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Compatible devices: B813071, Macintosh, Photo Plus, GT-10000+, B813102, ActionLaser 1500, 30000 - GT - Flatbed Scanner, 4490 - Perfection Photo.

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  • 14, You can install one of two different interface cards to connect your Epson scanner to your computer: Ll Epson b&directional parallel adapter @3808011), or 3 Adaptec AHA-1510 AT-to-SCSI host adapter. Note Epson TWAIN supports the built-in bidirectional parallel interface on the IBM PS/2. If you have a PS/2, you don’t need to install an additional interface card. Turn to Chapter 2 for instructions on installing Epson TWAIN. You must install either the bidirection…

  • 11, How to Use This Manual This User’s Guide contains information you need to install and use Epson TWAIN with your Epson scanner and your applications that support the open industry TWAIN interface. Chapter 1 explains how to install either your bidirectional parallel interface or SCSI adapter card. Chapter 2 provides procedures for installing Epson TWAIN on your computer and testing the connection between your scanner and computer. Chapter 3 describes how to use Epson TWAIN. Chapter…

  • 7, When you scan Black and White Line Art, Black and White Halftone, or other monochrome image, the scanned image is reversed like a negative image . . . . . . . 4-4 The predefined Scan Mode and Target Device settings don’t meet your specific scanning requirements . . . . . . . 4-5 Sometimes the halftone or dither settings you select in Scan Mode seem to be ignored . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-…

  • 38, If you need to scan images at resolutions above 72 DPI, follow these steps to modify your resolution settings. 1. From the Epson TWAIN Scanner Control screen, select Target Device from the Edit pull-down menu. You see the Edit Target Device screen. larget Device Target Device Setting Name VGA with 200 DPI Gamma Correction Analog Monitor Color Correction CR T D itplay Resolution 200 DPI 2. Select VGA Screen from the Target Device list. 3. Move the cursor…

  • 32, Epson ES-300C This section describes using Epson TWAIN to scan an image into your TWAIN-compliant application. Starting Epson TWAIN Follow these steps to select your Epson scanner as the TWAIN acquire device and to start Epson TWAIN: 1. Make sure both your scanner and your computer are turned on. 2. Start your TWAIN-compliant application as you normally would. 3. Make sure Epson Scanners is selected as your TWAIN acquire device. Different applications provide different options fo…

  • 31, Chapter 3 Using TWAIN Starting Epson TWAIN ....................... 3-2 Basic Scanning With Epson TWAIN ................ 3-3 Setting Epson TWAIN Options for Your Image Type ... 3-3 Previewing Your Image .................... 3-5 Selecting the Scanning Area ................. 3-5 Adjusting the Brightness ................... 3-6 Adjusting the Magnification ................. 3-6 Checking the Size .....................…

  • 21, ES-800C 2. Set the switch to the desired number. e Caution Do not set the SCSI ID to 8 or 9, and do not set the ID number to an ID already assigned to another device. The computer, scanner, and other devices will notfunction properly. You are now ready to install Epson TWAIN. Installing the Interface Card 1-9 …

  • 2, Scanner Utility for Epson TWAIN User’s Guide @ This manual is printed on recycled paper and is 100% recyclable. …

  • 19, Connecting the Cable These procedures describe connecting the bidirectional parallel adapter cable, then the SCSI adapter cable. Connecting the Bi-directional Parallel Cable Follow these steps to connect the cable to your bidirectional adapter card. This cable came in your Epson Scanner Interface kit. 1. 2. 3. 4. Make sure both the scanner and computer are turned off. Connect the 25-pin end of the cable to the computer, then…

  • 37, Epson ES-300C Checking the Size Three options on the Scanner Control screen allow you to see the size of the image you are scanning. The Width and Height options allow you to see the size of the selected image while the Units setting allows you to select inches, centimeters, or pixels as your units. The Memory setting allows you to see the memory requirements for the selected scan. Scanning Your Image Once you have adjusted the Epson TWAIN settings to suit your needs, you c…

  • 36, To define a new scanning area, move the cursor to the edge of the box until you see a double arrow; then hold the mouse button down while you drag the edge of the box to a different position. To reselect the default, click outside the selected scanning area but within the image. To move the scanning area, move the cursor to the center of the scanning area. The cursor becomes a hand icon. Hold the mouse button down and drag the box to a different p…

  • 30, Epson ES-300C If you have problems scanning an image using SCANTEST, check that the scanner is turned on and connected with the correct cable. See your scanner manual for troubleshooting information. Now you are ready to use Epson TWAIN. Installing Epson TWAIN 2-9 …

  • 4, 0 0 0 0 cl 0 IMPORTANT For SCSI interface users: if you are using other SCSI devices besides the scanner, see page 2-6 and 2-7 in the TWAIN manual and also see the SCSI information in the README file on the disk. The colors in scan previews are not accurate if your computer supports 256 or fewer colors. This does not affect the final scan. For optimum viewing choose True Color as the SCAN MODE on the Scanner Control screen. For the best scanning and viewing, Epson recomm…

  • 54, Epson ES-300C Glossary A software program designed to perform a specific task, such as a word processing, image editing, or spreadsheet program. bi-directional parallel interface An interface Epson TWAIN uses to communicate between the computer and the scanner. A scanner function to lighten or darken the output image data. color correction A method of adjusting the color image data for a particular type of device…

  • 29, 16. Insert the Epson Scanner Utility diskette in your diskette drive. As Setup installs Epson TWAIN, it displays what percent of the installation is complete. Then it displays: Setup Successful! 17. If you chose to change your CONFlG.SYS file yourself, make the changes now, using the information in the CONFIG.ADD file. 18. Reboot your computer. Running SCAN TEST SCANTEST is a utility that bypasses any other software program…

  • 47, Note Make sure you select Add and not Modify or OK or Epson TWAIN modifies the existing target device rather than creating a new one. 5. Select OK to accept your changes or Cancel to discard them. To Modify a Target Device You can modify any of the existing target devices. Follow these steps: 1. Select the name of the target device you want to modify. 2. Change the settings as needed. 3. Select Modify. 4. Select OK to accept your changes or Cancel to discard them. Using TWAIN 3-17 …

  • 58, Index A Acquire, 3-2 problems, 4-2 device, 3-2, 4-2 Adaptec SCSI adapter, Intro-3 B Bayer dither, 3-12 Bi-directional parallel interface, Intro-3 Black and white photograph, 3-4 line art, 3-4 Brightness, 3-6, 3-10 C Cable bi-directional parallel, 1-7 connection, 1-7 SCSI, 1-7 warning, 1-8 Card interface, 1-6 Color, 3-4, 3-5 Color correction, 3-16 CONFIG.SYS, 2-4, 2-6 Cover removing, 1-3 replacing, 1-6 Customer service, Intro-5 D Default settings scan mode, 3-13 target device, 3…

  • 39, Note Make sure you select Add and not Modify or OK or Epson TWAIN modifies the existing target device rather than creating a new one. 6. Select OK to return to the Epson TWAIN Scanner Control screen. To scan an image at the resolution you have just identified, follow the procedures in the section “Basic Scanning with Epson TWAIN.” Instead of selecting VGA Screen as your target device, however, make sure you select the …

  • 49, Chapter 4 Troubleshooting When you select an Acquire device, Epson Scanners is not listed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-2 Nothing happens when you select Acquire. . . . . . . . . . . . 4-2 Target Device or Scan Mode names or settings are different or incorrect . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-3 The scan is not the full width you selected in the Preview area . . . . . . . . . .…

  • 57, target device A set of gamma correction, color correction, and resolution settings that match the characteristics of the scan to the final output device. Epson TWAIN provides several target device settings to adjust your scanned image to suit the target device you intend to use. You can also define your own target device settings. TWAIN An open industry interface allowing you to acquire image data directly from external sources without leaving your curr…

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