Zanussi ZCF 78 A Operating And Installation Manual

Operating And Installation Manual for Zanussi ZCF 78 A Freezer (16 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Zanussi
  • Category of Device: Freezer
  • Document: ZCF 78 A, File Type: PDF Operating And Installation Manual
  • Updated: 29-09-2023
  • Count of Pages: 16
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Data: UPD 29th September 2023

Zanussi ZCF 78 A Freezer PDF Operating And Installation Manual (Updated: Friday 29th of September 2023 07:59:53 AM)

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Compatible devices: ZF72/55M, ZFT11114WA, 113180, 113177, ZFU216FWO, ZUT 125W, ZUT 113S, ZAC 132.

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  • 2, 2 Prior to Installation Check the appliance for transport damage. Under no circumstances should a damaged appliance be installed. In the event of damage please contact your retailer. Installation This appliance is heavy. Care should be taken when moving it. It is dangerous to alter the specifications or attempt to modify this pr…

  • 3, 3 Instructions for the User Important Safety Information 2 Description of the Appliance 4 Control Panel 4 Operation Before use 5 Starting the Appliance 5 Alarm light 5 Temperature Control 5 Opening/Closing the Lid 5 The role of the pressure equalisation valve 6 Freezing Fresh Food 6 Frozen Food Storage 6 Thawing 6 Low Frost System. 6 Baskets …

  • 4, Zanussi ZCF 78 A 4 Description of the Appliance Control Panel A - Compartment for frozen food storage B - Freezer calendar (recommended storage times for frozen foods) C - Compartment for freezing fresh foods D - Dividing wall E - Control panel F - Defrost water drain …

  • 5, Zanussi ZCF 78 A 5 Before Use Remove all packaging and securing tapes. Wash inside the appliance with lukewarm water and bicarbonate of soda (5m1 to 0.5 litre of water). Do not use soap or detergent as the smell may linger. Dry thoroughly. Starting the Appliance Insert the plug into the wall socket. The green pilot light will illuminate to show that the appliance is s…

  • 6, Zanussi ZCF 78 A 6 THE ROLE OF THE PRESSURE EQUALISATION VALVE The pressure equalisation valve installed in your freezer automatically eliminates the pressure difference which otherwise would make it very difficult or even impossible to open the lid. It may be possible to hear the operation of the valve as the air flows in through the a…

  • 7, Zanussi ZCF 78 A 7 Therefore you should avoid installing your freezer in very humid surroundings. The LOW FROST system minimizes the amount of ice caused by the natural temperature cycle of the freezer. However, ice-build-up from other sources is not reduced. The most important other sources are poorly wrapped food and warm air introduced when the lid …

  • 8, Zanussi ZCF 78 A 8 Normal Operating Sounds You may hear faint gurgling or bubbling sounds when the refrigerant is pumped through the coils or tubing. When the compressor is on, the refrigerant is being pumped round and you will hear a whirring sound or pulsating noise from the compressor. A thermostat controls the compressor and you will hear a faint 'click'…

  • 9, Zanussi ZCF 78 A 9 Defrosting The freezer compartment will become progressively covered with frost. This should be removed with the special plastic scraper provided whenever the thickness of frost exceeds ¼". During this operation it is not necessary to switch off the power supply or to remove the foodstuffs. However, when the ice becomes very thick on the inner l…

  • 10, Zanussi ZCF 78 A 10 Before any maintenance or cleaning is carried out you must DISCONNECT the appliance from the electricity supply Internal Cleaning Clean the inside and accessories with warm water and bicarbonate of soda (5ml to 0.5 litre of water). Rinse and dry thoroughly. NEVER use detergents, abrasive powders, highly perfumed cleaning products or wax polishes to clean…

  • 11, Zanussi ZCF 78 A 11 Something not Working Before: contacting your local Service Force Centre check the following point. IMPORTANT: If you call out an engineer to a fault listed below, or to repair a fault caused by incorrect use or installation, a charge will be made even if the appliance is under guarantee. If after all above checks there is still a fault, call your loc…

  • 12, 12 Service and Spare Parts In the event of your appliance requiring service, or if you wish to purchase spare parts, please contact your local Service Force Centre by telephoning:- 0870 5 929929 Your telephone call will be automatically routed to the Service Force Centre covering your post code area. For the address of your loc…

  • 13, 13 Guarantee Conditions We, Zanussi undertake that if within 12 months of the date of the purchase this Zanussi appliance or any part thereof is proved to be defective by reason only of faulty workmanship or materials, the company will, at our option repair or replace the same FREE OF CHARGE for labour, materials or carriage on condition that: The appliance…

  • 14, Zanussi ZCF 78 A 14 Positioning Place the freezer horizontally on a firm surface, resting on all four wheels. Use a wooden block or similar object to compensate for any bumps/holes in the floor's surface. The room should be dry and adequately ventilated. If the room temperature exceeds 32°C, or falls below freezing point, the freezer w…

  • 15, 15 Any electrical work required to install this appliance should be carried out by a qualified electrician or competent person. This appliance must be earthed. The manufacturer declines any liability should these safety measures not be observed. Electrical Requirements Before switching on, make sure the electricity supply voltage…

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  • FRIDGE-FREEZERUser's GuidePlease read this User's Guide carefully beforeoperating and keep it handy for reference at all times.FRIGORÍFICOCONGELADORGuía del usuarioLea esta gu.a del usuario con atenci.n antes de utilizar la unidady manténgala a mano para consultas posteriores.FRIGORÍFICO -CONGELADORManual do UtilizadorPor favor leia cuidadosamente este Manual do Utilizador antesda primeira utilização e mantenha-o � ...

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