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Compatible devices: 349FAZ, PG92SCS, C Series, PY5G, PG96XAT, 394gad, INDUCED COMBUSTION GAS FURNACE, PG8MAA.

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  • 1, 1 Owner’s Manual INDUCED COMBUSTION GAS FURNACE NOTE TO INSTALLER: THIS MANUAL MUST BE LEFT WITH THE EQUIPMENT USER. USER: PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS IN THE MANUAL AND RETAIN ALL MANUALS FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. A10257 D E S I G N C E R T I F I E D REGISTERED ISO 9001:2000 Always Ask For Use of the AHRI Certified TM Mark indicates a manufacturer’s participation in the program. For verification of certification for …

  • 2, 2 WELCOME TO TODAY’S GENERATION OF COMFORT Congratulations! Your new, higher efficiency gas furnace is a sound investment which will reward you and your family with years of warm memories winter after winter. Not only is your new furnace energy efficient, it is also extremely reliable. Spend just a few minutes with this booklet to learn about the operation of your new furnace—and the small amount of maintenance it takes to keep it operating at peak efficien…

  • 3, 3 NOTE: The qualified installer or agency must use only factory--authorized replacement parts, kits, and accessories when modifying this product. This furnace contains safety devices which must be manually reset. If the furnace is left unattended for an extended period of time, have it checked periodically for proper operation. This precaution will prevent problems associated with no heat, such as frozen water pipes, etc. See “Before…

  • 4, Payne Gas furnace 4 C L O S E A06188 Fig. 4 -- Close Valve 3. Turn OFF electrical supply to the furnace. See Fig. 5. A92185 Fig. 5 -- Turn Off Electrical Supply 4. Remove the outer door by loosening the thumbscrew and pulling the door forward. See Fig. 6. 3 2 1 A10302 Fig. 6 -- Remove Furnace Door 5. Turn the control switch on the gas control to the OFF position and wait 5 minutes. SeeFig.7. Then smell for gas, including near the floor.If you smell gas, STOP! Follow “B�…

  • 5, Payne Gas furnace 5 the furnace’s heat exchanger. After a time delay of approxim- ately 25--45 seconds the furnace blower is switched on. NOTE: If the main burners fail to ignite, the furnace control system will go through three more ignition cycles. Then if burners fail to ignite, the system will lockout. If lockout occurs or the blower does not come on, shut down your furnace and call your dealer for service. 13. Set your thermostat to the temperature that satisfies your comfort requirements. SUGGESTION: Setting the thermostat back a few degrees—and compens…

  • 6, 6 FURNACE C ASING WIDTH IN (MM) FILTER QUANTITY AND SIZE * ** FILTER TYPE* SIDE RETURN IN (MM) BOTTOM RETURN IN (MM) 14---1/2 (368) (1) 16 x 25 (406 x 635) (1) 14 x 25 (356 x 635) 3/4” (19 mm) thick washable or 4--- 5/16” (110 mm) thick media --- type 17---1/2 (445) (1) 16 x 25 (406 x 635) (1) 16 x 25 (406 x 635) 3/4” (19 mm) thick washable or 4--- 5/16” (110 mm) thick media --- type 21 (533 ) (1) 16 x 25 (406 x 635) (1) 20 x 25 (508 x 635) 3/4” (19 mm) thick w…

  • 7, 7 CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING HAZARD Failure to follow this warning could result in personal injury or death. If dirt, rust, soot, or scale accumulations are found, call your dealer. Do not operate your furnace. ! WARNING 3. Inspect the vent pipe for a sag, holes, or a disconnection. A horizontal vent pipe must slope upward away from furnace. If rusty joints or seams, or signs of water leakages are found, call your dealer for service. CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING HAZARD Failure to foll…

  • 8, 8 In addition to the type of routine maintenance you might be willing to perform, your furnace should be inspected regularly by a properly trained service technician. You should work with your dealer or service technician to assure your inspection includes the following at a minimum. MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST DESCRIPTION INSPECTION INTERVAL Monthly Bi-annually Annually Furnace specific, external items: Clean or replace air filters. X Inspect cabinet for signs of damage. X Inspect and clean door louvers if needed. X Inspec…

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  • The Signature Series is NOT designed for amateur installation. Installation SHOULD be performed by an authorized technician.Please read this manual carefully before installation and keep it for future reference.Owner & Installation ManualMPG*S*M414A-2 Residential PackageSignature SeriesDue to updates and constantly improving performance, the information ...

    Signature Series 21

  • 035-20499-001 Rev. B (1004)HIGH EFFICIENCYTUBULAR HEAT EXCHANGER SERIESMODELS: PV9 / FC9V / FL9V(Two Stage Variable Speed Upflow)40 - 120 MBH INPUT(11.7 - 35.1 KW) INPUTINSTALLATION MANUALEFFICIENCYRATINGCERTIFIEDThis product was manufacturedin a plant whose quality systemis certified/registered as beingin conformity with ISO 9001.SECTION I: SAFETYThis is a safety alert ...

    PV9 24

  • 58MVP4-Way Multipoise Direct-VentVariable-Capacity Condensing Gas FurnaceInstallation, Start-Up, and Operating InstructionsFor Sizes 040—120, Series 130This symbol → indicates a change since the last issue.Index PageDIMENSIONAL DRAWING........................................................2SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS.....................................................3Clearances to ...


  • Copyright ©2012-2013 Goodman Company, L.P.RT6612025r5November 2013This manual is to be used by qualified, professionally trained HVAC technicians only. Goodman doesnot assume any responsibility for property damage or personal injury due to improper serviceprocedures performed by an unqualified person.• Refer to Service Manual RS6612002 for troubleshooting information.• Ref ...

    ACVC9 25

  • Effective: May 1996 (1) 10759815As a professional installer you have an obligation toknow the product better than the customer. Thisincludes all safety precautions and related items.Prior to actual installation, thoroughly familiarize your-self with this Instruction Manual. Pay special attentionto all safety warnings. Often during installation orrepair it is p ...

    GUI 31

  • 507714-01 Page 1 of 52Issue 1716INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSGDD95A & GDD92AWarm Air Gas FurnaceDownow Air DischargeSave these instructions for future reference (P) 507714-01*P507714-01*Manufactured ByComfort-Aire / Century1900 Wellworth Ave.Jackson, MI 49203This manual must be left with the homeowner for future reference.This is a safety alert symbol and should never be ignored. When you ...

    GDD95A 52

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