Payne PG9MXA Series Owner's Manual

Owner's Manual for Payne PG9MXA Series Furnace (12 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Payne
  • Category of Device: Furnace
  • Document: PG9MXA Series, File Type: PDF Owner's Manual
  • Updated: 03-02-2024
  • Count of Pages: 12
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  • 1, Owner's Manual NOTE TO INSTALLER: THIS MANUAL MUST BE LEFT WITH THE EQUIPMENT USER. USER: PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS IN THE MANUAL AND RETAIN ALL MANUALS FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. FIRE OR EXPLOSION HAZARD Failure to follow warnings could result in iniury, death, or property damage. Do not store or use gasoline …

  • 2, Payne PG9MXA Series FURNACE COMPONENTS 4 18 6 15 14 13 7 19 10 Two-Stage Furnace A08316 (Furnace shown in upflow position; may be used in downflow or horizontal orientation or applications. Vent Elbow may be turned to a different position, depending on type of installation) 1. Combustion-air intake connection (right or left side). …

  • 3, SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS Installing and servicing of heating equipment can be hazardous due to gas and electrical components. Only trained and qualified personnel should install, repair, or service heating equipment. Untrained personnel can perform basic maintenance flmctions such as cleaning and replacing air filt…

  • 4, Payne PG9MXA Series Fig. 1 - Burner Flame Adjustment A92330 STARTING YOUR FURNACE Instead of a continuously burning pilot flame which wastes valuable energy, your furnace uses an automatic, hot surface ignition system to light the burners each time the thermostat signals the furnace to start. Follow these important safegu…

  • 5, Payne PG9MXA Series Fig.5 - Control Switch to ON A08348 7. Replace main furnace door. 8. Turn ON the electrical supply to the furnace and wait I minute. 9. Open the external manual gas valve. See Fig. 6. ! Fig. 6 - Open Valve A06189 10. Set the room thermostat to a temperature slightly above the room temperature. This will…

  • 6, © Fig. 9 - Control Switch to OFF A05118 6. Replace main furnace door. 7. If the furnace is being shut down because of a malfunction, call your dealer as soon as possible. []NIT AND PROPERTY DAMAGE HAZARD Failure to follow this caution may result in damage to the furnace and other property damage. Fur…

  • 7, NOTE: If washable filter that was shipped with the furnace has been replaced by: • Factory specified disposable media filter--Do not clean. If dirty, replace only with media filter having the same part number and size. Install with airflow direction ar- row pointing towards blower. • Electronic Air …

  • 8, Payne PG9MXA Series FURNACE CASING WIDTH IN (MM) 17-1/2 (445) 21 (533) 24-1/2 (610) Table 1 - Furnace Air Filter Table FILTER QUANTITY AND SIZE * SIDE RETURNt* IN (MM) (1) 16 x 25 x 3/4 1- (406 x 635 x 19) 1- (1) 16 x 25 x 3/4 (406 x 635 x 19) (1) 16 x 25 x 3/4 (406 x 635 x 19) BOTTOM RETURN* IN (MM) (1) 16 x 25 x 3/4 (406 x 635 x 1…

  • 9, 6. Start your furnace and observe its operation. Watch the burner flames to see if they are clear blue, almost transpar- ent. If you observe a suspected malfunction, or the burner flames are not clear blue, call your dealer. See Fig. 18. 7. Pour 1 quart of antifreeze into funnel/tube. Antifreeze should run thr…

  • 10, 8. Remove funnel and tube from inducer housing and replace drain connection cap and clamp. 9. Replace main furnace door. 10. Propylene glycol need not be removed before restarting fur- nace. FURNACE MAINTENANCE Your furnace represents an important investment in your family's comfort and your home's value…

  • 11, Payne PG9MXA Series NOTE TO EQUIPMENT OWNER: For your convenience, please record the model and serial numbers of your new equipment in the spaces provided. This information, along with the installation data and dealer contact information will be helpful should your system require maintenance or service. FURNACE Model # Serial # A…

  • 12, ':r 2008 Payne Heating & Cooling Systems • 7310 W, Morris St. • Indianapolis, IN 46231 Printed in U,S,A, Edition Date: 12/08 Manufacturer reserves the right to change, at any time, specification8 and design8 without notice and without obligations, Catalog No: OG-PG9MXA-03 Replaces: OG- PG…


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