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Compatible devices: nuPro A-200, nuBox AS-225, nuLine RS-54, nuPro X-6000 RC, nuPro X-4000 X, nuPro X-8000, nuPro AS-250, nuBoxx AS-425 max.

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  • Page 1:

    Device approval and conformity

    with EC directives

    Nubert electronic GmbH hereby declares that this product complies with the

    2014/53/EU directives, provided that it is installed and used in accordance with

    the manufacturer‘s instructions. The full text of the EU Declaration of Conformity

    is available at the following Internet address:

    • Do not change the serial number on the speaker. It is part of the operating


    • If the loudspeaker is repaired or modied by workshops or other third parties

    not authorized by Nubert, it loses its operating license.

    • Only accessories and devices may be connected which in turn comply with all

    legal requirements and are approved.

    • The loudspeaker may only be used for the applications specied in the „In-

    tended Use“ section.

    Intended use

    This speaker is designed exclusively for sound reproduction in dry rooms.

    Use the speaker only as described in this manual. Any other use (particularly

    safety-relevant or medical use, installation in open environment like IP-certied

    products) is considered improper and may result in property damage or even per-

    sonal injury. Nubert electronic GmbH does not assume any liability for damages

    caused by improper use.

    Safety instructions

    The entire operating manual, in particular the safety instructions, must be read

    in full before connecting and commissioning the device. For your own safety,

    be sure to follow all warnings and safety instructions in this manual and on the

    speaker. The user is not permitted to carry out any work on the loudspeaker

    other than the described work. Keep this document so that you have access to

    it at all times. Furthermore, it must also be handed over to possible re-owners.


    All trademarks and registered trade names are the property of their respective


    Dolby, Dolby Audio, Dolby Digital, and the double-D symbol are trademarks

    of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. Manufactured under license from

    Dolby Laboratories. Condential unpublished works. Copyright ©1992-2014

    Dolby Laboratories. All rights reserved.

    For DTS patents, see Manufactured under license from

    DTS, Inc. (for companies headquartered in the U.S./Japan/Taiwan) or under

    license from DTS Licensing Limited (for all other companies). DTS, Digital

    Surround, and the DTS logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of DTS,

    Inc. in the United States and other countries. © 2020 DTS Inc. ALL RIGHTS


    The Bluetooth word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Blue-

    tooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Nubert is under license.

    Key to the symbols

    The triangle symbol with exclamation mark (without additional comment)

    indicates important instructions for commissioning, operation and mainte-

    nance of the device.

    The term Caution! next to the triangle symbol indicates a medium risk. Failure

    to observe this warning may result in property damage.

    The term Danger! next to the triangle symbol indicates a high risk. Failure to

    observe this warning may result in death or personal injury

    This symbol indicates that you must read and observe the operating

    instructions and the safety and warning notices in order to operate the


    This symbol (triangle with lightning) warns of dangerous voltages inside

    the enclosure and of hazards due to electric shock.

    This symbol indicates that the device complies with electrical protection

    class 2 and therefore does not require earthing.

    Devices with this symbol may only be used in a dry indoor environ-


    Equipment marked with this symbol must not be disposed of with house-

    hold waste. Refer to the Disposal and Battery Return section at the end

    of this manual.

    General information

    Never operate the loudspeaker unattended!

    Danger of electric shock!

    To avoid the risk of electric shock, the speaker may not be opened by the user.

    There are no user-serviceable parts inside the speaker.

    Service work and repairs are reserved for qualied specialists authorized by

    Nubert. If you need service, please contact Nubert electronic GmbH directly

    ([email protected])!

    Danger of suffocation!

    Never let children use or play with the speaker, remote control or packaging

    unattended. There is a risk that children will get caught in the packaging lm

    and suffocate. Make sure that children cannot remove any small parts from the

    devices! These parts, like the remote control battery, could be swallowed and

    cause suffocation. In case of swallowing any parts, contact a doctor immediately!

    Danger of injury or damage!

    When moving the speaker, take care to avoid injury and damage!


    Since the speaker can only be completely disconnected from the mains at the

    mains input on the rear of the unit or by pulling the mains plug from the socket, it

    must be positioned so that you have free access to the mains input or mains plug.

    If any of the following situations occurs, the loudspeaker must be switched off

    immediately and disconnected from the mains. Contact Nubert electronic GmbH

    ([email protected]) immediately!

    • The speaker has been damaged or has fallen down.

    • Power cord or plug is damaged

    • Objects or liquid have gotten into the loudspeaker

    • The speaker has been exposed to excessive moisture or rain.

    • The speaker does not work properly or exhibits a signicant reduction in per-


    • The loudspeaker smells burnt, develops smoke or makes unusual noises.

    Only use accessories recommended by Nubert!

    Safety instructions

    Technical data

    Warranty terms


    10/2021 EN




    SP-200 / SP-500

  • Page 2:

    nuPro SP-200 / SP-500 · 10/2021 EN


    Installation instructions


    An unstable location can damage the speaker.

    • Only place the loudspeaker on a at, stable surface and make sure that it

    cannot be knocked over!

    • Also make sure that no unintentional pulling can occur on the cables to avoid

    knocking over the speaker or damaging the connection sockets!

    • Keep strong mechanical shocks away from the loudspeaker!


    Excessive heat build-up inside the unit can shorten its service life or lead to re.

    • Never cover the back of the speaker! Make sure that there is a clearance of at

    least 10 cm and sufcient air circulation in the back area!

    • Do not operate the speaker and remote control near heat sources such as

    radiators or stoves!

    • Do not expose the speaker and remote control to direct sunlight.

    • Never place burning candles or similar open re sources on the loudspeaker!

    Danger of explosion!

    Installation in unsuitable locations can cause explosions.

    Do not use the speaker or remote control

    • in environments where there is a risk of re or explosion!

    • at extremely low or extremely high temperatures!

    • near ammable gases or vapours!

    • near strong dust!

    • near ammable materials!

    Danger of electric shock!

    The loudspeaker carries mains voltage and voltages higher than 35 V AC or DC

    inside. It has no special protection against the intrusion of liquids or objects into

    the system. There is therefore a risk of lethal electric shock.

    • Never touch the speaker with wet hands!

    • Only use the speaker in a dry place!

    • Do not operate it outdoors or in damp rooms!

    • The loudspeaker must be protected from liquids of all kinds, including dripping

    and splashing water.

    Do not place any containers containing liquids (e.g. ower vases) on the speak-

    er or in the immediate vicinity!

    • If the loudspeaker is moved from a cold environment to a warm room, conden-

    sation may form inside the unit. Wait at least six hours until the loudspeaker

    has reached room temperature and is dry before switching it on!

    • No objects of any kind may get into the device.

    • Should the loudspeaker come into contact with liquids or should objects have

    gotten inside, please unplug the mains plug immediately and contact Nubert

    electronic GmbH ([email protected])!

    Danger of injury or damage!

    For speakers with threaded bushings on the underside:

    The threaded bushings may be used for upright mounting of the loudspeaker on

    suitable base plates or feet only. The threaded bushings on the underside of the

    loudspeaker enclosures are not designed for tensile loads and must therefore

    not be used as holders for hooks or similar devices in order to suspend the

    loudspeaker cabinet. A falling speaker may cause serious injury and damage.

    Connection instructions

    General connection instructions

    Disconnect the mains plug before changing any wiring on the system!

    • Make sure that all connections have been made correctly and that all plugs

    are rmly seated in the sockets before connecting the speaker to the mains.

    • Use only the intended cables or plug connections for the connections! Failure

    to do so may result in damage or malfunction.

    If you want to disconnect connections on the loudspeaker, always pull the plug,

    never the cable!

    • Ensure that all plugs are rmly seated in the sockets!

    • Only use cables and accessories recommended by Nubert!

    Danger of electric shock!

    Faulty mains supply systems or excessive mains voltage can lead to electric


    All power supply or antenna systems connected to the loudspeaker must com-

    ply with all applicable laws and regulations and be professionally installed by

    an approved installation company.

    • Use only the appropriate power cord to connect the speaker. Do not modify

    the power cord or its plug.

    • Make sure that the mains voltage at your location matches the requirements

    of the loudspeaker! The correct power supply can be found on the label on the

    back of the speaker. It must not be connected to other power supplies.

    • Devices of Class 1 construction must be connected to the mains power socket

    outlet with a protective earth connection. Make sure that the installation of the

    protective earth is carried out correctly!

    • When laying the power cables, make sure that they cannot be damaged (e.g.

    by heating or mechanical stress)! Pay particular attention to the areas of the

    connectors and distributors!


    Overvoltage in the power supply system (e.g. due to lightning) can damage or

    destroy the device and power supply unit.

    • An overvoltage protection element can provide a certain degree of protection

    against excessively high voltages in the power grid.

    • However, the greatest possible protection against damage can only be

    achieved with the complete separation from the mains supply. In case of thun-

    derstorms or danger of lightning strikes, disconnect the mains cable from the

    socket and any antenna plugs from your hi- system!

    • If the speaker is not used for a long period of time or is unattended, the power

    supply should be disconnected. Disconnect the mains plug from the socket!

    Remote control and battery

    This product comes with a remote control and a battery. The following must be

    observed when handling remote controls and batteries:

    If the batteries are discharged, the range of the remote control will

    decrease signicantly. If this happens, replace the batteries immediately. Always

    use high-quality CR2025 lithium button cells as replacement batteries. Make

    sure that the polarity is correct when inserting the battery into the battery com-



    Improper handling can lead to material damage.

    • Do not drop the remote control!

    • Do not expose the remote control and battery to water or other liquids!

    • Do not operate or store the remote control and battery in locations with high-

    humidity or particularly high or low temperature!


    Leaking or exploding batteries can pose a health hazard and cause damage to


    • If you do not use the device for a long time or if the batteries are depleted,

    remove the batteries from the remote control to prevent discharge, leakage of

    acid or explosions.

    • Leaking batteries must be replaced immediately.

    • If you nd a leaking battery, do not touch the leaking material and dispose of

    the batteries immediately!

    • Do not touch leaking batteries!

    • Should your skin, eyes or mouth come into contact with the leaking material,

    clean the affected area immediately with water and contact a doctor!

    Danger! Do not ingest battery, chemical burn hazard!

    Ingestion of batteries can cause severe internal burns and death within a short

    time span.

    Ensure that batteries do not get into your body by any means, in particular that

    they cannot be swallowed!

    • Keep new and used batteries away from children.

    If the battery compartment does not close securely, stop using the product and

    keep it away from children.

    If you think that batteries might have been swallowed or placed inside any part

    of the body, seek immediate medical attention!

    Equipment marked with this symbol must not be disposed of with house-

    hold waste. Refer to the Disposal and Battery Return section at the end

    of this manual.

  • Page 3:

    EN 10/2021 · nuPro SP-200 / SP-500


    Care and cleaning tips


    Improper handling of the speaker may result in damage.

    • Always unplug the speaker before cleaning it!

    • Before recommissioning, make sure that all connections are correct, that

    there are no short circuits and that the speaker is completely dry.

    • Never use strong cleaning agents or solvents such as petrol, spirit or similar!


    We recommend commercial window cleaner sprayed onto a cotton cloth. This

    allows almost all ngerprints and dust to be easily removed. Alternatively, you

    can also use window active foam.

    We advise against the use of microbre cloths! These can cause mini scratches

    in the surface.

    Diaphragms and Speaker Chassis

    To remove dust from a loudspeaker chassis, a lint-free cotton cloth is sufcient

    to wipe the membrane lightly with very little pressure.

    Unpacking and Scope of Delivery


    When unpacking your speaker, do not use sharp or pointed objects to avoid pos-

    sible damage to the enclosure. Please keep the packaging in a safe place in case

    you need to transport the speaker at a later date.

    Scope of delivery

    If the delivery is complete, it contains the following parts:

    2 nuPro SP active loudspeakers (1 active master speaker, 1 passive client speaker)

    2 Cloth grilles

    2 Out-rigger feet with mounting kit (only SP-500)

    1 Remote control with battery

    1 Mains cable, 3 m

    1 Master-Client loudspeaker interconnect cable (3 m for SP-200, 5 m for SP-500)

    1 Fibre optic cable with TOS-Link plugs, 1.5 m

    1 Stereo 3.5 mm jack to cinch cable, 1.5 m

    1 High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet, 1.5 m

    Auto power off

    The nuPro SP loudspeakers can switch to the stand-by mode (< 0.5 Watt) via an

    automatic power off function. The behaviour depends on the chosen input. If either

    Bluetooth or AUX is selected, the loudspeaker switches to standby mode after a

    maximum of 20 minutes without audio input. With the digital inputs COAX or OPTI-

    CAL, the auto-off circuit also reacts directly to the absence of a digital data stream

    and thus allows for a faster switch-off. The playback device must deactivate the da-

    ta stream accordingly. When switched to the HDMI eARC input, the auto off circuit

    reacts directly to the appropriate CEC command, transmitted from the TV system.

    Note: The auto power off feature can be enabled or disabled by pressing and hold-

    ing the remote control’s wide button for 7 seconds within 15 seconds of power on.

    The LED ring ashes once to conrm that the standby automatic is deactivated. The

    LED ring ashes three times to conrm that the function has been (re-)activated.

    Auto power on

    The electronics of the nuPro SP loudspeakers have an automatic switch-on func-

    tion, that automatically wakes them from stand-by mode as soon as a sound signal

    or data stream is present. The signal must be applied to the input that was selected

    during the automatic switch-off process.

    • However, this function is not available for Bluetooth devices.

    • At the other inputs, Auto power on is only active if the speakers are set to standby

    mode by the Auto power off function. If standby mode has been set manually by

    pressing the button on/off on the remote control or by a three second-long press of

    the dial on the front of the speaker, the automatic switch-on function is deactivated.


    If you have any questions or problems during the commissioning of your Nubert

    system, please do not hesitate to contact our service team:

    Phone: +49 7171 8712-0 (international) · E-mail: [email protected]

    Please have your customer number ready!

    Technical Data nuPro SP-200/SP-500

    Drivers SP-200 2x tweeters with fabric dome (25 mm)

    2x mid/bass driver with polypropylene

    composite cone (148 mm)

    SP-500 2x tweeters with fabric dome (25 mm)

    6x mid/bass driver with polypropylene

    composite cone (148 mm)

    Power of SP-200

    2x 20 W + 2x 40 W (rated power)

    built-in ampliers 2x 30 W + 2x 60 W (maximum power)

    SP-500 2x 20 W + 2x 60 W (rated power)

    2x 30 W + 2x 90 W (maximum power)

    Frequency response SP-200 46 – 22.000 Hz @ - 3 dB


    33 – 22.000 Hz @ - 3 dB

    Input sensitivity 0.3 Veff

    Max. Input 3.0 Veff

    Standby power consumption < 0.5 W

    Radio frequency bands and 2402 – 2480 MHz

    Radio transmitting power 7.9 dBm / 6.2 mW

    Bluetooth standard 5.0

    Bluetooth codecs SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD,

    aptX Low Latency

    HDMI standard 2.1 (eARC)

    Digital signal formats PCM, Dolby Digital (AC-3),

    DTS Digital Surround

    Dimensions SP-200 H: 33.0 / 33.3 cm

    W: 18.5 cm

    D: 22.0 / 23.7 cm

    (without / with rubber pads & front cover)


    H: 100.0 / 103.2 cm

    W: 18.5 / 27.3 cm

    D: 22.0 / 30.6 cm

    (without / with outrigger feet)

    Weight SP-200 5.9 / 5.5 kg (master / client speaker)


    17.6 / 17.2 kg (master / client speaker)

    Ambient temperature 5° C – 35° C

  • Page 4:

    Nubert warrants the Nubert product described in this manual to the purchaser under the following terms and conditions.

    The purchaser‘s statutory warranty claims, in particular for subsequent performance and, if applicable, damages in the event of defects, shall remain unrestrictedly with the

    purchaser and shall be fully available to our customers.

    1. The warranty period for the Nubert product and its electronic components described in this manual is 2 years from the date of delivery.

    Your proof of purchase is the proof of guarantee.

    2. Contents of the warranty claim

    The guarantee applies to all parts and labour costs from delivery. It includes and is limited to the free repair or replacement of the defective part in the event of a material

    defect in the goods (e.g. Material defect or manufacturing defect). In addition, Nubert shall bear the costs of the return shipment of the affected product from or to the curb

    in the case of justifi ed warranty claims, provided that the goods are within the countries of the European Union and the shipment was previously agreed with Nubert. Ad-

    ditional services are possible as a gesture of goodwill in accordance with Nubert’s free discretion. For the duration of the guarantee, it is assumed that the material defect

    was already present at the time of transfer of risk. Replaced parts become the property of Nubert. Warranty services do not extend the warranty period, nor do they set a

    new warranty period in motion. The warranty period for installed spare parts ends with the warranty period for the entire device. The promise or the execution of warranty

    services is made without recognition of a performance obligation according to statutory warranty law.

    3. The warranty claim does not apply in the case of

    • repair attempts of any kind not previously agreed upon with Nubert

    • improper operating environment or improper storage (e.g. damage due to moisture or particularly high or low temperatures)

    • improper transport packaging (the original transport packaging, correctly used, provides suffi cient protection)

    • improper transport, if the transport was not previously agreed upon with Nubert (Nubert organizes the transport for you with Nubert selected

    Transport company. You will receive return tickets with the corresponding postage paid returns).

    • improper mechanical effects on the goods (e.g. on housing, switches, connection sockets or antennas)

    • improper operation, improper mounting (e.g. switches, antennas) or improper connection (e.g. operation on defective or unsuitable amplifi ers or other source devices

    with DC voltage or unusually high hum voltage at the source device output).

    4. Disassembled components

    Do not disassemble any components from our equipment and do not send in any such individual parts until you have contacted Nubert Service and agreed on this measure.

    5. What to do in the event of a warranty claim

    If possible, pack the defective device in its original carton with a copy of the purchase receipt and a meaningful description of the defect. Please note our shipping instruc-

    tions. Please contact the Nubert team for a return or refund:

    • Telephone: +49 7171 8712-0 • Fax: +49 7171 8712-345 • E-mail: [email protected]

    Of course, you can also return your defective product to the Nubert Service in Schwäbisch Gmünd:

    Nubert electronic GmbH, Goethestr. 69, D-73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany.

    Shipping information: We recommend that you always keep the original carton, along with the protective foam inserts. Tip: Folding saves space! This is the only way to

    ensure a safe return shipment in the worst-case scenario. If, in exceptional cases, you use a different packaging, it should protect professionally against the typical dangers

    of shipping and have special protective cushions or equivalent protective devices. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we accept no liability for damage

    caused by improper packaging for which you are responsible!

    Disposal and battery return

    Environmental protection: Ingredients, e.g. chemical pollutants in old appliances, can damage the environment and health if stored improperly, in particular if they are

    not shatterproof or disposed of properly by persons not authorised to do so. Especially in the case of illegal exports, there is no guarantee that the environment and human

    health will be protected from damage. Old appliances can also contain recyclable raw materials, old appliances can be repaired or parts can be reused and thus considera-

    bly protect the environment. Old appliances must therefore not be disposed of with normal household waste or exported illegally. As an end user, you are legally obliged to

    return or properly dispose of electrical equipment.


    Ingredients, e.g. chemical type of batteries, can damage the environment and health if not stored and disposed of properly. At the same time, recyclable raw materials may

    also be included. Batteries must therefore not be disposed of with normal household waste. As an end user, you are legally obliged to return used batteries. You can return

    batteries after use to the seller or in the designated collection points (e.g. in public collection points in your municipality or in the trade) free of charge or send them back

    free of charge. You can also send the batteries back to the seller free of charge by post, whereby any requirements of the dangerous goods law must be observed. The sale

    at points of sale is limited to the quantities customary for end users for disposal as well as used batteries which the distributor carries or has carried in its product range.

    • Battery return

    The symbol with the crossed-out dustbin reminds you not to put batteries in the household waste.

    Under this symbol you can also fi nd the following symbols with the following meaning about ingredients:

    Pb = battery contains more than 0.004 mass percent lead, Cd = battery contains more than 0.002 mass percent cadmium,

    Hg = battery contains more than 0.0005 mass percent mercury.

    • Old appliances

    Electrical and electronic equipment is also marked with the crossed-out wheelie bin symbol. The symbol indicates that you,

    as the owner of this appliance, may not dispose of it with your household waste (grey bin, yellow bin, organic waste bin, paper or glass).

    You can send the device to the municipal collection points to be collected separately from unsorted municipal waste for reuse. Used batteries and accumulators which are

    not enclosed by the waste equipment shall be separated from it at a collection point prior to delivery.

    Old appliances can also be returned to us directly in our shops or shipped back to us for disposal. Please send an Email to [email protected] for a free return shipping label.

    You can also request this by calling +49 7171 8712-0. Please then send the old device to the following address:

    Nubert electronic GmbH, Goethestr. 69, D-73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany.

    Please ensure that the old appliance is properly packaged for shipment so that breakage is avoided as far as possible and mechanical compaction or breakage can be ruled

    out. The acceptance of waste equipment may be refused if there is a risk to human health and safety due to contamination.

    Please note: You are responsible for the deletion of personal data on the waste equipment to be disposed of.

    As of: 26.7.2019

    Technical changes, errors and misprints excepted. You will fi nd our General Terms and Conditions (AGB) on our website:

    Warranty terms

    Nubert electronic GmbH

    Goethestr. 69

    73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd


    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Hotline: +49 (0)7171 8712-0

    Your provider and contractual partner:

    Nubert electronic GmbH, Goethestr. 69, 73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

    Phone: +49 7171 8712-0 · Fax: +49 7171 8712-345 · E-Mail: [email protected]

    Managing Directors: Günther Nubert, Bernd Jung · Register court AG Ulm, HRB 700296

    Tax ID No.: DE 16758584 · WEEE Reg. No. DE 48888173

    For questions and individual advice, please dial our special number:

    +49 7171 8712-0

    Our hotline is available from:

    Monday to Friday from 10:00-18:00 and Saturdays from 9:00-13:00.

    nuPro SP-200 / SP-500




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