 October 2023)
  • 1, Creda 79341S TSR Electric Storage Heaters Assembly Instruction Automatic Manual Model Nos: 79341S 79351S 79361S 79344/6S 79354/6S 79364/6S Cat. Nos: TSR12AW TSR18AW TSR24AW TSR12MW TSR18MW TSR24MW This product complies with the European Safety Standards EN60335-2-30 and the European Standard Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) EN55014, EN60555-2 and EN60555-3. These cover the essential requirements of EEC Directives 2006/95/EC and 2004/108/EC © GDC Group Ltd. All rights reserved. Material …

  • 2, Creda 79341S IMPORTANT NOTES: It is important to read these instructions carefully and also note the information given on the heater itself. As these particular instructions refer to the assembly and installation of a new heater, they should be retained by the installer; not left behind for the user as this would invite the dismantling and servicing by unqualified persons. FOR THE USER, there is a separate instruction leaflet explaining how the heater should best be operated. Please see that thi…

  • 3, PLEASE DON’T TAKE CHANCES Site conditions may vary considerably and Creda cannot recommend the correct wall fixings to be used. It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that adequate permanent fixing has been achieved. Purely for guidance the suggested fixings are made for certain wall materials but this list is not comprehensive or authoritative. Different wall constructions will need different inserts. Note that inserts incorporating plastic may be subject to s…

  • 4, 2 Packing corner fitments contain heater feet Open bottom flaps on carton First, turn carton upside down 1 It is preferable to fit the heater feet whilst the heater is still in its carton. Turn the carton upside down and open the bottom flaps. The corner fitments contain both feet and the fixing kit. The open ends of the feet are to face forward towards the grilles in the panel. After fitting, use the feet to lift the heater from the carton. Cut underlay and remove carpet gripper to clear foot, allowing heater weight to be tak…

  • 5, The top panel and front panel are joined and should be removed as one assembly. To do this, remove the screws fixing the rear flange of the top panel, and remove the two screws along the bottom edge of the front panel. Carefully swing out bottom of front panel and lift assembly clear of casing, this operation also removes the control knobs under the flap. Put assembly in a safe place to avoid damage to paint etc. WALL FIXINGS - VERY IMPORTANT 5 A …

  • 6, Charge Rated Period Charge 79341/4/6S 7 hours 12 kWh 79351/4/6S 7 hours 18 kWh 79361/4/6S 7 hours 24 kWh Some heater variants may have other charge periods or acceptances. See heater rating plate. Remove the inner front panel; this carries on it’s inner face the front insulation slab. Handle this with care, the insulation must not de damaged. REMOVE ALL THE PACKING CARDBOARD FROM INSIDE THE STORAGE BRICK COMPARTMENT, IF LEFT INSIDE I…

  • 7, Note the way the bricks are positioned in the heater. Otherwise they will not fit. 9 11 Now, place in position the front rank of bricks, again pushing them back to make room for the front insulation slab which is attached to the front panel. Temporarily remove one central element to provide access for the rear rank of bricks. Loosen terminals on one of the elements and remove this to allow installation of rear rank of storage bricks. On heaters with 3 or 4 elements remove one of the central ones. 8 10 Put in place the r…

  • 8, Check that the front insulation slab is properly attached to the inner front panel and refit panel (insulation innermost) to the heater by locating its bottom edge behind the front lip of the chassis, and inserting retaining screws along the top and both sides. With the bricks pushed well back, as mentioned earlier, and the insulation properly aligned, there should be no bulging of this panel and no undue force necessary to fix it. Refit the front / top assembly by hooking the rear edge of the top panel over the rear edge of t…

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