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  • Manufacturer: HP
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  • Updated: 26-12-2023
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HP Action Cam ac200w Camcorder, Digital Camera PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Tuesday 26th of December 2023 06:36:35 PM)

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Compatible devices: R930, Photosmart 945xi, Photosmart 210, Photosmart M627, Photosmart E330, M415, V5040UD, Deskjet 320.

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  • 34, HP Action Cam ac200w 21 3.2.3 Time Lapse Shooting This feature allows you to continuously capture photos with one press of the Shutter button at the preset interval time (1/3/5/10/30/60 seconds). Shooting only stops when the Shutter button is pressed again. Those continuous shots are combined and saved into one video automatically. The recorded video is played back in…

  • 2, HP Action Cam ac200w i Table of Contents Preface .............................................................................iv Precautions......................................................................vi Operating conditions.................................................vii Notes on Waterproof Case..........................................…

  • 37, HP Action Cam ac200w 24 4.1 Video Resolution The HP ac200w supports Dual Stream recording. When a video is recorded, two video files of different file size are automatically saved in the memory card. The smaller file is used to view videos using a smartphone. The camcorder captures photos with a fixed resolution of 5M and supports three re…

  • 23, HP Action Cam ac200w 10 2.1.1 Removing the microSD card 1. Turn off the camcorder. 2. With a fingertip, push the microSD card to eject it from the slot. 3. Remove the microSD card. 2.2 Installing the Battery  Warning: Use only the supplied battery or a similar battery recommended by the manufacturer or the dealer. 1. Push dow…

  • 14, HP Action Cam ac200w 1 1 Introducing the Camcorder Read this section to learn about the features and functions of the camcorder. This chapter also covers system requirements, package contents, and descriptions of the hardware components. 1.1 System Requirements The camcorder requires a PC with the following specifications for full HD 1080p 30fps and 7…

  • 50, 37 can record videos or capture photos by pressing the corresponding buttons on the RF wrist strap remote control. Do the following to pair your RF wrist strap remote control. 1. Press the Mode button repeatedly to change to SET mode. 2. Press the Shutter button to enter SET mode. 3. Press the Shutter button to enter …

  • 24, HP Action Cam ac200w 11 3. Close the battery compartment cover. 2.2.1 Removing the battery 1. Open the battery compartment cover. 2. Pull the ribbon to remove the battery. …

  • 36, HP Action Cam ac200w 23 Up/Down Select to set the direction of the OSD screen display. LED Select to turn the LED on or off. Bright Select to adjust the screen brightness. Beep Select to adjust the beep volume. Auto-Off Select to set the time for the camcorder to automatically turn off when not in use. Time Select to set the camcorder date an…

  • 4, iii 5.1.2 Changing the T Tip Adapter ........................41 5.1.3 Changing the Housing Back Door ...............42 5.2 Velcro Strap ......................................................... 42 5.3 Assembling the Camcorder Accessories.............43 5.4 RF Wrist Strap Remote Control...........................44 Appendi…

  • 5, iv Preface About this Manual This manual is designed to demonstrate the features of your HP Action Camac200w/ac200. All information presented is as accurate as possible but is subject to change without notice. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. For the latest reversi…

  • 42, 29 4. Press the Shutter button to enter the SETUP menu. 5. Press the Mode button repeatedly to highlight DELETE. 6. Press the Shutter button to enter the DELETE submenu. 7. Press the Mode button repeatedly to scroll through the delete options. To delete the last captured video or photo. To delete all …

  • 28, HP Action Cam ac200w 15 Burst Mode Use this mode to capture 10 continuous photos with one press of the Shutter button. The icon also indicates the current capture settings. 1 Time Lapse Mode In this mode, photos are continuously captured with a specific interval time when the Shutter button is pressed. To stop capturing, press the Shutter…

  • 9, viii Notes on Waterproof Case Waterproof Case performance The waterproof case performance is equivalent to IPX8 (60m/1hr). Underwater time limit: Do not use the waterproof case underwater for more than 60 minutes and 60 meters to ensure water resistance. The waterproof case is not dust-proof. The camera …

  • 27, 14 2.5 OLED Screen When the camcorder is turned on, the OLED screen displays the following information: 3 1 4 5 2 Current Mode Displays the current mode of the camcorder. Video Mode Use this mode to record videos. The icon also indicates the current video recording settings. Photo Mode Use this …

  • 61, HP Action Cam ac200w 48 Troubleshooting Problem Possible Cause Solution The battery LED is flashing red. The battery is almost used up. Replace with a new battery or charge the battery. Nothing happens when the Shutter button is pressed. The Micro SD card is full. You cannot take photos or record videos at this point. Transfer the Micro SD card fi…

  • 12, HP Action Cam ac200w xi Before You Start Take some test shots before you use your camcorder. Before taking pictures with this camcorder, test the camcorder beforehand to ensure that it functions properly. Any additional loss caused by the malfunction of this product (such as costs of photography or any loss of benefit generated by the photogra…

  • 31, 18 2.7 Connecting to TV (HDMI Cable) You can also connect the camcorder to a TV using the HDMI cable (optional). 2.8 Connecting to PC (Micro USB Cable) Connect the camcorder to a computer with the micro USB cable provided as shown. …

  • 55, HP Action Cam ac200w 42 5.1.3 Changing the Housing Back Door Depending on the accessories that you want to use with the case, you may need to change the housing back door. Two back doors are included in the standard package: the waterproof housing back door, and the vented housing back door. Do the following to change the housing back door: 1. Open the back…

  • 22, HP Action Cam ac200w 9 2 Getting Started Read this section to learn how to start using the camcorder. This section covers basic functions such as switching on, installing the battery and microSD card, and configuring preliminary settings. See later chapters for advanced functions. 2.1 Installing the microSD Card A microSD card is r…

  • 16, 3 Standard Accessories Waterproof Case Vented Housing Backdoor Waterproof Housing Backdoor T Tip Adapter Flat Adhesive Socket Curved Adhesive Socket Lens Cap Secure Tether Velcro Strap Swivel T Tip Anti-fog Inserts Wrist Strap Remote Control …

  • 17, HP Action Cam ac200w 4 Optional Accessories Diving Case Chest Mount Adhesive Anchor Bike Mount Adhesive Ball Head T Tip Ball Head T Tip with Suction Cup Swivel Camera Tip with Suction Cup Vented Head Mount T Tip Mount (compatible with GoPro mounts) Camera Holder Standard Tripod Adapter Wrist Strap Remote Control…

  • 48, 35 4.11 Date and Time This menu allows you to set the camcorder date and time settings. Do the following to set the camcorder date and time. 1. Press the Mode button repeatedly to change to SET mode. 2. Press the Shutter button to enter SET mode. 3. Press the Shutter button to enter the MORE menu. 4. Press the Mode button to highlight TIME. …

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