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Payne Gas furnace Furnace PDF User's Information Manual (Updated: Thursday 2nd of March 2023 10:21:12 AM)

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Compatible devices: PG8JAA042090AAJA, PG8HAA, PG8UAA, PG9YAA036060, PG95ESA, PG92SCS, PG9YAB Series, 480BAV Upflow.

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  • 1, Heating & Cooling Condensing Gas Furnace USER'S INFORMATION MANUAL FOR THE OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF YOUR NEW GAS-FIRED FURNACE NOTE TO INSTALLER: This manual must be left with the equipment user. USER: Please read all instructions in the manual and retain all manuals for future reference. WARNING: FIRE OR EXPLOSION HAZARD Failure to follow safety warnings exactly could result in serious i…

  • 2, As an ENERGY STAR® Partner, Payne Heating & Cooling Sys- tems Company has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR® guidelines for energy efficier_cy TABLE OF CONTENTS WELCOME TO A NEW GENERATION OF COMFORT ............................................................................. 2 FURNACE COMPONENTS ........................................................................................................ 3 SAFETY CONSIDER…

  • 3, FURNACE COMPONENTS [] Burner sight glass for viewing burner flame. _] Burner assembly (inside), operates with energy- saving, inshot bmners and hot smface igniter for safe, dependable heating. [] Combustion-air intake connection (right or left side). [_ Redundant gas valve. Safe and efficient. Features 1 gas control with 2 internal shutoff valves. [_ Junction box for 115-v electrical power supply. [_ Vent outlet, uses PVC pipe to cmTyflue gas from t…

  • 4, Payne Gas furnace Inadhect-vent(2-pipe)application,yoreflunaceusesairfromoutsidethehomeforcombustionandventsfluegastotheoutdoors. Thistypeofapplicationwillhave2pipesrunningfromtheflunacetotheoutdoors.(SeeFig.2.)Inthisapplication,theventandah- intakepipesmusttel_ninateoutsidethestructureandmustnotbeobstructedinanyway.Donotblocko1obstructahopeningson flunaceo1spacesmoundflunace. Inanon-dhectvent(1-pipe)application,yotuflunaceusesairfromadjacenttotheflunaceforcombustionand…

  • 5, WARNING: FIRE AND UNIT OPERATION HAZARD Failure to follow this warning could result in fire, personal injury/death or property damage. For proper and safe operation the furnace needs air for combustion and ventilation. Do not block or obstruct the openings on the furnace, air openings to the area in which the furnace is installed, and the space around the furnace. Examine the furnace installation monthly to de…

  • 6, WARNING: FIRE HAZARD Failure to follow this warning could result in a fire or explosion, and personal injury/death or property damage. Should the gas supply fail to shut off or if overheating occurs, turn off the manual gas valve to the furnace BEFORE turning off the electrical supply. (See Fig. 8.) CHECK AIR FILTER: Before attempting to start yore flunace, be sme the ttunace air filter is clean and in place. See "Perfolrning Routine Maintenance" section in this…

  • 7, 9. Open external manual gas valve. (See FI_. 15.) 10. Set the room thelrnostat to a temperature slightly above room temperature. (See FI_. 16.) This wilt automatically signal the furnace to start. © 14 15 16 11. When the fm_ace receives the sta11signal, the hot sm-titceigniter at the main btu_ers is automatically heated for 15 to 20 sec. When the microprocessor conm31verifies that there is sufficient heat to ignite, the gas valve pelmits gas…

  • 8, 6. Replace main furnace door. (See Fig. 13.) 7. If the furnace is being shut down because of a malfunction, call your dealer as soon as possible. CAUTION: UNIT AND PROPERTY DAMAGE Failure to follow this caution may result in damage to the furnace and other property damage. Furnace is not to be installed, operated, and then turned off and left turned off in an unoccupied structure dur- ing winter. (See "Heading South for the Winter?" procedures in mainte…

  • 9, 21 22 4. Remove air filter fi_om flu_nace. • AIR FILTER(S) LOCATED IN END OF FURNACE: a. Slide air filter retainer sideways until it is fiee of latch. (See Fig. 24.) b. Slide air filter out of flunace. (See Fig. 25.) 23 24 25 • AIR FILTER LOCATED IN SIDE OF FURNACE: a. Remove air filter retainer fiom latch. (See Fig. 26.) b. Gently remove ah filter and cmefully turn the dirty side up (if dirty) to avoid spilling dirt fiom the filter. (See Fig. 27.) 26 27 5. Inspect t…

  • 10, 28 29 30 If your furnace ah filter needs to be replaced, be sme to use a factory authorized filter of the same size that was originally supplied. Use the fl_rnace air filter table and compare your furnace size with the propel filter size. FURNACE AIR FILTER TABLE FURNACE CASING WIDTH (IN.) FILTER SIZE* (IN.) FILTERTYPE 17 1/2 (1) 16 x 25 x 1 Cleanable 21 (1) 20 x 25 x 1 Cleanable 24 1/2 (1) 24 x 25 x 1 Cleanable Furnace with a side return…

  • 11, Payne Gas furnace 3. Inspect the combustion-air and vent PVC pipes for sags, holes, cracks, water leaks, blockage or disconnections. Horizontal portions of vent pipe must slope downward toward furnace. i_1 \ -\ j UPFLOW 31 DOWNFLOW 32 4. Reinstall burner enclosure flont. 5. If your furnace is fiee of the above conditions, replace main furnace door and tmn on electrical and gas supplies to the furnace. (See Fig. 13, 14, and 15.) 6. Start your furnace and ob…

  • 12, 8. Remove flmnel and robe from inducer housing and replace diain connection cap and clamp. 9. Replace main turnace door. (See Pig. 29.) 10. 15opytene glycol need not be removed before restmting fllrnace. \ 34 35 A CHECK-UP CHECKLIST Your flu_ace represents an important investment in your family's comtSrt and yore home's value. To keep it pertblaning properly and to prevent fllmre problems, have a trained servic…

  • 13, IF FURNACE FAILS TO OPERATE: Follow this checklist step by step, advancing to the next step only if flunace tails to start. • Check thelanostat tbr proper temperattue. Is thermostat set above room temperattue? • Is thermostat set on HEAT'? • Check fi_ses and chcuit breakers. Is electrical supply on'? • Is manual shutoff valve in gas supply pipe in open position'? (Follow start-up proc…

  • 16, (© 2005 Payne Heating & Cooling, PO Box 70, Indianapolis, IN 46206 Heating & Cooling 16 Printed in U.SA. Cancels: OG-PG9M-07 Catalog No. OG-PG9MAB-01 8-05 …

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