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  • Manufacturer: MFJ Enterprises
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MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1272B Switch PDF Manual  (Updated: Friday 12th of January 2024 01:09:50 PM)

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Compatible devices: BUSBY 8451, GCS1742, 726-099, 852-1112, MFJ-4716, TE-910plus, KXM-0108, IDS-305.

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  • 1, MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1272B MFJ-1272B TNC/Microphone Switch Introduction Thank you for purchasing the MFJ-1272B TNC/MIC Switch. This switch is designed to allow simultaneous connection of both your microphone and your TNC to the radio. The MFJ-1272B microphone switches were designed to be used with any radio that has a standard, round, 8-pin micro…

  • 2, MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1272B MFJ-1272B Instruction Manual 2 KAM is a registered trademark of Kantronics Company, Inc. …

  • 3, MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1272B MFJ-1272B Instruction Manual 3 Installation Before you install the MFJ-1272B TNC/MIC switch, you must set it up for your particular radio. The MFJ- 1272B comes pre-wired from the factory for Kenwood and Alinco radios without RECEIVE AUDIO on the microphone jack. If you have one of these radios, the TNC/MIC s…

  • 4, MFJ-1272B Instruction Manual 4 Ground: This is the system ground on radio's mic connector. Some radios have two ground pins, MICROPHONE GROUND and GROUND. The microphone ground should not be used, due to the possibility of introducing "hum" into the system . Always use the pin labeled ground. Throug…

  • 5, MFJ-1272B Instruction Manual 5 (unlabled) if you use external audio do not connect the radio pins for Receive 3. Header HD3 controls the RECEIVE AUDIO to the EXTERNAL SPEAKER. Place a push-on jumper on pins 2 and 3 if you want the external speaker "on" all of the time. Place the jumper on pins 1 a…

  • 6, MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1272B MFJ-1272B Instruction Manual 6 shorting any microphone voltages or any other microphone signals to GROUND ! …

  • 7, MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1272B MFJ-1272B Instruction Manual 7 Receive Audio Connections Table 1 below shows where you would place a jumper if your radio had RECEIVE AUDIO on one of the microphone pins. For example, if your radio had RECEIVE AUDIO on pin 3 on a Kenwood microphone, you would place a jumper on position, R3A in the RECEIVE section of header …

  • 9, MFJ-1272B Instruction Manual 9 Audio Out Connection Table 3 below shows where you would place a jumper, depending on what microphone pin is designated MICROPHONE AUDIO. The microphone pin, designated MICROPHONE AUDIO, is the where the transmit audio from the TNC comes into the radio. For example, if MICROPHONE AUDIO is designated pin 1 on a K…

  • 10, MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1272B MFJ-1272B Instruction Manual 10 Table 4 Most radios have two ground pins on the microphone, GROUND and MICROPHONE GROUND. Be sure to use the pin designated as ground, not microphone ground, when making your jumper connections. The use of the microphone ground could introduce audio hum in the system. …

  • 11, MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1272B MFJ-1272B Instruction Manual 11 Through Connections Table 5 below shows where you would place a jumper, depending on the microphone pin functions that are not to be switched by the MFJ-1272B. Microphone pins designated, +V, UP and DOWN, are radio functions that are not needed by the TNC, but are needed for no…

  • 12, MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1272B MFJ-1272B Instruction Manual 12 6 HD2 AUDIO IN--M6B 7 HD2 AUDIO IN--M7B 8 HD2 AUDIO IN--M8B Table 6 …

  • 15, MFJ-1272B Instruction Manual 15 Connections Connection of the MFJ-1272B is very simple. 1. Connect your radio's microphone to the microphone connector on the front panel of the MFJ-1272B. Be careful not to bend any of the microphone connector pins. If the microphone plug does not insert easily, then do not for…

  • 16, MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1272B MFJ-1272B Instruction Manual 16 Technical Assistance If you have any problem with this unit first check the appropriate section of this manual. If the manual does not reference your problem or your problem is not solved by reading the manual you may call MFJ Technical Service at 601-323-0549 or the MFJ Factory at …

  • 17, MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1272B MFJ-1272B Instruction Manual 17 Circuit Board Revisions Note : This manual is written for the Revision 9 circuit board, pictured on the right. The only difference between revisions 8 and 9 is the pin labeling of the connectors HD1 and HD2. If your board is revision 8, please…

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