Niigata seiki LEVELNIC DL-S3 DL-BW Operation Manual

Niigata seiki LEVELNIC DL-S3 DL-BW Adapter, Measuring Instruments Manual (26 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Niigata seiki
  • Category of Device: Adapter, Measuring Instruments
  • Document: LEVELNIC DL-S3 DL-BW Operation Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 15-11-2023
  • Count of Pages: 26
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Niigata seiki LEVELNIC DL-S3 DL-BW Adapter, Measuring Instruments PDF Operation Manual (Updated: Wednesday 15th of November 2023 09:02:09 PM)

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Compatible devices: VHS-30D, TVC-15S, WDI-10KD, KMC-1001, LEVELNIC, DMS-AE, DI-1058, DEI-127.

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(Ocr-Read Summary of Contents of some pages of the Niigata seiki LEVELNIC DL-S3 DL-BW Document (Main Content), UPD: 15 November 2023)
  • 15, -13- When the display panel side (right-hand side as viewed from front) of the device is raised, it indicates an inclination in a positive value, and when that side is lowered, the device shows an inclination in a negative value. Even if an error is currently displayed due to an inclination exceeding the measuring range, it can be known toward which side the device is inclined, because an error on the negative side is preceded by a negative sign. For indications of this device, selection c…

  • 26, Niigata seiki LEVELNIC DL-S3 DL-BW NIIGATA SEIKI CO., LTD 1-22-17 HAYASHICHO SANJO-CITY, NIIGATA PREF., JAPAN TEL 81-25-33-5500 FAX 81-256-33-5550 URL …

  • 18, -16- [Leveling] Leveling in one direction: (1) Place the device on the object under measurement. Check the position of the bubble in the auxiliary bubble tube, and perform 0-Call, so that the indicator will show zero. (2) Turn the device around 180º, and check to make sure that the bubble in the auxiliary bubble tube stays in the same position. Then, perform 1/2-Call to halve the indication value. If the position of the bubble in the auxiliary bubble tube is different, adjust the object under me…

  • 21, -19- Signal output is basically controlled with CTS. CTS is an instruction signal that tells the device from the outside whether it should deliver or not deliver data. When function selector switch is set in 1/2: If the CTS terminal is at High Level, measurement data is output through the TD terminal. If the CTS terminal is at Low Level or not connected, no measurement data is output. If the CTS terminal is continuously at High Level, output take…

  • 12, -10- [Variation of Measuring Range due to Movement of Reference Point] By operating the 0-Call switch or 1/2-Call switch, zero indication can be produced on a given indication value or the indication value can be halved, thereby allowing the reference point of indication to be moved. However, the measuring range is limited by the indication value and the internal value possessed inside by the device (the value that is first displayed when the device is switched on). This device …

  • 25, Niigata seiki LEVELNIC DL-S3 DL-BW -23- [Specifications] Model DL-S3 Measuring range ±5.00 mm/m, ±0.286º Minimum reading 0.001 mm/m, 0.0001º (*1) 0.01 mm/m, 0.001º Operating temperature range 0 – 40°C Reading accuracy [17 – 23°C] (*2) ±0.85%rdg (0 – ±2 mm/m, 0 – ±0.115º) ±1.0%rdg (±2 – ±5 mm/m, 0.115 – ±0.286º) [0 – 40°C] ±2.6%rdg (0 – ±2 mm/m, 0 – ±0.115º) ±2.7%rdg (±2 – ±5mm/m, ±0.115 – ±0.286º) Repeat accuracy ±0.005 mm/m within ±0.0003º External signal output …

  • 7, Niigata seiki LEVELNIC DL-S3 DL-BW -5- (10) Signal output jack (11) AC adapter jack (12) Battery case (13) Battery case knob …

  • 20, -18- [External Signal Output] Indication values can be output together with their units through the signal output jack which is located on the back of the device. Since the signals conform to the RS-232C, they can be connected to a computer and printer that have an RS-232C input interface incorporated. For this connection, a mini-stereo plug is employed. (1) TD (Output): Transmitting data (2) CTS (Input): Transmittable (3) GND: Ground Communication method: Start-stop synchronization (As…

  • 6, -4- [Names of Component Parts] (1) 0-Call switch (2) 1/2-Call switch-cum-signal output switch (3) Auxiliary bubble tube (4) Display panel (5) Power switch (6) Unit selector switch (7) Mode switch (8) Function selector switch (9) Level base …

  • 19, Niigata seiki LEVELNIC DL-S3 DL-BW -17- Leveling in two directions (x- and y-directions): (1) Perform leveling in one direction (x-direction, for example) by the method of "Leveling in one direction." (2) Practice leveling in the other direction (y-direction) by the same procedure. (3) When the object under measurement is moved in seeking leveling in one direction, the level in the other direction may be disrupted. However, repe…

  • 16, -14- [Zero-Point Setting] This device does not have a zero point of level. The numeric value zero that is first displayed when the device is switched on (internal value) does not necessarily coincide with the zero point of level. Therefore, if a zero point of level is required for some measurement, it will be necessary to set up a zero point of level anew every time the device is switched on. This brings about the advantage that measurement is conducted with reference to the zero point properly…

  • 24, Niigata seiki LEVELNIC DL-S3 DL-BW -22- [Precautions] Since this device is a precision class measuring instrument, exercise good caution in using it and carrying it, so that no impact or exceedingly large pressure will be applied to its measuring surface or main body. The measuring surface at the bottom of the level base is a particularly critical part for its function. Exert extreme care about rust inhibition. After you …

  • 22, -20- Note 1. If the CTS terminal turns to Low Level and remains in that status for about three seconds or longer during the transmission of 16 character signals, causing the transmission to be interrupted, E1 will appear on the display panel for about three seconds, and then, the normal operation will be restored. Note 2. If the signal output switch is pressed when the CTS terminal is at Low Level, E2 will appear on the display panel for about three seconds…

  • 4, Niigata seiki LEVELNIC DL-S3 DL-BW -2- [Contents] General ....................................................................................................................... 3 Features ..................................................................................................................... 3 Names of Component Parts ....................................................................................... 4 Functions of Component Parts ................................................................................... 6 Variation o…

  • 10, -8- (6) Unit selector switch The switch selects the unit in which indication values are to be displayed, mm/m or DEG (º). The unit of mm/m indicates a difference of elevation per meter in millimeters. The measuring range is ± 5 mm/m. DEG (º) indicates a difference of elevation in an angle. The measuring range is ± 0.286º. (7) Mode switch This switch specifies the minimum place of reading to be indicated…

  • 3, -1- Thank you for adopting the Niigata Seiki LEVELNIC. To bring the intrinsic performance of this device to full play when you use it, please read this manual carefully through the end and acquire a sure grip on its correct use, so that the device will serve you for many years to come. This product contains certain elements that correspond to the strategic commodities (or, services) defined under the Foreign Exchange an…

  • 23, -21- [Transportation Method] Since this is a precision measuring instrument, be careful not to inflict impact, excessive pressure or vibration to the device when carrying it or transporting it. Carrying by human: To carry the device, put it in the carrying case which was supplied with the device. Avoid carrying it laid on its side or turned upside down. As a positioning device to be used in storing the device in the carrying case, the case comes fitted with a frame that is a little larger than the level base of the devi…

  • 8, Niigata seiki LEVELNIC DL-S3 DL-BW -6- [Functions of Component Parts] (1) 0-Call switch Pressing the 0-Call switch resets the indication to zero. The 0-Call switch changes the indication the moment it is released. Operate the switch by pressing it rather leisurely for a second or so. (2) 1/2-Call switch-cum-signal output switch The switch functions as the 1/2-Call switch and also as the signal output switch. The function selector switch is provided to choose the function in which the switch is to work. As 1/2-Call switch: Pressing th…

  • 9, -7- (4) Display panel The panel displays inclinations and shows low battery voltage and communication glitches. Inclinations: Indication values can be displayed in either the unit of mm/m or the unit of DEG (º), as selected with the unit selector switch. To distinguish between indications in mm/m and those in DEG (º), 0 of the place to the left of the decimal point is not displayed when indications are produced in …

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