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  • Manufacturer: GE
  • Category of Device: Network Card
  • Document: EPM 7300 Installation Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 14-10-2023
  • Count of Pages: 304
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GE EPM 7300 Network Card PDF Installation Manual (Updated: Saturday 14th of October 2023 06:41:52 AM)

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Compatible devices: GEH6505A, GFK-1541B, GFK-1852, JGBP30BEH, 90-30 PLC, GEH-6510, P485, 1018959.

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(Ocr-Read Summary of Contents of some pages of the GE EPM 7300 Document (Main Content), UPD: 14 October 2023)
  • 235, 227 EPM5300P This device belongs to Electro Industries family, which is tightly integrated device in to PMCS product. This device contains the following tabs. Metering Tab The screen explains various parameters of the device: Current (Amps) • Phase (A, B, C and Neutral) • Inst • Max …

  • 302, 294 • •• • Index PMCS Interface Toolkit T Tabular Data Screen Wizards, 11, 99 Toolbar wizard, 24 U Universal Relay, 150 Universal Relay Devices, 150 UR, 150 W waveform capture, 99 …

  • 57, GE EPM 7300 49 Installing the Application Script 1. After configuring the EPM 7700 Large Faceplate wizard or Tabular Data Screen wizard, select “Special \ Scripts \ Application Scripts…” from the WindowMaker main menu. The Application Script Dialog box opens: 2. Select “While Running” from the Condition Type drop down list, and enter “30000” in the “Every … Msec” text box next to the Condition Type drop down list. 3. Use Notepad.exe to open the file “EPM7700 Application Script.txt”, located in the Intouch …

  • 178, 170 PMCS Interface Toolkit Bus Tab Universal Relay - Bus Tab The Bus tab is supported for the B30 UR device only. It displays Phase Magnitude and Angle measurements on Bus 1 and Bus 2 for phases A, B, and C. Current direction is shown in degrees for each phase, and the Zone function can be enabled or disabled on each Bus. …

  • 199, 191 RTD HI Tab The Multilin SR469 HI Alarm Status screen shows various RTD values. Setpoints Tab The Multilin SR469 System Setpoints screen shows values of Thermal Model, Current, Voltage Sensing, Power System …

  • 166, GE EPM 7300 158 PMCS Interface Toolkit Digital Counter Tab Universal Relay - Digital Counter Tab The digital counter tab supports B30, C30, C60, D60, F30, F35, F60, G60, L60, L90, M60 and T60 device types, showing information about the eight digital counters provided in each UR. Status – this indicator is amber if the counter is enabled, gray if disabled. Enable/Disable – this button gives the user the ability to enable or disable the specified counter. Name – displays the user-defined name assigned to the counter. Frozen Value – s…

  • 216, 208 PMCS Interface Toolkit Power Tab The Multilin SR745 Power & Energy screen shows: • Power • Energy • Aging Factor • Tap Changer …

  • 118, 110 PMCS Interface Toolkit PQM (Power Quality Meter) All six function buttons under the Info box are enabled for the PQM. The PQM Tabular Data Screen wizard has nine command buttons, described below. Tab Button Function Metering Clear Energy Clears the PQM’s energy counters Reset Device Issues a RESET command to the PQM Demand Clear Max Demand Values Clears the PQM’s Max Demand values from memory Clear Frequency Values Clears the PQM's Max Freq…

  • 107, 99 Features of Tabular Data Screen Wizards Introduction This chapter describes the features available with tabular data screens. The set of features basic to all tabular data screens is described first, then any unique features are described for each device. Features of Tabular Data Screens The upper left-hand area of every tabular data screen contains a 3-D graphic of the device faceplate. This graphic is simply to verify identification and is not animated. The middle area on the left-hand side displays common informatio…

  • 17, 9 Configuration Place the Large Faceplate wizard into an open window, then double-click on it to display the Large Faceplate Dialog box. Configure the wizard by entering the appropriate information into each of the boxes. The figure shown below is the dialog for a typical wizard. Some wizards have additional features which may be configured. See the section titled Features of GE Large Faceplate Wizards for more details. Enter the unique eight-character name matching the appropriate Topic in the PMCS DDE Server. Enter the applic…

  • 198, GE EPM 7300 190 PMCS Interface Toolkit Analog Tab The Multilin SR469 Analog Input Differential screen shows: • Analog Input Diff 1-2 • Analog Input Diff 3-4 …

  • 75, 67 Features of GE Large Faceplate Wizards About the Large Faceplate Wizards This chapter contains descriptions of the functions available with each of the GE Large Faceplate wizards. While a majority of the most popular data available at each device have been made available in the Wizards, some functions available with the actual devices are not provided in the Large Faceplate representations, such as the following: • Test Mode or Simulation Mode on some devices is not fully supported • Details on status…

  • 39, 31 Enter the text to display on any of the three lines available for the selected button. It is not necessary to enter text on all three lines. Click OK when you have finished assigning text labels to the button. As each annunciator panel button is labeled, the Annunciator Panel Dialog reflects these changes by showing the Row/Column coordinates of the labeled buttons: When you have finished labeling your annunciator panel buttons, click OK to close the Annunciator Panel Dialog box. When you close this dialog …

  • 42, GE EPM 7300 34 PMCS Interface Toolkit Troubleshooting Tips for the Annunciator Panel Wizard • Make sure that all DDE Items associated with the annunciator panel have been created in the Event Logger. • You must create associated InTouch DDE Integer Tags by hand in the InTouch tagname database. The DDE Access name for the tags should use “EVENTLOG” for the Application Name and “SYSTEM” for the Topic Name. Make sure the “Request Initial Data” option is selected for this DDE Access name. • Check the WWLogger at runtime for possible DDE…

  • 115, 107 MDP Digital Overcurrent Relay The feature to bear in mind when working with the MDP tabular wizard is: • On the Setup screen, you must enter a value into the CT Ratio box. This value is multiplied by the values in the amp registers to convert the latter into user units. If you do not enter a value for the CT Ratio, the message “CT Ratio has not been entered” appears on the bottom of the Tabular Data Screen and on the Large Faceplate wizard. Monitor…

  • 230, 222 PMCS Interface Toolkit • Normal Pickup • Normal Dropout • Emer Pickup • Emer Dropout The user can enter values against each parameter. Frequency (Hz) • Normal Pickup • Emer Pickup The user can enter values against each parameter. Time (Seconds) • P Time • W Time • W3 Time • DW Time • T Time • T3 Time • DT Time • U Time The Setup tab also provides push buttons for performing the following commands: Download – Executes a script to check for values that have changed and downloads those values to th…

  • 158, 150 PMCS Interface Toolkit Universal Relay The Universal Relay devices are a highly-flexible family of power management devices based on the concept of a backplane and CPU supporting a wide variety of plug-in modules. These modules provide metering, monitoring, protection and control functions, and other abilities. A UR tabular wizard can display between one and eight screens of data – the number of screens is determ…

  • 282, 274 PMCS Interface Toolkit #1 #2 #3 & #4 Trigger Key Thumbwheel Setting Class Sub-class Instance Meaning 95 I2 HD - Harmonic #2 STD TD SD PD 96 I3 HD - Harmonic #2 STD TD SD PD 97 I4 HD - Harmonic #2 STD TD SD PD 98 V1 HD - Harmonic #3 STD TD SD PD 99 V2 HD - Harmonic #3 STD TD SD PD 9A V3 HD - Harmonic #3 STD TD SD PD 9B VAUX HD - Harmonic #3 STD TD SD PD 9C I1 HD - Harmonic #3 STD TD SD PD 9D I2 HD - Harmonic #3 STD TD SD PD 9E I3 HD - Harmonic #3 STD TD SD PD 9F I4 HD - Harmonic #3 STD TD SD…

  • 89, GE EPM 7300 81 Display Indication Parameter kW Total real power kVA Total apparent power kQ Total reactive power PFLG or PFLD Power factor; lagging or leading Hz Frequency kWD Kilowatt total demand A or kVA Current average demand or apparent power demand VX RMS auxiliary voltage I4 RMS neutral current kWH-F Import energy kWH-R Export energy kVARH-F Import reactive energy kVARH-R Export reactive energy …

  • 272, GE EPM 7300 264 PMCS Interface Toolkit Capture Channel X where X represents an integer between 1 and 8. Following are the Channel assignments for Wye and Delta systems. 7. Press the Download key. This will transmit the values entered into the Setpoints tabular screen for the selected setpoint number to the device. After several seconds press the Refresh button and scroll to the selected setpoint to verify that the device has accepted the setpoint entered parameters. 8. For waveform record, open the Waveform Capture program…

  • 67, 59 { Set values of local discrete variables based on state of integer status of breaker. This section sets the breaker status memory discretes to true if the breaker’s analog status value is 3 (closed).} brk1_s = (brk1 == 3 OR brk1 ==9); brk2_s = (brk2 == 3 OR brk1 ==9); brk3_s = (brk3 == 3 OR brk1 ==9); brk4_s = (brk4 == 3 OR brk1 ==9); brk5_s = (brk5 == 3 OR brk1 ==9); brk6_s = (brk6 == 3 OR brk1 ==9); Sets the breaker status memory discretes to true if the breaker’s …

  • 109, 101 Power Leader EPM The Power Leader EPM Tabular Data Screen wizard provides the following command buttons: Tab Button Function Setup Meter Initialize Performs a complete meter reset Clear Errors Clears the event log in the meter Demand Reset Clears the watt demand register in the meter Energy Reset Clears the accumulated energy registers in the meter Table 12. PLEPM Tabular data screen commands. Another feature to bear in mind when working with the PLEPM tabular wizard is: • The Normal Metering screen displays one of two tables depending on whether …

  • 275, GE EPM 7300 267 #1 #2 #3 & #4 Trigger Key Thumbwheel Setting Class Sub-class Instance Meaning 17 kVAR Phase C STD TD SD PD 18 kVA Total HS STD TD SD PD HRS 19 kVA Phase A HS STD TD SD PD 1A kVA Phase B HS STD TD SD PD 1B kVA Phase C HS STD TD SD PD 1C PF Total STD TD SD PD 1D PF Phase A STD TD SD PD 1E PF Phase B STD TD SD PD 1F PF Phase C STD TD SD PD 20 Frequency HS STD TD SD PD 21-23 Reserved 24 Phase Reversal (0 or 1) HS STD 25-27…

  • 197, 189 Maintenance Tab The Multilin SR469 Maintenance screen shows values related to: • Trip Counters • Timers • General Counters The Clear Trip Counters button will clear all values of trip counters and the Preset Digital Ctr will preset trip counters. …

  • 226, GE EPM 7300 218 PMCS Interface Toolkit MX200 The MX 200 device is an Automatic Transfer Switch. The Tabular Data Screen wizard has several special features. You can use the Setup screen to change the meter configuration. Values displayed in white boxes are changeable. Clicking on the displayed value changes some, while clicking on the box changes others. The Download and Refresh buttons on the setup screen upload and download all of the setpoints from the device. To change setpoints at the device, first press the refresh button to upload current setpoint valu…

  • 181, 173 Trip Data The Multilin 239 Last Trip Data screen shows: • Cause of Last Trip and their corresponding currents and RTD Temperatures at the time of trip. • Trip Record The Clear Trip Data button, when clicked, will clear all the trip data. …

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I.C. 100, ST121HDWP, ACCRA-ARM 113.29402

  • Warning  ADP485-01 is an OPEN-TYPE. Please place the module in an enclosure away from airborne dust or high humidity and prevent electric shock or sudden shock on ADP485-01. Also, it is equipped with protective method such as some special tool or key to open the enclosure, so as to avoid the hazard to users or any damage to the module. Do NOT touch terminals when powe ...

    Network Device ADP485-01 2

  • The Model 3120 Remote Access Serversupports up to 120 digital ISDN oranalog (V.110, V.92, V.90, K56Flex,V.34, etc.) modem connections in a single1U high (1.75 in./4.45 cm) rack-mountablechassis. The Model 3120 is the highest den-sity, lowest profile remote access serveravailable anywhere.With its dual-redundanthot-swappable AC or DC power supplies,the 3120 RAS protects agai ...

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  • 232SDD16-1005 Manual Cover Page B&B Electronics -- PO Box 1040 -- Ottawa, IL 61350 PH (815) 433-5100 -- FAX (815) 433-5104 RS-232 Digital I/O Module Model 232SDD16 Documentation Number 232SDD16-1005 pn#3604-r1 This product Designed and Manufactured In Ottawa, Illinois USA of domestic and imported parts by B&B Electronics Mfg. Co. Inc. 707 Dayton Road ...

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  • D7522AD7523AHP 10/100 3Com 3C905C-TXNetwork Interface CardInstallation GuideNetwork Interface CardInstallationsanleitungGuide d’installation de la Carte d’interface RéseauGuía de Instalación de la Tarjetade Interfaz de RedLéase esto primeroGuida di installazione della Scheda di Interfaccia di Page i Tuesday, August 31, 1999 11:57 AM ...

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