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  • Updated: 31-07-2023
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Healthrider HRTL16900 Treadmill PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Monday 31st of July 2023 04:07:48 PM)

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Compatible devices: HRTL2000, HRTL12910, H450I, H70t, HRTL12911, HRTL14911, S300i 831.299301, H100T HETL79615.0.

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  • 26, Healthrider HRTL16900 26 PROBLEM SOLUTION a. If the walking belt has shifted to the left, first remove the key and UNPLUG THE POWER CORD. Using the allen wrench, turn the left rear roller adjustment bolt clockwise, and the right bolt counter- clockwise, 1/4 of a turn each. Be careful not to overtighten the walking belt. Plug in the power cord, insert the key and run the treadmill for a few minutes. Repeat until the walking belt is centered. b. If the walking belt has shifted to the right, first r…

  • 5, Healthrider HRTL16900 5 ASSEMBLY Assembly requires two people. Place the treadmill in a cleared area and remove all packing materials. Do not dispose of the packing materials until the treadmill is assembled. No tools are required. Note: The underside of the treadmill walking belt is coated with high-performance lubricant. During shipping, a small amount of lubricant may be transferred to the top of the walking belt, the sides of the walking platform, or the shipping carton. This does not affect treadmill performance. If there is lubricant on top of …

  • 7, 7 OPERATION AND ADJUSTMENT THE PERFORMANT LUBE TM WALKING BELT Your treadmill features a walking belt coated with PERFORMANT LUBE TM , a high-performance lubricant. IMPORTANT: Never apply silicone spray or other substances to the walking belt or the walking plat- form. Such substances will deteriorate the walking belt and cause excessive wear. HOW TO PLUG IN THE POWER CORD Your treadmill, like any other type of sophisticated electronic equipment, can be seriously damaged by sudden voltage changes in your home’s powe…

  • 22, 22 THE INFORMATION MODE/DEMO MODE The console features an information mode that keeps track of the total number of hours that the treadmill has been operated and the total number of miles that the walking belt has moved. The information mode also al- lows you to switch the console from miles per hour to kilometers per hour. In addition, the information mode allows you to turn on and turn off the demo mode. To select the information mode, hold down either of the Stop buttons while inserting the key into the console. Whe…

  • 14, 14 Enter a maximum heart rate setting. After you have entered your age, another number will begin to flash in the Pulse dis- play. This num- ber is the maximum heart rate setting for the pro- gram. If Pulse program 1 is selected, the maxi- mum heart rate setting can be from 65% to 85% of your maximum possible heart rate (your maxi- mum possible heart rate is 220 minus your age); if Pulse program 2 is selected, the maxim…

  • 1, ® USER'S MANUAL Model No. HRTL16900 Serial No. CAUTION Read all precautions and instruc - tions in this manual before using this equipment. Save this manual for future reference. Write the serial number in the space above for future reference. Visit our website at new products, prizes, fitness tips, and much more! Serial Number Decal QUESTIONS? As a manufacturer, we are com- mitted to providing complete customer satisfaction. If you have questions, or if there are missing parts, we will guarantee complete …

  • 24, 24 HOW TO LOWER THE TREADMILL FOR USE 1. Hold the treadmill with your right hand as shown. Using your left hand, pull the lock knob to the left and hold it. Pivot the treadmill down until the frame and foot rails are past the pin. Slowly release the lock knob. 2. Hold the treadmill firmly with both hands and lower the treadmill to the floor. To decrease the possibility of injury, bend your legs and keep your back straight. Lock Knob Catch Latch Pin …

  • 31, Healthrider HRTL16900 HOW TO ORDER REPLACEMENT PARTS To order replacement parts, call our Customer Service Department toll-free at 1-800-999-3756, Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. Mountain Time (excluding holidays). Before calling, please note the following information: • The MODEL NUMBER of the product (HRTL16900) • The NAME of the product (HealthRider ® SOFTSTRIDER S700xi™ treadmill) • The SERIAL NUMBER of the product (see the…

  • 16, 16 HOW TO USE CUSTOM PROGRAMS Insert the key into the console. See HOW TO TURN ON THE POWER on page 10. Select one of the two custom programs. When the key is inserted, the manual mode will be selected and the manual indicator will light. To select one of the custom programs, press the Select Workout button repeatedly until one of the two custom program indicators lights. When a custom pro - gram is selected, the program display will…

  • 4, Healthrider HRTL16900 4 Congratulations for purchasing the HealthRider ® SOFT - STRIDER S700xi™ treadmill. The SOFTSTRIDER S700xi offers an impressive array of features to help you achieve your fitness goals in the convenience of your home. From the advanced console to the cush- ioned walking belt, the SOFTSTRIDER S700xi is de- signed to make each workout more effective and en- joyable. And when you’re not exercising, the SOFT- STRIDER S700xi can be folded away, taking less tha…

  • 21, 21 HOW TO USE PROGRAMS DIRECTLY FROM OUR INTERNET SITE Our new internet site at allows you to access a selection of programs that interactively con- trol your treadmill to help you achieve your specific ex- ercise goals. In addition, you can play audio and video programs directly from the internet. By adding an optional upgrade module to the console, you can use virtually endless features on our internet site. Explore for details. To purchase an up- grade module, call toll-free 1-800-735…

  • 2, TABLE OF CONTENTS IMPORTANT PRECAUTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 BEFORE YOU BEGIN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 ASSEMBLY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 HOW…

  • 3, 3 15. Do not use the hand weights at speeds higher than a walk. Using hand weights and not hold- ing the handrails may compromise your ability to maintain your balance. Exercises using hand weights should be attempted only by ex- perienced users. 16. The pulse sensor is not a medical device. Various factors, including the user's move- ment, may affect the accuracy of heart rate readings. The pulse sensor is intended only as an e…

  • 30, 30 PART LIST—Model No. HRTL16900 R1200A 1 1 Motor Hood 2 11 Hood Screw 3 6 Platform Screw 4 9 Platform Washer 5 1 Latch Catch 6 2 Latch Catch Screw 7 4 Isolator 8 4 Belt Guide Screw 9 2 Belt Guide 10 2 Frame Pivot Bolt 11 1 Front Roller/Pulley 12 2 Incline Motor Spacer 13 2 Incline Motor Bolt 14 2 Incline Motor Nut 15 1 Incline Motor 16 1 Front Roller Adj. Nut 17 1 Pulse Mounting Plate 18 1 Front Roller Adj. Bolt 19 2 Side Hood Tab 20 11 Hood Tab Screw 21 1 Ground Screw 22 2 Front Hood Tab 23 1 Reed Switch…

  • 33, Healthrider HRTL16900 94 20 98 99 100 93 98 99 100 20 94 93 104 20 94 93 92 96 93 91 92 20 94 96 95 94 102 91 72 71 69 68 70 67 65 66 66 65 79 73 63 64 63 64 80 74 74 74 76 75 76 76 76 76 76 81 82 83 103 90 89 84 76 86 88 97 97 97 17 48 25 110 111 113* 78 77 114 EXPLODED DRAWING—Model No. HRTL16900 R1200A …

  • 10, 10 HOW TO TURN ON THE POWER Plug in the power cord (see HOW TO PLUG IN THE POWER CORD on page 7). Locate the on/off switch on the front of the treadmill near the power cord. Move the on/off switch to the on position. Stand on the foot rails of the treadmill. Find the clip attached to the key and slide the clip fully onto the waistband of your clothing. N ext, insert the key into the console. After a moment, the display…

  • 29, Healthrider HRTL16900 29 SUGGESTED STRETCHES The correct form for several basic stretches is shown at the right. Move slowly as you stretch—never bounce. 1. Toe Touch Stretch Stand with your knees bent slightly and slowly bend forward from your hips. Allow your back and shoulders to relax as you reach down toward your toes as far as possible. Hold for 15 counts, then relax. Repeat 3 times. Stretches: Hamstrings, back of knees and back. 2. Hamstring Stretch Sit with one leg extended. Bring the sole of the oppos…

  • 17, 17 HOW TO CONNECT THE TREADMILL TO YOUR CD PLAYER, VCR, OR COMPUTER To use CD’s , the treadmill must be con- nected to your portable CD player, portable stereo, home stereo, or computer with CD player. See pages 17 and 18 for connecting instructions. To use videocassettes, the treadmill must be connected to your VCR. See page 19 for connecting instructions. To use programs directly from our internet site, the treadmill must be connected to your home computer. See page 18 for connecting instructio…

  • 18, 18 HOW TO CONNECT YOUR HOME STEREO Note: If your stereo has an unused LINE OUT jack, see instruction A below. If the LINE OUT jack is being used, see instruction B. A. Plug one end of the audio cable into the jack on the front of the treadmill near the power cord. Plug the other end of the cable into the included adapter. Plug the adapter into the LINE OUT jack on your stereo. B. Plug one end of the audio cable into the jack on the front of the treadmill near the power cord. Plug the other end of the cable into the included adapter.…

  • 6, 6 HOW TO PUT ON THE CHEST PULSE SENSOR The chest pulse sensor consists of two components: the chest strap and the sensor unit (see the drawing below). Insert the tab on one end of the chest strap into one end of the sensor unit, as shown in the inset draw- ing. Press the end of the sensor unit under the buckle on the chest strap. The tab should be flush with the front of the sensor unit. Next, wrap the chest pulse sen- sor around yo…

  • 20, 20 If the speed or incline settings are too high or too low, you can manually override the settings at any time by pressing the Speed or Incline buttons on the console. However, when the next “chirp” is heard, the speed and/or incline will change to the next settings of the CD or video program. To stop the walking belt at any time, press either of the Stop buttons on the console. The Time/ Segment Time display will begin to flash. To restart the program, press the Start button or the Speed s…

  • 25, PROBLEM SOLUTION a. Make sure that the power cord is plugged into a surge suppressor, and that the surge suppressor is plugged into a properly grounded outlet (see page 7). Use only a single-outlet surge suppressor that is UL 1449 listed as a transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS). The surge suppressor must have a UL suppressed voltage rating of 400 volts or less and a minimum surge dissipation of 450 joules. The surge suppressor must be electrically rated for 120 volts AC and 15 amps. Important: The treadmill is not compatible with GFCI-equipped …

  • 19, Healthrider HRTL16900 19 HOW TO CONNECT YOUR VCR Note: If your VCR has an unused AUDIO OUT jack, see instruction A below. If the AUDIO OUT jack is being used, see instruction B. If you have a TV with a built-in VCR, see instruction B. If your VCR is connected to your home stereo, see HOW TO CONNECT YOUR HOME STEREO on page 18. A. Plug one end of the audio cable into the jack on the front of the treadmill near the power cord. Plug the other end of the cable into the included adapter. Plug t…

  • 13, 13 To stop the program temporarily, press one of the Stop buttons. All displays will pause and the Time/ Segment Time display will begin to flash. To restart the program, press the Start button or the Speed s s button. To end the program, press a Stop button, remove the key, and then reinsert the key. Use the hand weights, if desired. If the Fitnesswalk, Cardiojog, or Cardiorun program is selected, the Cross Training Indicator in the Time/ Segment Time display will periodically flash. While the indicator is flashing, use the included hand weights for up…

  • 28, Healthrider HRTL16900 28 The following guidelines will help you to plan your ex- ercise program. Remember—these are general guide- lines only. For more detailed exercise information, ob- tain a reputable book or consult your physician. EXERCISE INTENSITY Whether your goal is to burn fat or to strengthen your cardiovascular system, the key to achieving the desired results is to exercise with the proper intensity. The proper intensity level ca…

  • 8, 8 FEATURES OF THE CONSOLE The treadmill console offers an impressive selection of features to help you get the most from your exercise. When the console is in the manual mode, the speed and incline of the treadmill can be changed with a touch of a button. As you exercise, the displays will show your workout time, the number of calories and fat calories you have burned, the distance you have walked, the incline level of th…

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  • CAUTIONRead all precautions and instruc-tions in this manual before usingthis equipment. Save this man-ual for future reference.Write the serial number in the spaceabove for future reference.Serial Number DecalModel No. PFTL91206.0 Serial No. QUESTIONS?As a manufacturer, we are com-mitted to providing completecustomer satisfaction. If youhave questions, or if parts aredamaged or missing, PLEASEC ...

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  • Retain For Future Reference Owner’s Manual Model No. 1640855 - Assembly - Operation - Adjustments - Parts - Warranty CAUTION: Read and understand this manual before operating unit ...

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  • Part No. 208021 R0104A Printed in Canada © 2004 ICON Health & Fitness, Inc.HOW TO ORDER REPLACEMENT PARTSIf you encounter any problems with this product, or if you need to order replacement parts, contact the ICONHealth & Fitness Ltd. office, or write: ICON Health & Fitness, Ltd.Customer Service DepartmentUnit 4, Revie Road Industrial EstateBeestonLe ...

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