Nubert nuPro A-600 Safety Instructions Operating Manual Technical Data

Safety Instructions Operating Manual Technical Data for Nubert nuPro A-600 Speakers (12 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Nubert
  • Category of Device: Speakers
  • Document: nuPro A-600, File Type: PDF Safety Instructions Operating Manual Technical Data
  • Updated: 17-03-2024
  • Count of Pages: 12
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Data: UPD 17th March 2024

Nubert nuPro A-600 Speakers PDF Safety Instructions Operating Manual Technical Data (Updated: Sunday 17th of March 2024 10:43:48 AM)

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Compatible devices: nuLine RS-54, nuPro X-3000, nuPro AS-3500, nuBoxx A-125 pro, nuBox AS-225, nuPro X-8000 RC, nuPro X-8000, nuPro A-200.

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Text Version of Nubert nuPro A-600 Speakers Manual (Summary of Contents)

(Ocr-Read of Nubert nuPro A-600 Document (Main Content), UPD: 17 March 2024)
  • 11, 11 EN 4/2020 · nuPro A-600 Menu Sitemap Note: to start navigating, press   /  Keys  /  Keys Notes SETUP  or PAIR Automatic master / slave conguration, link out outputs only one channel MENU SINGLE No master / slave conguration, link out outputs a stereo sig…

  • 9, Nubert nuPro A-600 9 EN 4/2020 · nuPro A-600 Further use-cases n Adding a subwoofer If you want to add a subwoofer to your nuPro speaker, you can connect it to the sub out output. This output provides the subwoof- er with a low-pass ltered, summed mono signal. You can set the cross…

  • 2, Device approval and conformity with EC directives Nubert electronic GmbH hereby declares that this product complies with the 2014/53/EU directives, provided that it is installed and used in accordance with the manufacturer‘s instructions. The full text of the EU Declaration of Conformity…

  • 5, 5 n Service port You will nd a service connector under the rubber cover. The cover may be removed by authorized Nubert-techni- cians only. There are no user-serviceable parts below the cover! A B B A EN 4/2020 · nuPro A-600 Connections and application examples n USB power supply port …

  • 8, 88 nuPro A-600 · 4/2020 EN When the nuPro are powered on, they automatically congure themselves as as Master- or Slave-loudspeaker, depending on the cabling. They are now ready for use. For more on the basic cong- uration of your nuPro speakers, please see the separate quickstart…


VHR-390EX, IWC 61051, HR-VP453U, CM-397

SK-S1, SWA2122, R-400, BOOM! AUDIO STAGE II 76000353, AIRTEN
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  • Adamson Systems Engineering |Table of ContentsRead these instructions, keep them available for reference.This manual can be downloaded fromHeed all warnings and follow all instructions.A qualifi ed technician must be present during the installation and use of this product. This produ ...

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  • Installing with an install bracket1. Determine placement of speakers in the room.2. Install the speaker bracket by nailing or stapling the wings of the speaker bracket to the studs of the wall or ceiling. The bracket has a 1/2” lip that should face into the room. This lip will provide a guide ...

    Model & Doc Type: Builder Series 2

  • NS-IW280CNS-IW280CHOME CINEMA IN-CEILING SPEAKERCONTENTSCONSUMER PRECAUTIONS ............................................................................ 2UNPACKING ....................................................................................................... 3TOOLS NEEDED .......... ...

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