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  • Manufacturer: Dyna-Glo
  • Category of Device: Gas Heater, Heater
  • Document: BF10DTDG-2 Manual , File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 13-07-2023
  • Count of Pages: 30
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Compatible devices: RMC-KFA400TDGD, IRSS6LPT-2P, BF10PTDG/PMDG, WK11C8, RMC-FA150NGDGD, ANSI Z83.7-2000, RMC-TT15, IR6PTDG-1.

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  • 26, 25 TROUBLESHOOTING PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE CORRECTIVE ACTION White powder residue forming within burner box or on adjacent walls or furniture. 1. When heated, the vapors from furniture polish, wax, carpet cleaners, etc., turn into white powder residue. 1. Turn heater off when using furniture polish, wax, carpet cleaner or similar products. Heater produces unwanted odors. 1. Heater is burning vapors from paint, hair spray, glues, etc. See IMPORTANT statement, pag…

  • 25, Dyna-Glo BF10DTDG-2 24 TROUBLESHOOTING PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE CORRECTIVE ACTION ODS/pilot lights but ame goes out when control knob is released. Burner(s) does not light afterODS/pilot is lit. 1. Thermostat setting too low. 2. Burner orice is clogged. 3. Burner orice diameter is too small. 4. Inlet gas pressure is too low. 1. Turn thermostat knob to a higher setting. 2. Clean burner orice (see Care and Maintenance, page 21) or contact customer service. 3. Contact customer service. 4. Contact y…

  • 29, 28 LIMITED WARRANTY: This limited warranty is extended to the original retail purchaser of this Forced Air/Convection/Radiant Heater and warrants against any defect in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of retail sale. GHP Group, Inc., at it’s option, will either provide replacement parts or replace or repair the unit, when properly returned to the retailer where purchased or one of our service centers as directed by GHP Group, Inc., within one (1…

  • 14, 13 MAN AUTO Fan Switch Thermo-switch Fan White Black Green 110/115 VAC Wiring Diagram Fig. 12- Fan Wiring Diagram INSTALLATION Support Leg Fig. 14 - Securing Support Leg MAN AUTO Fig. 11 - Operating Fan LOCATING HEATER This heater is designed to be mounted on a wall or on a oor, using the Support Legs (Select Models) includ- ed with select models. For convenience and efciency, install heater: 1. Where there is easy access for operation, inspection, and service. 2. In the…

  • 24, 23 TROUBLESHOOTING WARNING: If you smell gas: • Shut off gas supply. • Do not try to light any appliance. • Do not touch any electrical switch; do not use any phone in your building. • Immediately call your gas supplier from a neighbor’s phone. Follow the gas supplier’s instructions. • If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the re department. IMPORTANT: Operating heater where impurities in air exist may create odors. Cleaning supplies,…

  • 7, 6 PREPARING FOR INSTALLATION Before beginning assembly or operation of the product, make sure all parts are present. Compare parts with package contents list. If any part is missing or damaged, do not attempt to assemble, install or operate the product. Contact customer service for replacement parts. UNPACKING 1. Remove heater from carton. 2. Remove all protective packaging applied to heater for shipping 3. Verify all contents are present. NOTE: Support Leg Screw …

  • 10, 9 PREPARING FOR INSTALLATION Ventilation Air From Inside Building This fresh air would come from adjoining unconned space. When ventilating to an adjoining unconned space, you must provide two permanent openings: one within 12 in. of the wall connecting the two spaces (see options 1 and 2, Fig. 1). You can also remove door into adjoining room (see option 3, Fig. 1). Follow the National Fuel Gas Code NFPA 54/ANS Z223.1. Air for Com…

  • 20, 19 OPERATION LIGHTING INSTRUCTIONS If the control knob does not pop up when released, stop and immediately and call your service technician or gas supplier. 8. Turn on all electric power to the appliance. 9. Turn control knob counter clockwise to the desired setting. THERMOSTAT GAS CONTROL 1. STOP! Read the safety information on the previous page. 2. Turn off all electric power to the appliance. 3. Turn control knob clockwise to "OFF" position. (See Fig. 22b) 4. Wait (5) minutes to clear o…

  • 13, 12 INSTALLATION INSTALLING IGNITOR BATTERY • Battery is included. • Unscrew ignitor cap and insert included battery negative (at) side down (See Fig. 7). Replace Ignitor cap. • Be sure to observe proper polarity (+/-) when installing or re- placing the battery. Damage due to improper battery installa- tion may void the warranty on the product. • Install/replace the battery according to the type and quantity stated in table below. • Remove battery when depleted…

  • 16, 15 Series BF20D/30D GBF30D INSTALLATION Fig. 17 - Folding Anchor Fig. 18 - Popping Open Anchor Wing For Thin Walls Attaching to Expansion Bracket Method For attaching mounting bracket to hollow walls (wall areas between studs) or solid walls (concrete or masonry): 1. Drill holes at marked locations using 5/16-inch drill bit. For solid walls (concrete or masonry), drill at least 1 inch deep. 2. Fold wall expansion bracket as shown i…

  • 11, Dyna-Glo BF10DTDG-2 10 INSTALLATION NOTICE: This heater is intended for use as supplemental heat. Use this heater along with your primary heating system. Do not install this heater as your primary heat source. WARNING: A qualied technician must install heater. Follow all local codes. WARNING: Maintain the minimum clearances. If possible, provide greater clearances from the oor, ceiling, and adjoining wall than required. CAUTION: This heater creates warm air currents. These currents move heat to wall surfaces next to heater. Installing heater next to vinyl or clot…

  • 17, Dyna-Glo BF10DTDG-2 16 INSTALLATION CONNECTING TO GAS SUPPLY WARNING: A qualied service technician must connect heater to gas supply. Follow all local codes. IMPORTANT: This appliance requires a 3/8-inch NPT (National Pipe Thread) inlet connection to the pressure regulator. Never connect the heater to private (non-utility) gas wells, commonly known as wellhead gas. WARNING: Do not overtighten gas connections. CAUTION: Use only new, bla…

  • 19, Dyna-Glo BF10DTDG-2 18 FOR YOUR SAFETY READ BEFORE LIGHTING WARNING: If you do not follow these instructions exactly, a re or explosion may result causing property damage, personal injury or loss of life. A. This appliance has a pilot which must be lighted using the Ignitor. When lighting the pilot, follow these instructions exactly. B. BEFORE LIGHTING smell all around the appliance area for gas. Be sure to smell next to the oor because some gas is heavier than air and will settle on the �…

  • 27, Dyna-Glo BF10DTDG-2 26 Fan is not spinning. (Select models) Fan is making a loud noise. (Select models) 1. Fan housing or blades are dirty. 2. Fan rotation is blocked. 3. Defective fan. 1. See "Cleaning Fan", page 22. 2. Verify wiring is not in fan path. 3. Replace fan. 1. Verify fan is plugged in and set to "MAN" or "AUTO". 2. Allow 5-10 minutes for fan to engage. 3. Replace fan. 1. There is no powe…

  • 9, 8 PREPARING FOR INSTALLATION DETERMINING FRESH-AIR FLOW FOR HEATER LOCATION Determining if You Have a Conned or Unconned Space Use this worksheet to determine if you have a conned or unconned space. Space: Includes the room in which you will install heater plus any adjoining rooms with doorless passageways or ventilation grills between the rooms. 1. Determine the volume of the space Length × Width × Height = cu. ft. (volume of space) Example: Space size 20 ft. (le…

  • 23, 22 NOTE: Before servicing you will need to remove the front panel of the heater. There are 4 Philips head screws, 2 on the left side and 2 on the right, securing the front panel to the heater (See Fig. 30). Always allow the unit to cool for at least thirty minutes before attempting to remove the front panel. WARNING: Turn off heater, unplug electrical cord and let cool before servicing. CAUTION: You must keep control areas, burner, and circulating a…

  • 4, 3 IMPORTANT: Read this owner’s manual carefully and completely before trying to assemble, operate, or service this heater. Improper use of this heater can cause serious injury or death from burns, re, explosion, electrical shock, and carbon monoxide poisoning. IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION Installation and repair should be done by a qualied service person. The appliance should be inspected before use and at least annually by a professional service person. More frequent cleaning may be required…

  • 21, 20 THERMOSTATIC CONTROL OPERATION (SELECT MODELS) The control knob can be set to any comfort level between "HIGH" (5) and "LOW"(1) (See Fig. 25).The thermostat used on this heater senses the room temperature. At times the room may exceed the set temperature. When this begins to happen, the burner will begin to modulate the BtuH down until the unit meets the desired heat setting and shuts off. When the room temperature drops below the desired heat setting, the burner will cycle back on. The…

  • 28, 27 REPLACEMENT PARTS LIST For replacement parts, call our customer service department at 1-877-447-4768, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., CST, Monday – Friday. WARNING: Only use genuine replacement parts from the GHP Group, Inc. Using any parts other than the original replacement parts may result in property damage, personal injury or even death. Item No. Description Qty Part Number BF10 Series BF20 Series BF30 Series GBF30D Series 1 Front Panel Assembly 1 AQ0…

  • 12, 11 GAS SELECTION CAUTION: The knob to the gas selection means shall not be accessed or adjusted while the appliance is in operation. WARNING: Gas selection should only be done by a qualied technician. WARNING: The unused regulator must be tted with a metal plug with a pipe thread sealant. WARNING: Failure to plug the unused regulator may result in a re, property damage, personal injury, or death. Units to be used with LP Remove the plug from the inlet of the LP re…

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