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  • Manufacturer: Roland
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Roland XV-5050 Computer Hardware, Control Unit PDF Owner's Manual (Updated: Thursday 4th of May 2023 07:09:07 PM)

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Compatible devices: SRX-07, TDW-20, SR-JV80-07, SR-JV80-08, SRX-10, TM-6 PRO, VE-JV1, D-110.

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(Ocr-Read Summary of Contents of some pages of the Roland XV-5050 Document (Main Content), UPD: 04 May 2023)
  • 108, 108 Chapter 6 Other Settings/Status Checks Establishing the MIDI and USB Settings Setting the MIDI Channel The XV-5050 produces sound, and can change its internal settings in response to MIDI messages that it receives from other devices. In order for this to occur, the MIDI transmission channels of the external device must match the MIDI reception channels of the XV-5050. Making Global Settings Specifying the Reception Status for Each Tone You can enable or disa…

  • 33, 33 Quick Start Making a List of Your Favorite Patches Registering a Patch in the FAVORITE LIST You can bring together your favorite and most frequently used Patches in one place by registering them in the FAVORITE LIST . The FAVORITE LIST gives you immediate access to your favorite Patches, whether they’re in the XV-5050 itself or on Wave Expansion Boards. You can register up to 64 Patches in this list. 1. On the PATCH PLAY screen, choose th…

  • 167, Roland XV-5050 167 MIDI Implementation Appendices | | 0000 dddd | MFX Parameter 17 (12768 — 52768) | | | | —20000 — +20000 | |# 00 55 | 0000 aaaa | | | | 0000 bbbb | | | | 0000 cccc | | | | 0000 dddd | MFX Parameter 18 (12768 — 52768) | | …

  • 71, 71 Chapter 4 Using the XV-5050 Effects Chapter 4 Setting Procedure You can set the direct sound’s output method and the amount of effect applied for each Tone or Rhythm Tone individually. 1. Choose the Patch/Rhythm Set you wish to use. 2. Press [EDIT] to make its indicator light. 3. Press [ CURSOR] a few times to move the cursor to the parameter group in the upper line of the display. 4. Turn [VALUE] to choose “EFFECTS.” 5. Press [CURSOR ] to move the cursor to the parameter. 6. Turn [VALUE] to choose the parame…

  • 90, 90 Chapter 4 Using the XV-5050 Effects 58: SLICER By applying successive cuts to the sound, this effect turns a conventional sound into a sound that appears to be played as a backing phrase. This is especially effective when applied to sustain- type sounds. fig.02-058m 59: ISOLATOR This is an equalizer that radically cuts the volume of selected frequencies, allowing you to create special effects cutting the volume in various ranges. fig.02-059…

  • 13, 13 Getting Ready Connecting to MIDI Devices and Audio Equipment The XV-5050 is not equipped with an internal amp or speakers. To hear sound, you will need to connect it to a keyboard amp or audio system, or connect headphones. Refer to the following figure when connecting the XV-5050 with external devices. fig.Connection_e 1. Before making any connections, confirm that power to all devices has been turned off. 2. Connect the AC power cord included with the XV-5050 to the unit, then plug the other end i…

  • 2, Roland XV-5050 2 To resize thickness, move all items on the front cover to left or right CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN ATTENTION: RISQUE DE CHOC ELECTRIQUE NE PAS OUVRIR CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE COVER (OR BACK). NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated “dangerous voltage” within the product’s …

  • 138, Roland XV-5050 138 Waveform List No. Wave Name 1 StGrand pA L 2 StGrand pA R 3 StGrand pB L 4 StGrand pB R 5 StGrand pC L 6 StGrand pC R 7 StGrand fA L 8 StGrand fA R 9 StGrand fB L 10 StGrand fB R 11 StGrand fC L 12 StGrand fC R 13 Ac Piano2 pA 14 Ac Piano2 pB 15 Ac Piano2 pC 16 Ac Piano2 fA 17 Ac Piano2 fB 18 Ac Piano2 fC 19 Ac Piano1 A 20 Ac Piano1 B 21 Ac Piano1 C 22 Piano Thump 23 Piano Up TH 24 Piano Atk 25 MKS-20 P3 A 26 MKS-20 P3 B 27 MKS-20 P3 C 28 SA Rhodes 1A 29 SA Rhodes 1B 30 SA Rhodes 1C 31 SA Rhodes 2A 32 …

  • 121, 121 Installing the Wave Expansion Board Appendices Next, check to make sure the board has been installed properly. 1. Use the procedure in “Turning On the Power” (p. 14) to turn the power on. 2. Press [SYSTEM] to make its indicator light. 3. Press [ CURSOR] a few times to move the cursor to the parameter group in the upper line of the display. 4. Turn [VALUE] to choose “INFO.” 5. Press [CURSOR ] to move the cursor to the parameter at the lower left of the display. 6. Turn [VALUE] to choose “XA (XB…

  • 82, 82 Chapter 4 Using the XV-5050 Effects 25: GATED REVERB This is a special type of reverb in which the reverb is cut off without being allowed to decay naturally. fig.02-025m 26: OD -> CHORUS fig.02-026m 27: OD -> FLANGER fig.02-027m 28: OD -> DELAY fig.02-028m Parameter Value Description Type NORMAL, REVERSE, SWEEP1, SWEEP2 Type of reverb NORMAL: conventional gated reverb REVERSE: backwards reverb SWEEP1: the reverb moves from right to left SWEEP2: the reverb moves from left to…

  • 49, Roland XV-5050 49 Chapter 1 Creating a Patch Chapter 1 Pan Alternate Tone Alternate Pan Depth L63–63R This setting causes panning to be alternated between left and right each time a key is pressed. Higher values result in a greater left/right width. You can select the ste- reo placement of the first key using this parameter—its opposite is used for the sec- ond note, and so on back and forth. If you want to alternate the pan position of two Tones, set them to the exact opposite L and R settings. TVA ENVEL…

  • 111, 111 Chapter 7 Chapter 7 Using the XV-5050 as a General MIDI Sound Module The XV-5050 features a GM mode-a convenient way to play back or create GM score data (music files for General MIDI sound module). You’re able to play back commercial GM score data releases and even modify various parameter settings for enhanced musical expression. Entering GM Mode Basically GM mode is similar to a special kind of Performance in …

  • 79, Roland XV-5050 79 Chapter 4 Using the XV-5050 Effects Chapter 4 15: St FLANGER (Stereo Flanger) This is a stereo flanger. (The LFO has the same phase for left and right.) It produces a metallic resonance that rises and falls somewhat like a jet airplane taking off or landing. A filter is provided so that you can adjust the timbre of the flanged sound. fig.02-015m 16: STEP FLANGER This is a flanger in which the flanger pitch changes in steps. The speed at which the pitch chang…

  • 143, 143 Patch List Appendices PD (Preset D Group) PE (Preset E Group) No. Name Voice Key Assign 001 Echo Piano 3 POLY 002 Upright Pno 3 POLY 003 RD-1000 3 POLY 004 Player's EP 2 POLY 005 D-50 Rhodes 4 POLY 006 Innocent EP 2 POLY 007 Echo Rhodes 4 POLY 008 See-Thru EP 3 POLY 009 FM BellPiano 3 POLY 010 Ring E.Piano 4 POLY 011 Soap Opera 1 POLY 012 D…

  • 47, Roland XV-5050 47 Chapter 1 Creating a Patch Chapter 1 Cutof Keyfollow Cutoff Keyfol- low -200–+200 Use this parameter if you want the cutoff frequency to change according to the key that’s pressed. At Middle C (C4), the original Cutoff value is used. Positive (+) settings cause the cutoff frequency to rise for notes higher than Middle C, and negative (-) settings cause the cutoff frequency to fall for notes higher than Middle C. Higher settings produce …

  • 93, 93 Chapter 4 Using the XV-5050 Effects Chapter 4 69: SHUFFLE DLY2 (Shuffle Delay 2) This allows you to achieve longer delay times (max. 3000 ms) for the Shuffle Delay function. fig.02-069m 70: 3D DELAY 2 This allows you to achieve longer delay times (max. 3000 ms) for the 3D Delay function. fig.02-070m 71: ROTARY 2 This type provides for a second type of rotary speaker simulation, with a low-end boost. This effect features the same specifications as the VK-7’s built-in rotary speaker. fig.02-071m Parameter …

  • 30, 30 Playing Sounds Using an External MIDI Device to Select Patches and Change Other Settings Selecting Patches and Rhythm Sets You can change Patches – including the Patches in each Part of a Performance – and Rhythm Sets on the XV-5050 via MIDI Part. In this example, after setting the send channel for the external MIDI device and the XV-5050’s reception channel (Patch Rx Channel) to “1,” we’ll send a MID…

  • 137, 137 Appendices Error Messages If there has been a mistake in operation, or if the XV-5050 is unable to continue processing as you directed, an error message will appear in the display. Take the appropriate action for the displayed error message. * This section gives the error messages in alphabetical order. Message Situation Action MIDI Buffer Full Due to an inordinate volume of MIDI messages received, the …

  • 74, 74 Chapter 4 Using the XV-5050 Effects Multi-Effects Settings Chorus Settings Reverb Settings Parameter Value Description EFFECTS MFX Source Multi-Effects Source PERFORM, PART 1–16 Selects the Multi-effects parameter settings that will be used by the Performance. If you wish to use the Performance settings, select PERFORM. If you wish to use the settings of the Patch/Rhythm Set assigned to one of the Parts, select the Part number. Type Multi-Effects Type …

  • 31, 31 Playing Sounds Quick Start Selecting Performances To switch Performances, after matching the send channel for the external MIDI device with the XV-5050’s Performance Control channel (Control Channel p. 108), send the Bank Select number and Program Change messages. Upon execution of Factory Reset, Performance Ctrl-Ch is set to “16.” Here, set the external MIDI device’s send channel to “16,” then …

  • 70, 70 Chapter 4 Using the XV-5050 Effects Patch/Rhythm Set Mode Settings Only one Multi-effect, Chorus, or Reverb effect can be set for each Patch or Rhythm Set. You cannot apply differing types of Multi- effects, Chorus, or Reverb to each of the Tones or Rhythm Tones comprising the Patch or Rhythm Set. Basic Process of Making Effects Settings When applying effects in Patch/Rhythm Set mode, the following pro…

  • 123, Roland XV-5050 123 Installation de la carte d'extension Wave Appendices Les manipulations suivantes vous permettront de verifier si votre carte a ete correctement installee. 1. Allumer votre appareil en suivant les instructions de la p.14. 2. Appuyer sur [SYSTEM] pour allumer le voyant lumineux. 3. Appuyer sur [ CURSOR] quelques fois pour déplacer le curseur jusqu’au groupe de paramètres sur la première ligne affichée. 4. Tourner le bouton [VALUE] afin de sélectionner “ INF…

  • 177, 177 Appendices Specifications XV-5050: 64-Voice Sound Module (conforms to General MIDI 2 System) Parts 16 Maximum Polyphony 64 voices Wave Memory 64 M Bytes (16-bit linear equivalent) Wave forms: 1083 Expansion Slot Wave Expansion Board SRX Series: 2 slots Preset Memory Patches: 1024 (128 x 8 banks) + 256 (General MIDI 2 Patches) Rhythm Sets: 16 (2 x 8 banks) + 9 (General MIDI 2 Rhythm Sets) Performances: 64 (32 x 2 banks) User Memory Patches: 128 Rhythm Sets: 4 Performances: 64 Effec…

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