Franklin IC-144 Operation & User’s Manual

Operation & User’s Manual for Franklin IC-144 PDA (24 pages)


269/269026-ic144.pdf file (19 Feb 2024)
  • Manufacturer: Franklin
  • Category of Device: PDA
  • Document: IC-144, File Type: PDF Operation & User’s Manual
  • Updated: 19-02-2024
  • Count of Pages: 24
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Data: UPD 19th February 2024

Franklin IC-144 PDA PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Monday 19th of February 2024 04:44:21 PM)

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Compatible devices: SAT-2400, PDR-3039, PDT-440, PDR-3036, PDI-3032, EBC-530, Agenda Digital Personal RF-8110, ADV-2002.

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(Ocr-Read: Summary of Contents Franklin IC-144 Document (Main Content), UPD: 19 February 2024)
  • 13, Franklin IC-144 13 Searching for Phrases To find phrases and combinations of words, select an ordered search and a narrow search width from the Search menu. You can select an ordered search and search width before or after a search. Ordered searches find words in the order th…

  • 23, Franklin IC-144 23 [Index to come][ Index ?* key finding spellings 12 finding where in the book you are 9 viewing complete menu items 10 Abbreviations, viewing 16 Adding notes 17 Arrow, slanted 7, 10 BACK key 10, 15 BIB marker 16 Chapters understanding 8, 9 viewing 7 Copyrights 21 C…

  • 19, 19 Looking Up Words in Other Books This digital book can send and receive words to and from certain other digital books. To learn if another digital book can send and receive words, read its User’s Manual. NOTE: You must have more than one digital book installed in y…

  • 4, 4 Key Guide Function Keys BACK Backs up; erases letters; turns off text highlight. CARD Exits the digital book. CLEAR Clears to the default state. ENTER Enters a search; selects items; starts highlight. HELP Shows a help message. LIST Shows the note list from …

  • 8, Franklin IC-144 8 Using the Outline 7. Select a subsection title (e.g., Typhoid fever ). 8. Press the direction keys to view more text. 9. Press SPEC to go back to the outline. ✓ Understanding Outline Titles Generally, chapter titles in this digital book cor- respond to the t…

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