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  • Manufacturer: GE
  • Category of Device: Cordless Telephone
  • Document: 16223870 Operation & User’s Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 24-06-2023
  • Count of Pages: 60
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GE 16223870 Cordless Telephone PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Saturday 24th of June 2023 07:34:22 PM)

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Compatible devices: 21025/26, DECT 6.0 28112, 2900SST, HWDCD3988(3)P/TSD, 25931, 00019278, 16154820, 00008005.

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  • 2, GE 16223870 2 EQUIPMENT APPROVAL INFORMATION Your telephone equipment is approved for connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network and is in compliance with parts 15 and 68, FCC Rules and Regulations and the Technical Requirements for Telephone Terminal Equipment published by ACTA. 1 Notification to the Local Telephone Company On the bottom of this equipment is a label indicating, among other information, the US number and Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) for t…

  • 49, GE 16223870 49 DISPLAY MESSAGES The following indicators show the status of a message or of the unit. This means the ringer is OFF, and the handset will not ring when you receive an incoming call. ENTER NAME Prompt telling you to enter the name in one of the 50 memory locations. (NOTE: The memory records in the base and the cordless handsets do not overlap and cannot be shared. The base and handset has 50 individual memory locations.) DELETE ALL? Prompt asking if you want to erase all Caller ID records. DELETE CALL ID? Prompt asking if you wa…

  • 54, 54 BATTERY SOLUTIONS If you experience any of the following problems, even after fully recharging the battery, you may need to replace the battery pack: • Short talk time • Poor sound quality • Limited range • Charge indicator fails to light when the handset is placed in the base or charge cradle. GENERAL PRODUCT CARE To keep your unit working and looking good, follow these guidelines: • Avoid putting the phone near heating appliances and devices that generate electrical noise (for example, motors or fluorescent lamps). • DO NOT expose …

  • 17, 17 1. Press the mute/program button and HOLD BASE PAGE WAIT FOR BEEP shows in the display. 2. Press and hold the page button on the base until you hear a long beep and the handset displays HANDSET # REGISTERED . 3. When handset registration is complete, you may name the handset. ENTER NAME shows in the display. Repeat step 1 through step 3 in the Handset Name section. NOTE: If the handset was registered previously and a…

  • 19, 19 NOTE: Press the exit/answerer once to keep the previous setting and return to the main menu screen. 4. Press the mute/program button to confirm the deregistration. HANDSET # DEREGISTERED shows in the display. GLOBAL DEREGISTRATION If one or more handsets becomes lost, you should de-register all handsets to ensure proper system operation. WARNING: It is not recommended that a handset be de-registered unless absolutely necessary because once a handset is de-registered, that handset's telephone features cannot be used un…

  • 53, GE 16223870 53 Charge indicator on the base flashes • Provided your phone company offers voice message service and you subscribe to it, the charge indicator on the base flashes when the phone is not in use to indicate there is a message waiting. It stops flashing after the message has been reviewed. Memory Dialing doesn't work • Did you program the memory location keys correctly? • Did you follow proper dialing sequence? Unit locks up and no communication between the base…

  • 35, 35 If you are not at home or cannot answer, your telephone’s Caller ID memory automatically stores the call number, date, time, phone number, and name for the 40 most recent calls received so you can see who called while you were unavailable. Caller ID records are stored sequentially, in the order they are received. When the 41st call is received, the oldest Caller ID record is automatically deleted. You may review the stored information for the most recent 40 calls at any time. Calls received since your last review show as NEW i…

  • 15, 15 SET RINGER TONE 1 2 3 4 5 6 RINGER TONE Make sure your handset is at the main menu. You may choose from six different ringer tones. 1. Make sure your phone is OFF (not in TALK mode). 2. Press the mute/program button until SET RINGER TONE 1 2 3 4 5 6 shows in the display. You will hear the current ringer tone. 3. Use the touch-tone pad on your handset to select 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 , or use the cid/vol ( or ) button on the Handset to scroll to your selection. The default setting is 1 . NOTE: When you use the handset to set a r…

  • 18, 18 3. Repeat steps one through three in the Handset Registration section. HANDSET DE-REGISTRATION Deregistration cancels a handset’s registration. If you do not know a handset’s name, you should deregister the handset according to the steps below. During the de-registration process, keep the handset near the base. WARNING: It is not recommended that a handset be de-registered unless absolutely necessary because once a handset is de-registered, that handset's telephone features cannot be used until the handset is re-registered. 1. …

  • 51, 51 ANSWERING SYSTEM DISPLAY MESSAGES 0-59 Total number of messages. CL (blinking) The voice time/day stamp needs set. -- Answerer off. An (blinking) Currently answering a call. F (blinking) Memory is full. LA (Line Access) External line remote answerer. (blinking) Recording Announcement or memo. HANDSET SOUND SIGNALS Signal Meaning A long warbling tone (with ringer on) Signals an incoming call Three short beeps Page signal One short beep (every 7 seconds) Low battery warning TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE TELEPHONE SOLUTIONS No dial tone �…

  • 52, 52 • Make sure the battery pack is installed correctly. • Did the handset beep when you pressed the talk/callback button? Did the charge indicator on the base turn on? The battery may need to be charged. • Place handset in cradle for at least 20 seconds to reset. Dial tone is OK but can’t dial out • Make sure the TONE/PULSE setting on the base is set to the type of phone service you are subscribed to. Handset does not ring • Make sure the handset ringer setting is ON. • The cordless handset may be out of range of…

  • 37, 37 DIALING A CID NUMBER While reviewing Caller ID records, you may dial the phone number showing in the display. 1. Make sure the phone is OFF (not in talk mode). 2. Press cid/vol ( or ) button on the until the desired CID record is displayed. Depending on (a) how the incoming phone number was formatted when it was received, and (b) whether or not you previously pre-programmed your local area code into memory, you may need to adjust the format of the inco…

  • 36, 36 • NEW and REPT appears at the top right corner of the display for all calls received more than once which have not been reviewed. TRANSFERRING CID RECORDS TO MEMORY You may transfer a Caller ID record to your phone ’s memory. NOTE: It is important that you format CID records correctly before storing in memory. It is not possible to reformat CID records stored in memory. For details, please see Dialing a Caller ID Number. 1. Use the cid/vol ( or ) button on the handset to scroll to the desired CID record. …

  • 22, GE 16223870 22 ANSWERING A CALL 1. When the phone rings, press the talk/callback button on the handset. 2. When finished, press the talk/callback button again to hang up. CALL TIMER After you press talk/callback on the handset the built-in call timer shows in the display and counts the length of time of the call in minutes and seconds. AUTO STANDBY Placing the handset in the base cradle while the handset is off hook (during a call) auto…

  • 16, GE 16223870 16 1. Make sure the handset is at the main menu. Make sure your phone is OFF (not in TALK mode). 2. Press the mute/program button until SET TONE/PULSE 1TONE 2PULSE shows in the display. 3. Use the touch-tone pad on the handset to select 1TONE or 2PULSE , or press the cid/vol ( or ) button to scroll to your selection. The default setting is 1TONE . NOTE: Press the exit/answerer button to keep the previous setting and return to the main menu screen. 4. Press the…

  • 45, 45 ACCESSING THE ANSWERING SYSTEM WITH THE CORDLESS HANDSET MESSAGE PLAYBACK 1. Make sure your handset is in standby mode. 2. Press the exit/answerer button to access the answering system. The display shows ANSWERER REMOTE ACCESS . 3. Press the play/stop button to play messages, or press exit/answerer button to return to standby mode. When you are playing a message, you may do the following: a) Press play/stop/2 key to stop message playback. b) …

  • 41, GE 16223870 41 SPEAKER VOLUME Press the volume ( or ) buttons on the side of the base to adjust the speaker volume to a comfortable level. Press the () to increase the volume and the ( ) to de-crease the volume. Volume level displays when you press the volume button. L8 is the maximum and L1 is the minimum. When you reach the max or minimum level you will hear an error tone. OUTGOING ANNOUNCEMENT The outgoing announcement is heard by the incoming caller…

  • 7, 7 HANDSET LAYOUT 9 wxyz 6 mno 3 def 8 tuv 5 jkl 2 abc 7 pqrs 4 ghi 1 0 oper # pause * tone ringerpage flash redial format mute mem exit talk deleteint erase conference C ID V o l answerer program callb ack play/stop skipreview + - * tone button # pause button Display format/conference button talk/callback button redial button page/int button ringer button flash/delete button CID/vol buttons mute/program button mem button exit/an…

  • 29, 29 NOTE: Press the exit/answerer button on either handset to cancel the intercom call, and the sending party may continue to talk to the external party. Or the calling party may press the talk/callback button to transfer the call to the receiving party who may speak to the external caller independently. TEMPORARY TONE DIALING This feature is useful only if you use pulse dialing service. Temporary tone dialing enables pulse (rotary) service phone users to acc…

  • 31, 31 NOTE: If you make a mistake, press the flash/delete button to erase the incorrect character(s) or number. 6. Press the mem button to confirm your selection. The display shows ENTER TEL NUMBR . 7. Use the touch-tone pad on your handset to enter the area code followed by the telephone number (up to 20 digits, including pauses) and press the mem button again to save your selection. The unit beeps to confirm. 8. To enter another name and number in a diff…

  • 21, GE 16223870 21 3. Use the cid/vol ( or ) to scroll to your selection. 4. Press the mute/program button to save your selection. You will hear a confirmation tone, and the ringer setting displays for two seconds. NOTE: If you turn the ringer OFF, the ringer off icon shows in the display. NOTE: Press the exit/answerer button once to keep the previous setting and return to standby mode. CORDLESS HANDSET VOLUME CONTROL When the cordless handset is ON (in TALK mode) adjust …

  • 11, 11 INSTALLING THE PHONE 1. Choose an area near an electrical outlet and telephone wall jack (RJ11C). 2. Plug the AC power converter into an electrical outlet and the DC connector into the power jack on the back of the base. CAUTION: Use only the ATLINKS USA, Inc. power supply 5-2596 that came with this unit. Using other power supplies may damage the unit. 3. Install the handset battery in each handset. NOTE: You must …

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