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  • Manufacturer: Samsung
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Compatible devices: Wave Y GT-S5380, Galaxy Tab A7, SM-J111F, SHV-E120L, Galaxy S5 SM-G900A, P260, GT-S5250, SGH-X830.

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  • 37, 34 • Join : set up a multi-party call by adding a caller on hold to a currently active call. You can include up to 5 people on a multi-party call. • Private : have a private conversation with one multi-party call participant. The other participants can converse with each other. After the private conversation, select Join to return both private participants to the multi-party call. • Removed : disconnect one multi-party call participant. Menu functions All menu o…

  • 49, 46 Menu functions Java world (Menu 3.4) Use this menu to access the embedded Java games and downloaded Java applications. Accessing an embedded game 1. Select My games → a game. 2. If necessary, press [ ]. Using Java application options From the application list, press < Options > to access the following options: • Start : launch the selected application. • Move to : move the application to another folder. • Delete : delete the selected appl…

  • 61, 58 Menu functions • Reply via multimedia message to : reply to the sender via MMS. • Forward : forward the message to other people. • Zoom view : reduce the font size so that you can view more text on one screen. • View as vivid message / View as : view the message in 3D view mode or switch back to normal view mode. This option is available only when the message consists of a single page. • Delete : delete the message. • Move to phone / Move to SIM : move the message between the SIM card and the phone’…

  • 11, Get started 8 Low battery indicator When the battery is low: • a warning tone sounds, • the low battery message displays, and • the empty battery icon blinks. If the battery level becomes too low, the phone automatically turns off. Recharge your battery. Power on or off When the phone is completely charged (the battery icon becomes still), unplug the adapter from the power outlet. Remove the adapter from the phone. Switch on Do not turn on the phone when mobile phone use is prohibited.…

  • 31, Samsung GH68-11975A 28 Enter text AB, T9, Number, and Symbol modes You can enter text for some features, such as Messages, Phonebook, or Calendar, using AB mode, T9 mode, Number mode, and Symbol mode. Changing the text input mode • Press and hold [ ] to switch between T9 mode ( ) and AB mode ( ). Depending on your country, you may also be able to access an input mode for your specific language. • Press [ ] to change case or switch to Number mode ( ). • Press and hol…

  • 6, 3 Special features of your phone • Phone to TV View photos and video clips captured with the phone on your TV screen. • File viewer Open documents in various formats on the phone without corruption. •Bluetooth Transfer media files and personal data and connect to other devices using free, wireless Bluetooth technology. • Web browser Access the wireless web to get up-to-the-minute information and a wid…

  • 74, Menu functions My files (Menu 6) 71 • Lock / Unlock : lock the file to protect it from being deleted, or unlock the file. • Print via Bluetooth : print the image by connecting the phone to a printer via Bluetooth. Some printers may not be compatible with the phone. • Details : access the file properties. • Key management : manage the license keys you have acquired. Videos (Menu 6.2) This menu displays video clips you have recorded, dow…

  • 68, Menu functions Messages (Menu 5) 65 - Manual : the phone displays notifications. Use the Retrieve option to manually download new messages. - Automatic : the phone automatically retrieves messages from the server. - Reject : the phone rejects all messages. • Block list : store phone numbers and e-mail addresses from which you want to reject messages. • Multimedia message profiles : select a connection profile to be used for MMS. You can …

  • 105, 102 Health and safety information • Dispose of used batteries in accordance with local regulations. Always recycle. Do not dispose of batteries in a fire. Road safety Your wireless phone gives you the powerful ability to communicate by voice, almost anywhere, anytime. But an important responsibility accompanies the benefits of wireless phones, one that every user must uphold. When you are driving a car, drivin…

  • 97, 94 Menu functions • Service list : access the Bluetooth service list of the device. • Rename : rename the paired device. • Authorise device / Unauthorised device : determine whether or not the phone asks you to permit connection when other devices try to connect to your phone. • Delete : remove the selected device or all devices from the list. Sending data via Bluetooth 1. Activate the Bluetooth feature. 2. Select the application in which the item you want to send is stored. …

  • 58, Menu functions Messages (Menu 5) 55 5. Select the Sound line. 6. Select Add sound and add a sound clip. 7. Select the Message line. 8. Enter the message text and press [ ]. 9. When you have finished, press < Options > and select Send . 10.Enter a phone number or an e-mail address. To send the message to more than one recipient, fill in additional destination fields. 11.Press [ ] to send the message. Using options while composing an MMS mess…

  • 82, Menu functions Camera (Menu 8) 79 • Task priority (Red: high, Blue: normal, Grey: low) • Completed task Week view You can view items for the selected week. A cell on the timetable indicates the presence of a schedule item. Select a cell in the day you want. Camera (Menu 8) You can use the camera module embedded in your phone to take photos and record videos. To access this menu, press < Menu > in Idle …

  • 48, Samsung GH68-11975A Menu functions Applications (Menu 3) 45 3. Select an item, or enter text to be inserted and press < Options > and select OK . 4. Adjust the position of the inserted item. 5. Press < Done >, or press < Options > and select Done . 6. Press < Options > and select Save as . 7. Enter a new file name and press < Options > and select OK . Merging a stamp effect This editing tool allows you to make an outline stamp of a photo and then merge it with another photo. You can use this tool to create you…

  • 70, Menu functions Messages (Menu 5) 67 - Connect to POP3 server first / Connect to IMAP4 server first : connect to the POP3 or IMAP4 server before connecting to the SMTP server to send e-mails. - Protocol type : select the protocol for the incoming e-mail server. The remaining options depend on the protocol type setting. When the protocol type is POP3 : - POP3 server : enter the IP address or host name of the server that receives your e-mail. - POP3 port : enter the POP3 port …

  • 43, 40 Menu functions • Save new contact to : select a default memory location for saving contacts. If you select Always ask , the phone will ask you to select a memory location each time you save a number. • Copy all to : copy all of the contacts stored on the SIM card to the phone’s memory, or vice versa. • Delete all : delete all of the contacts from your phone’s memory, your SIM card, or both. • Memory status : check the number of contacts you have stored in the phone’s memory and on the SIM card. …

  • 15, Samsung GH68-11975A Get started 12 Access menu functions Bluetooth hands-free car kit or headset connected  p. 92 Bluetooth active  p. 92 Music playback in progress Music playback paused Memory card inserted  p. 26 Alarm set  p. 47 Silent mode (Vibration) Silent mode (Mute) Call ringer set to vibrate Mute mode, during a call Battery power level 1. Depending on your country or service provider, the icons shown on the display may vary. Use the soft keys The roles of the soft keys vary depending on the function you are using. The bottom line of the dis…

  • 56, Samsung GH68-11975A Menu functions Messages (Menu 5) 53 Clear cache (Menu 4.6) Use this menu to clear information stored in the cache, a temporary memory site that stores recently accessed web pages. Browser settings (Menu 4.7) Use this menu to select a connection profile to be used for accessing the wireless web. You can also create or edit a profile.  p. 96 Streaming settings (Menu 4.8) Use this menu to select a connection profile to be used for accessing your service provider’s streaming service. This menu may not …

  • 57, Samsung GH68-11975A 54 Menu functions Using options while composing an SMS message While composing a message, press < Options > to access the following options: • Send only : just send the message. • Save and send : send the message and then save it in the Sentbox folder. • Preview as vivid message : view the message in 3D view mode. The phone converts message text to 3D vivid graphics. This option is available only when the message consists of a single page…

  • 33, Samsung GH68-11975A 30 Using Number mode Number mode enables you to enter numbers. Press the keys corresponding to the digits you want. Using Symbol mode Symbol mode enables you to insert symbols. Call functions Advanced calling features Making a call 1. In Idle mode, enter the area code and phone number. 2. Press [ ]. 3. When you want to end the call, press [] . Making an international call 1. In Idle mode, press and hold [ 0 ]. The + charact…

  • 14, Get started 11 Display Layout Icons 1 Received signal strength GPRS network Connecting to GPRS network Transferring data in GPRS network EDGE network Connecting to EDGE network Icons display various icons. Menu Contacts Text and graphics display messages, instructions, and information you enter. Soft key function indicators show the current functions assigned to the soft keys. Transferring data in EDGE network Call in progress Out of your service area; you cannot make or receive calls Connected to Internet Connected to a …

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