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  • Manufacturer: RODE Microphones
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  • Updated: 14-08-2023
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RODE Microphones NTG8 Microphone PDF Instruction Manual (Updated: Monday 14th of August 2023 07:15:18 AM)

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Compatible devices: iXY, NT2-A, VideoMic Pro, NTG-2, Stereo VideoMic X, S1, Lavalier, STEREO VIDEOMIC PRO.

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  • 2, - 2 - Introduction Thank you for your purchase of the RØDE NTG8 precision broadcast-grade shotgun microphone. Based on RØDE’s award winning NTG3, the NTG8 is a broadcast quality RF-bias shotgun microphone that exhibits increased directionality across a wide frequency response range. This makes the NTG8 the perfect microphone for fi lm, television, sports and outdoor broadcasting, live performance, or any professional distanc…

  • 3, - 3 - Specifi cations Acoustic Principle: Line Gradient Directional Pattern: Super-Cardioid Frequency Range: 40Hz - 20kHz (see graph) Output Impedence: 25Ω Sensitivity: -20dB ± 2dB (97.5mV/Pa) Equivalent Noise: 8 dBA Maximum Output: 8.2dBu Dynamic Range: 116dB SPL Maximum SPL: 124dB @ 1kHz Signal/Noise: 81 dB Power Requirement: P48 phantom (44-52V min 2.5mA) Output Connection: 3-pin XLR Net Weight: 345gm Dimensions: Ø19mm x 559mm …

  • 4, RODE Microphones NTG8 - 4 - Specifi cations Frequency Response Polar Response Included Accessories – – – 0˚ 90˚ 270˚ 180˚ -2.0 -20.0 -10.0 0.0 -2.0 -4.0 -6.0 -8.0 -10.0 -12.0 -14.0 -16.0 -18.0 -20.0 -22.0 -24.0 -25.0 dB rel. 1V/Pa +5.0 Frequency: 500 Hz: 1000 Hz: 4000 Hz: dB re 1 V/Pa 20 10 0 -10 -20 -30 20Hz 100 1000 10 000 20 000 Shock Mount (SM8) Wind shield (WSNTG8) Weather resistant aluminium storage cylinder (RCNTG8) …

  • 5, RODE Microphones NTG8 - 5 - Features • Highly directional polar response • Natural sounding audio both on and off-axis • Designed to withstand adverse environmental conditions • Extremely low handling noise • High level of immunity to radio frequency interference • True Condenser (external RF biased) • High Sensitivity • Superior broadcast sound quality • Designed and manufactured in Australia • Free 10 year extended warranty* Powering the NTG8 • The NTG8 requires phantom power to operate. This needs to be supplied…

  • 6, - 6 - • We strongly suggest the use of high quality XLR cables, using the shortest cable length possible to ensure minimal noise interference between the microphone output and the camera/recorder input. • The NTG8 features a custom designed XLR connector that is specially designed to reduce susceptibility to RF interference from devices such as cell/mobile phones and other transmitters. • The NTG8 is designed for operation within demanding environments, where the traditional condenser microphone would fail. However all d…

  • 7, - 7 - • To mount the NTG8 in the supplied SM8 shockmount, insert the base of the microphone (with the XLR connector) into the rubber opening closest to the grey cable management clips and slide the microphone through all four rubber mount openings. Some pressure will need to be applied to insert the microphone, as the openings must be tight to secure the microphone. Mounting the NTG8   NTG8 correctly mounted in SM8 shockmount (note SM8 orientation) N…

  • 8, - 8 - • When mounting the microphone in the SM8 shock mount or any mic stand or shock/suspension mount take care not block any of the slots on the microphone (as illustrated below). Obstructing these slots will affect the sound quality and the polar pattern (directional qualities). Mounting the NTG8   NTG8 slots unobstructed by the microphone mount NTG8 slots obstructed in the microphone mount …

  • 9, - 9 - • To adjust the SM8 mounting angle simply pull the quick release handle open while supporting the microphone. The SM8 can now be freely adjusted through approximately 190° (depending on cable XLR connector and method of mounting.) Once the required angle is achieved the quick release handle can be pushed close to lock the rotation. If additional tension is required, there is a knob on the opposite side of the quick release handle that allows for fi ne adjustment of the quick release grip. Mounting the NTG8 Quick-R…

  • 10, - 10 - • The SM8 features cable management clips on either side to minimise noise transfer from cables. When mounting the cable in the clip, please ensure that the section of cable going to the microphone has enough slack to not manipulate the microphone position, and also to allow adjustment of the mounting angle without having to reposition the cable. • The SM8 features a standard 3/8” thread in the base, to allow for ve…

  • 11, RODE Microphones NTG8 - 11 - • While the NTG8 features RF bias technology it is still recommended to store the microphone in dry conditions whenever not in use. • The supplied weather resistant aluminium storage cylinder is designed to provide extreme environmental protection for your microphone during transport and storage. Please note that the cylinder is not designed to be completely waterproof. Damage to the microphone cause…

  • 12, - 12 - Warranty Information All RØDE microphones are warranted for one year from date of purchase. A free ten year extended warranty is available for the NTG8 if you register it online at * The warranty covers parts and labour that may be required to repair the microphone during the warranty period. The warranty excludes defects caused by normal wear and tear, modifi cation, shipping damage, or failure to use …

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