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Installation Manual for Furuno WR110 Marine Radar, Radar (71 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Furuno
  • Category of Device: Marine Radar, Radar
  • Document: WR110, File Type: PDF Installation Manual
  • Updated: 15-12-2023
  • Count of Pages: 71
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Data: UPD 15th December 2023

Furuno WR110 Marine Radar, Radar PDF Installation Manual (Updated: Friday 15th of December 2023 10:43:02 AM)

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Compatible devices: 1750, 1823C, FR-2110 Operators, FCR-2107 series, FAR-2107(-BB), FR-2115/2125, 1734C, FAR2137SBB.

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  • 68, 62 POWER CORDS D. Utility AC power standards for connector types and voltage levels vary from country. Wire color: Type JIS IWR US EU P/L + Black Black Black Brown N - White White White or Gray Blue GND FG Green/ Yellow Red (Terminal Green) Green Green/ Yellow Figure D.2: …

  • 37, Furuno WR110 31 4.2.6. Tube connector Parts of the tube connector for protecting tube. It is water and dust resistance product (IP55). [Note: Use the protecting tube with PFD (Plastic Flexible conduit Double weather resistance type), Flex PV (Polyvinyl) tube (IP65) or equivalent] 1) 2) 3) Note: Tighten up the disuse tube c…

  • 48, Furuno WR110 42 Notice: Do not forget to do the [Auto ground clutter mapping] after changed value of the [Origin EL position offset correction]. (Refer to the “Operator’s manual” for operation) 5.3.6. Conclusion Calculation of the solar position: This software uses “Astronomical algorithms” created by Jean Meeus to calculate algorithm…

  • 46, Furuno WR110 40 5.3.4. Solar observation It is necessary to change the RainMap settings for observing solar radiation. Press [Alt] + [Ctrl] + click [setting] menu of RainMap for using the advanced setting. Setup TX Sector Blank for all angles shown below: Blank area 1: ON AZ start angle [deg]: 0.00 AZ end angle [deg]: 360.00 …

  • 33, Furuno WR110 27 1) Loosen the 12pcs of M10 bolts that attach the bottom radome. This M10 bolt has detent structure, loosen the bolt until it moves freely up and down. The bolt will come out if keep turning it loosen. The missing bolt can be replaced by putting the bolt in a smaller side of hole and tighten it. 2) Lift up the upper radome around 10mm and…

  • 39, Furuno WR110 33 4) Cover the upper of radome Attach bottom part of radome using 12 M10x35 Bolts. These bolts have a dropout prevention device. 5) Protective tube connection Every location must have to measure a length in between ATU  JCU for adjusting the length of protective tube. Respect to JCU  DPU, the rest of protective tube should be connecte…

  • 43, Furuno WR110 37 5.2. Echo (Clutter) Use a topographic map w/ terrain to find out the location where install the radar from web site (It is not necessary if a map is already installed in the RainMap) to adjust the azimuth compare with the RainMap echo of radar. 1) Open a topographic map of the radar installed location. 2) Use th…

  • 63, 57 A.4.2. Add extra lightning rod This is an example of adding a lightning rod to compensate for existing lightning rod limitations: It is installed next to a chimney, 8 meters away from the radar. In this case the chimney is fixed, therefore it is better to install a new lightning rod as shown in Figure A.4. The weather …

  • 42, Furuno WR110 36 5. AZIMUTH INITIAL SETTING Before or after execute the “Renew A-threshold” on section 4.4.3, the radar must adjust the azimuth offset. The radar orientation and actual geographical azimuth are normally different causing an incorrect initial echo indication. An azimuth adjustment is required for proper echo orientation. The…

  • 29, Furuno WR110 23 4.2.2. Transport Hold flange area of radome when carrying ATU by hands. Do not hold tube connector. 4.2.3. Lifting fixture Rotate lifting fixtures from storage (shipping) position to installation position before using it. [Note: Do not loosen the M16 high nuts. If these are loosening, the internal unit may be damage while lifting] …

  • 9, 3 1.3. Mechanical Operation This system observes the development of rain clouds outputs the intensity of precipitation, the speed of rain clouds (Doppler speed) and observes rainfall phenomena. It is capable of high resolution rain observation, rain cloud, precipitation density and speed observation. The solid-state transmitter replaces …

  • 27, 21 Workbench 4.2. Antenna Unit 4.2.1. Divide the unit ATU can be divided into 3 parts as shown below. 1) Put Antenna Unit on a workbench Loosen the 12, M10 bolts around the radome and remove the radome top. M10 will remains on the radome bottom. Do not lift up the radome top carelessly, because flange inside radome top may hit the…

  • 67, Furuno WR110 61 It also must setup the Subnetwork and Subnet mask. Address space of subnetwork is indicated by subnet mask. Ex. Subnet mask is, which supports 254 addresses. Regarding IP address, 0 indicates the network itself, 255 is a broadcast address. In this case it can use xxx.xxx.xxx.1 to xxx.xxx.xxx.254…

  • 18, 12 2.4. Accessories Cables & Tube Antenna Unit (radome) --- Junction Unit Items Descriptions Length Qty LAN cable 100Base-T (STP Cat5e or better), Length depends on measure value. Incl. LAN connector w/ cover 5m (*1) 2 AC Power cable Shielded VCTF 2sq 3core or equivalent Incl. crimped Terminal 5m (*1) 1 P…

  • 47, Furuno WR110 41 EL start angle: Current solar elevation angle of sun -15 deg. [Note: Minimum elevation must be higher than 25 deg. If this elevation is lower, that means it did not measure accurately) EL end angle: Current solar elevation angle of the sun +15 deg. (Refer to Figure 5.4. Solar_Elevation_Angle) 3) Make folders as follows when setup t…

  • 40, Furuno WR110 34 4.3. Junction Unit 1) AC power connection Connect the power cable from ATU to the TB1 (1-3) and then connect power cable from electrical outlet to the TB2 (1-3). The power cable between ATU and JCU is bundled. On the other hand the power cable from electric outlet to JCU is not bundled and appropria…

  • 70, Furuno WR110 64 E.2. Uninstallation 1) Change the login user to the “Control” account. (Refer to the password from APPENDIX A.2. in the “Operator’s manual”) 2) If TeamViewer icon is in the task bar, click “Exit Teamviewer” to close the software. 3) From the Start Menu, select Control Panel. 4) Under Programs click the Uninstall a Pro…

  • 32, 26 4.2.5. Opening the radome temporarily When open radome temporary, please use long threaded bolts to secure the upper radome for maintenance work if it is not possible to remove the upper radome. This set is the maintenance tool box. Put these bolts from bottom through holes on the upper radome. Ensure to kee…

  • 14, 8 1.8. Requirement of Calibration Calibration is the activity of checking or measuring and comparing with a specific standard reference instrument. It may also include adjustment of the system to bring it into alignment with the standard. 1.9. Peripheral Devices - External HDD (Hard Disk Drive): Useful for saving large amounts of…

  • 3, ii RADIATION WARNING LABEL Warning labels are attached to the equipment. Do not remove any label. If a label is missing or damaged, contact us for the replacement. POWER SUPPLY LABEL 100-240 VAC SINGLE PHASE, 50/60 Hz POWER CONSUMPTION: MAX. 350W RATED AMPERE: 3.5-2.4A (100-150VAC) 1.8-1.5A (200-240VAC) Do n…

  • 20, 14 3. PRIOR CONFIRMATION 3.1. Confirmation Items 1) The set of “accessories for installation” (Refer to section 2.4) must be installed properly on Antenna Unit (radome). 2) Power cable (AC100V-240V) must be routed safely. 3) Power cable gauge should be selected depending on its length. 4) Frequency of AC power source must be 50Hz or 60…

  • 61, 55 A.3. Solution Ways to make a current installation safer. Lightning protection level definition: Lightning protection level (LPL) is defined in the regulation based on peak current. LPL will be selected for installation situations where LPL IV is generally used. Protection area will be made using rolling sphere, its r…

  • 59, Furuno WR110 53 The collection   extends to a line located at a distance of 500 m from the perimeter of the structure:        󰇛    󰇜      where length L and width W of the structure are expressed in meter. Therefore the   and   will be leaded as follows…

  • 71, FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. 9-52 Ashihara-cho, Nishinomiya, 662-8580, Japan All rights reserved Issued: December 2018 Latest issued: March 2020 FURUNO Authorized Distributor/Dealer …

  • 11, Furuno WR110 5 Front-to-Back Ratio: The front-to-back ratio of an antenna is the proportion of energy radiated in the principal direction of radiation to the energy radiated in the opposite direction. A high front-to-back ratio is desirable because this means that a minimum amount of energy is radiated in the undesired …

  • 4, Furuno WR110 iii WR110 Restrictions There are restrictions frequency band; CH1: 9422.5MHz, CH2: 9427.5MHz, CH3: 9432.5MHz, CH4: 9437.5MHz in the following countries: Switzerland, Lithuania, and Slovakia Shipment of Weather Radar Whole weather radar equipment (ATU, JCU, DPU, and others) will be shipped by air or sea from Japan to overseas. A pers…

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