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Compatible devices: Color 560 Printer, Phaser 3250, P3117, DocuColor 8000, N24, 7400DT - Phaser Color LED Printer, 3812, Synergix 8855.

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  • 150, METER READING AND REPORTING Figure B-1. Sample customer billing report XEROX 4090 CUSTOMER BILLING REPORT DATE: MM/DD/YY PAGE 1 TIME: HH:MM CUSTOMER ID: MACHINE ID: *************************************************************************************** **** System Configuration **** Machine Type - 4090 CPU memory = 512K Disk units: 0,1,2,3,floppy CD/IG: version 4 Tape: dual density Font memory: 64 megabits Printer characteristics Online: address 21 - Speed: 92 ppm: duplex - mode …

  • 149, B. Meter reading and reporting As the LPS prints jobs, it accumulates and saves usage information. Instead of using physical meters, the system controller records the page count in its memory. Each month you need to review and transmit this information to Xerox for billing purposes. This chapter describes how to extract this information and report it to Xerox. Meter reading During the last five working days of the month, when the system is idle, you must extract the billing infor…

  • 56, PRINTING JOBS Starting a print job Before starting a print job, make sure the system is set up properly for that job. Follow the steps in the “Printing task flow overview” at the beginning of this chapter. You start a print job by entering the START command at the system controller keyboard. The procedure for starting an offline or online print job differs from the procedure for starting a print job in the HIP queue. Starting an offline or online print job The job descriptor e…

  • 98, PRINTER MAINTENANCE Cleaning the diskette drive The diskette drive should be cleaned once each month. To clean it, you must have the cleaning kit. This kit contains two cleaning disks for double-sided diskette drives and a bottle of solution. 1. Make sure the system is powered on. There must be power to the diskette drive to perform this procedure. 2. Apply a small amount of the cleaning solution to the cleaning disk.…

  • 70, PRINT JOB MAINTENANCE The system displays a message showing the current settings for the horizontal skew value (measured in dots) and the vertical skew value (measured in scan lines): OS1380 Alignment is 36 scan lines and 0 dots. Write down these values so that you can restore the alignment to the normal settings, if necessary. 2. Print a sample page for reference. If you suspect that the form is not aligned properly b…

  • 97, PRINTER MAINTENANCE 7. To clean the reel hubs, wipe the three hub pads using a clean, lint-free cloth that you have lightly moistened with the head cleaning solution. 8. Wipe down the face of the tape deck, the inside and outside of the dust covers, and the front door with a clean, lint-free cloth lightly moistened with any cleaning fluid that is safe for plastic or painted surfaces. Regular cleaning prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt which can transfer to the tape components.…

  • 115, Xerox 4050 PRINTER MAINTENANCE If your LPS uses the HIP and the IBM online channel interface concurrently, the time and status display in the upper right-hand corner of the screen may not always be correct. The third line of this display indicates the selected remote interface and its current status. When both interfaces are active, they are both updating the same status fields, and only the most recent update will be seen. As a result,…

  • 168, INDEX problems, 8-18 to 8-19 wire, adding, 5-3 stitcher/stacker, 1-5 to 1-6 Stop button, 1-7 STOP command, 4-12 SUB DEVICE command, 3-20 to 3-21 switches CE, 3-9 EPO, 3-14 execute, 3-9 Load/Rewind, 3-7, 3-11 Logic Off, 3-7 Logic On, 3-7 online, 3-8 power 9-track magnetic tape drive, 3-5 CTS, 3-14 to 3-15 printer, 1-7 reset, 3-8 step, 3-9 test, 3-8 unload, 3-8 system blank display, 8-20 commands, 1-11 to 1-12 components, 1-4 to 1-9 cont…

  • 12, INTRODUCTION Related publications You can find additional information related to the Xerox 4050/4090/4450/4650 LPS in the following publications. Publication Number Xerox 4050/4090/4450/4650 LPS Master Index 720P94030 Xerox 4050/4090/4450/4650 LPS Product Reference 720P94060 Xerox 4050/4090/4450/4650 LPS Bypass Transport Instructions, V3.5/3.8 720P22320 Xerox 4050/4090/4450/4650 LPS Bypass Transport Operator Traini…

  • 129, Xerox 4050 SOLVING PROBLEMS Follow these steps to clear area 6A of the high-capacity feeder (HCF): 1. Open the top cover of the HCF. (Also open the top cover of the stacker, if the printer control console message display indicates it needs to be opened.) 2. Remove and discard any sheets under the HCF cover. If the printer control console message display also indicates a problem in the output module, remove and discard those sheets a…

  • 154, METER READING AND REPORTING Table B-1. Letter-to-number conversion chart **Indicates letters not on the touchtone keypad that were assigned by this system to the 7 key. Letter Conversion Letter Conversion A *21 N *62 B *22 O *63 C *23 P *71 D *31 Q *11 ** E *32 R *72 F *33 S *73 G *41 T *81 H *42 U *82 I *43 V *83 J *51 W *91 K *52 X *92 L *53 Y *93 M *61 Z *13 ** Entering meter read information 1. Call the toll-free number for the Xerox Electronic Meter Data C…

  • 85, PRINT JOB MAINTENANCE Unloading output trays You can unload output trays while the system is printing. When a stacker tray is full, the following occurs: • The Tray Full indicator lights on the appropriate stacker tray (applies to dual stacker only). • A message displays on the printer control console that indicates which output tray is full. • In automatic switching mode, the system automatically switches over to…

  • 62, PRINTING JOBS Checking job status To check on the status of jobs while they are printing, press <JOBS STATUS> or enter the following JOBS command: JOBS [QUEUE|ALL|n|MULTIPLE] [attribute][BRIEF|CLASSIC|FULL] QUEUE Displays all reports queued for printing (waiting in line to be processed). ALL Displays all reports queued for printing and the status of up to 100 completed reports. n Displays the status of all reports queued fo…

  • 8, Xerox 4050 TABLE OF CONTENTS Handling diskettes 6-15 Formatting a diskette 6-16 Replacing the pressure roll wiper 6-17 Setting the time and date 6-24 Time and status display 6-25 7. Shutting down the LPS 7-1 Powering off the system 7-1 Online 7-1 Offline 7-2 8. Solving problems 8-1 Aid to problem solving 8-1 9-track magnetic tape drive on the controller cabinet problems 8-1 Responding to 9-track magnetic tape drive error mes…

  • 48, SETTING UP PRINT JOB SOURCES Taking a tape offline from the LPS Any time the ready indicator light is off, the CTS is offline from the LPS. Press the Ready button once so that the ready indicator light goes off. The following message displays if a cartridge tape is still in the drive: NT READY U or NT READY F If there is no tape in the drive, a single asterisk (*) appears. Powering off the CTS Once you have unloaded and removed the tape cartridge from the transport, press do…

  • 161, GLOSSARY XEROX 4050/4090/4450/4650 LPS OPERATOR GUIDE GLOSSARY-5 line feed Control character that (unless set to be interpreted as a line end) causes the printing system to begin printing in the current character position of the next line. literal Alphanumeric character beginning with a letter, including an asterisk, period, colon, or slash, and not enclosed in single quotes. logical page In Xerox printing systems, a logical page is a formatted page that is smaller than the physical …

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