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Compatible devices: PERFECTION 3490, Expression 1600 - Artist, E10000XL-GA, Perfection 636U, Prefection 2450, 1250 - Perfection Photo Flatbed Scanner, Perfection V100 Series, PowerLite 735c.

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  • 45, Type the name you want to assign to the setting in the Gamma Correction Name field and choose Save. Then choose OK. Now the name for the new setting is available in the pull-down menu so you can select it whenever you want to use it. You can also delete an existing setting by selecting it from the Gamma Correction Name field and choosing Delete. Then choose OK to return to the Gamma Correction dialog box. You can reset any preview image you’ve modified using the Gamma Correction di…

  • 51, 2. Choose the drive and directory where you want to save the image. 3. Type a filename for your image in the File Name field. 4. You can choose one of these formats from the File Format menu: DIB, TIFF5.0, TIFF6.O(JPEG), JPEG, and EPSF. (For a description of these file formats, see the Term Glossary.) Note: You can select TIFF6.0(JPEG) and JPEG formats only if you selected 16 Million Colors for the Pixel Depth setting in the Image Type dialog box when you scanned the image. 5. If you selected the TIFF6.0(JPEG) or JPEG f…

  • 52, Epson ES-300C Follow these steps: 1. Start EPSON Scan! II, if necessary. 2. Choose Acquire and Export from the File menu. You see the TWAIN screen. (If you see the easy screen, click Advanced.) 3. Choose Scan. You see the following dialog box: Rle &me: I Rlrectorles: ciepeccan2 I ccl 0 epscm2 tl I M 4. Choose the directory and drive where you want to save the exported image. 5. Type a filename for your image in the File Name field. 6. You can choose one of these fo…

  • 40, Chapter 4 Using Special Effects The EPSON TWAIN advanced screen gives you many options for editing images before you scan them. If you have image editing software, you can achieve all of the special effects described in this chapter-and more-using that software. However, if you don’t have image editing software, EPSON TWAIN allows you to create a broad range of special effects using these options: Cl TWAIN configuration o…

  • 32, Adding and deleting Image Type options To modify an existing image type, select it from the Image Type pull-down menu and change the necessary settings. Choose Save and then choose OK. To add a new image type, select a predefined type that closely resembles the one you want to create. Then delete the existing name from the Image Type Name field and type in a new name. Change the other Image Type settings as necessary. Choose Save and then choose OK. To delete an existing …

  • 56, Your scanned image may be too big. Reset your system and reduce the size of the scanned image. The EPSON Scanning Utilities do not start. Make sure you are using a system with the minimum requirements for the EPSON Scanning Utilities. See the Introduction in this manual. Check that the system requirements are correct for your application software and that your software supports your scanner model. Be sure that you have correctly installed and set up your application software. See if your computer has enough memory to run your software. …

  • 46, You can change these settings in the Color Adjustment dialog box, as described in this section: 0 Gray Balance 0 Saturation Cl Color Filter. You can reset any preview image you’ve modified using the Color Adjustment dialog box by choosing the Reset button just below the Color Adjustment icon. Setting the Gray Balance Neutral shades of gray are produced by mixing the three colors in the image in approximately equal proportions. Sometimes, however, the resulting gray shades are not truly neutral. To…

  • 68, Epson ES-300C Appendix This appendix lists the default settings for the Image Type and Destination options in EPSON TWAIN. Default Image Type settings l&million colors, best quality. and 1 pass scanning 256 grays. best quality, and 1 pass scanning Color Halftone 8 colors, Mode A (Hard Tone) halftone, draft quality, and 1 pass scanning Color Drawing 8 colors, draft quality, and 1 pass scanning Black & White Black-and-white, Mode A (Hard Tone) halftone, draft Halftone qu…

  • 64, The image does not look the same as the original. Make sure you have performed the calibration procedures and selected the correct printer profile; see Chapter 2 for more information. Try different combinations of scanner settings. Check that your software is correctly installed. If you are importing an image file into your application software, see if the file format is acceptable for your software. Also check that the settings of your application and your image match. See your application software manual. A l…

  • 59, The default settings for Image Type and Destination don’t meet your specific scanning requirements. You can define your own settings; see Chapter 3 of this manual. The Halftone setting in the Image Type dialog box is grayed out. Halftone and dither settings on most EPSON scanners are only available when the Pixel Depth setting is set to Black & White or 8 Colors (1 or 2 bits per pixel per color). The application software displays an error message, freezes, or fails after scanning. Make sure you close the TWA…

  • 17, Enabling Screen Calibration Once you have calibrated your screen, you need to make sure screen calibration is enabled. Follow these steps: 1. Start EPSON Scan! II, if necessary. 2. From the File menu, choose Acquire. You see the TWAIN screen. If the screen is fairly small and has an Advanced button, it is the easy screen. Click Advanced to switch to the Advanced screen. If the screen is large and has a Configuration button…

  • 13, 10. Click the Test button. If the scanner, interface, and EPSON Scanning Utilities are set up correctly, the scanner scans the image. After a few moments, you see the scanned image in the EPSON Scanner Setup dialog box, as shown below: 11. Click OK to close the EPSON Scanner Setup dialog box. 12. Remove the EPSON Scanning Utilities diskette from the drive. 13. If you are using Windows 3.1, exit and restart it. The program create…

  • 76, File Format The manner in which a graphic image is stored on the disk. Gamma Correction A method of adjusting the transfer curve so that the reproduction results on different types of output devices have gradations similar to the original image. Gray Balance An EPSON TWAIN software setting that lets you adjust the grayness of any area of an image. You can remove color casts and discoloration to make the grays in an image more neutral. Grayscale The measure of grayness of any area of an image. W…

  • 35, Epson ES-300C Selecting calibration profiles Use the Calibration pull-down menu to select a predefined calibration profile or create a custom one. TWAIN can then use the profile as it scans to create the best quality image. EPSON TWAIN provides many predefined printer calibration profiles, including those for the EPSON Stylus color printers, listed below. General Laser Printer 600 Screen Stylus COLOR Impact dot printer Stylus COLOR…

  • 72, Epson ES-300C Shadow Comparison. Allows you to compare three or five image samples of varying shadow intensity or color. The middle sample reflects the current shadowsetting. Sharpness Comparison. Allows you to compare three or five image samples of varying sharpness. The middle sample reflects the current sharpness setting. Threshold Comparison. Allows you to compare three or five image samples of varying black and white contrast. The middle sample reflects the current threshold setting. Gamma Corr…

  • 60, Epson ES-300C After scanning with an image editing application, the scanned image disappears. Make sure you close the TWAIN screen before switching to your application software. (Do not use the Windows Minimize button.) The rows in the screen calibration dialog box never seem to match closely enough. Try adjusting your monitor’s brightness and contrast settings. The TWAIN screen changed its color settings after a preview scan. Increase the number of colors…

  • 33, Epson ES-300C Modifying the Destination The Destination dialog box allows you to define different resolutions for each destination output device. You can also use it to modify, add, or delete a calibration profile for your output device. To modify the Destination, click the Destination button, You see the following dialog box: Destination so0 IfI 172 I*{ dpi Selecting resolution settings Use the Resolution pull-down menus to se…

  • 55, You may have selected the wrong port number or SCSI ID during setup. Check the settings for your scanner and any other SCSI devices you may have. Then reinstall the EPSON Scanning Utilities. You may have changed the interface from parallel to SCSI or from SCSI to parallel without reinstalling the EPSON Scanning Utilities. Reinstall the Utilities for the correct interface. You may have tried to install the EPSON Scanning Utilities using the EZ-SCSI Setup software when you were using an interface card t…

  • 83, Printer calibration, see Calibration Printer driver, 6-14 Problems EPSON Scanning Utilities, 6-1 to 6-9 Image quality, 6-9 to 6-14 Profile, see Calibration profile Q Quality setting 3-7 to 3-8 Quality slide bar, 5-3, 5-5 R READY light, 6-3 Requirements, system, Intro-2 to Intro-3, 6-3 Reset button, 4-4, 4-6 to 4-7 Resolution limitations, 3-13, 6-4, 6-6, 6-11, 6-14 optimum scanning 3-11 selecting 3-10 to 3-11 RGB, 2-1 Rulers setting, 3…

  • 48, Epson ES-300C Using Automatic Features The TWAIN advanced screen offers two automatic features: 0 Auto Exposure, which automatically adjusts the exposure of an image and sets the Highlight and Shadow settings Cl Auto Locate, which locates and selects the target image from within the preview image. Note: When you scan using the easy screen, these automatic features are always in effect. Using Auto Exposure After you preview an image, click the Auto Exposure icon, !!#!, to automatically adjust the brightness and contrast in an image. Note: Auto Exposure is not a…

  • 23, If you created a custom calibration profile for your printer, type a unique name for the profile in the Destination Name field. Go to step 5. 5. From the Calibration pull-down menu, select the profile name you assigned when you created the profile. 6. Choose Save. 7. Choose OK. You see the EPSON TWAIN advanced screen. You can now preview or scan your image using the calibration profile for your color printer. Tip: If the colors in your printed image do not closely mat…

  • 5, Introduction The EPSON@ Scanning Utilities let you perform the following functions with your EPSON scanner: Calibrate your scanner to your monitor and your printer Capture scanned images from within your application Automatically locate, expose, and scan an image Adjust individual settings and preview the effects before you scan Choose single- or triple-pass scanning Save and reuse scanning settings that work well in your environment Take advantage of the multipage scanning feature available with scanners that …

  • 4, Chapter 4 Using Special Effects Modifying the TWAIN Configuration ............... 4-1 Using Image Controls ........................ 4-2 Adjusting Gamma Correction .................... 4-4 Adjusting Colors ........................... 4-6 Setting the Gray Balance .................... 4-7 Changing Saturations. ..................... 4-7 Using Color Filters ....................... 4-8 Inverting an Image .......................... 4-8 Using Automatic Features ...................... 4-9 Using Auto Exposu…

  • 10, To download the latest TWAIN drivers from the BBS, use the Drivers library. CompuServe on line support CompuServe ® members can call the Epson America Forum on CompuServe. If you are already a member, simply type GO EPSON at the menu prompt to reach the Forum. If you are not currently a member, you are eligible for a free introductory membership as an owner of an EPSON product. This membership entitles you to: Q An introductory credit on CompuServe 0 Your own user ID and password A complimen…

  • 80, Index A Accessories, purchasing, Intro-4 to Intro-5 Acquire & Export option, 5-3 to 5-5 Acquire option, 3-2, 5-1, 6-1 Additive color process, 2-1 Adobe Photoshop, 1-3 to 1-4,6-9 Advanced screen accessing, 3-2, 3-5 Destination settings, 3-10 to 3-13 Image Type settings, 3-6 to 3-9 preview features, 3-13 to 3-15 scanning using, 3-15 to 3-16 special effects, 4-1 to 4-9 using 3-5 to 3-15 Auto Exposure, 4-9 Auto Locate, 3-14, 3-16, 4-9, 6-5 Automatic Document Feeder, 3-3, 6-5,6-8 …

  • 77, Epson ES-300C Jumper A small device that connects pins on a circuit board and is used to activate a particular function. Line Art An image made up of lines and solids with no grays. Lossy A data compression system that intentionally discards (or loses) some data from the original image. Midtone The tonal value of a dot, located approximately halfway between the highlight value and the shadow value. Moire An unwanted pattern that can occur when a halftone image is scanned or when it is scaled in an application after it has been scanned. Path The d…

  • 47, To remove color completely from an image, move the Saturation slide bar all the way to the left. Note: The saturation setting is ignored in 3-pass scanning. Using Color Filters Color filters can help eliminate color tinges (or an undesirable overall color tone) that exist in the original. You can also use filters to give your image a specific color effect. When you click any point in the Color Filter wheel radials, that color is increase…

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