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Configuration Manual for HP 6125G Network Router, Server (379 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: HP
  • Category of Device: Network Router, Server
  • Document: 6125G, File Type: PDF Configuration Manual
  • Updated: 26-10-2023
  • Count of Pages: 379
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Compatible devices: Pavilion 501, 16-way, ProLiant ML310e Generation 8 (Gen8), BL260c, Workstation zx6000, AJ765A - StorageWorks RDX Removable Disk Backup System, ProLiant DL288 GENERATION 6, Compaq Presario,Presario 2128.

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  • 183, 172 Up 00:15:32 200 8 0 Up 00:06:39 100 13 0 # Display brief information about MSDP peering relationship on Switch E. [SwitchE] display msdp brief MSDP Peer Brief Information Configured Up Listen Connect Shutdown…

  • 116, 105 3. If a tie exists in route metric to the source, the router with a higher IP address of the downstream interface wins. PIM-SM overview PIM-DM uses the flood-and-prune principle to build SPTs for multicast data distribution. Although an SPT has the shortest path, it is built with a low efficiency. Therefore, the PIM-DM mode is not …

  • 188, 177 Figure 56 Network diagram Device Interface IP address Device Interface IP address Source 1 — Switch C Vlan-int101 Source 2 — Vlan-int102 Switch A Vlan-int300 Switch D Vlan-int200 Vlan-int1…

  • 208, HP 6125G 197 Ste p Command Remarks 1. Enter system view. system-view N/A 2. Enter BGP view. bgp as-number N/A 3. Enable BGP route refresh for a peer or a peer group. peer { group-name | ip-address } capability-advertise route-refresh Optional. Enabled by default. If this feature is not enabled, you need to configure this command. Fo…

  • 229, HP 6125G 218 Ste p Command Remarks 1. Enter system view. system-view N/A 2. Enter VLAN view. vlan vlan-id N/A 3. Enable the MLD snooping querier. mld-snooping querier Disabled by default Configuring parameters for MLD queries and responses CAUTION: In the configuration, make sure that the interval for sending MLD general qu…

  • 306, HP 6125G 295 DRs at the receiver side. The RP acts as a transfer station for all IPv6 multicast packets. The whole process involves the following issues: • The DR at the source side and the RP need to implement complicated encapsulation and de-encapsulation of IPv6 multicast packets. • IPv6 multicast packets are delivered along a path that m…

  • 14, 3 Figure 3 Multicast transmission The multicast source sends only one copy of the information to a multicast group. Host B, Host D and Host E, which are receivers of the information, must join the multicast group. The routers on the network duplicate and forward the information based on the distribution of the group members. Fin…

  • 337, HP 6125G 326 State: Accept Preferred Uptime: 00:04:22 Expires: 00:01:46 # Display information about the BSR and locally configured C-RP in effect on Switch D. [SwitchD] display pim ipv6 bsr-info Elected BSR Address: 1003::2 Priority: 20 Hash mask length: 128 State: Elected Uptime: 00:05:26 Expires: 00:01:45 …

  • 261, HP 6125G 250 no subvlan port list: GE1/0/2 GE1/0/3 GE1/0/4 # Display the MLD snooping multicast group information on Switch A. [SwitchA] display mld-snooping group Total 1 IP Group(s). Total 1 IP Source(s). Total 1 MAC Group(s). Port flags: D-Dynamic port, S-Static port, C-Copy port, …

  • 172, HP 6125G 161 MSDP configuration task list Task Remarks Configuring basic MSDP functions Enabling MSDP Required Creating an MSDP peer connection Required Configuring a static RPF peer Optional Configuring an MSDP peer connection Configuring MSDP peer description Optional Configuring an MSDP mesh group Optional Configuring MSDP peer connec…

  • 115, HP 6125G 104 The flood-and-prune process takes place periodically. A pruned state timeout mechanism is provided. A pruned branch restarts multicast forwarding when the pruned state times out and then is pruned again when it no longer has any multicast receiver. NOTE: Pruning has a similar implementation in PIM-SM. Graft W…

  • 113, HP 6125G 102 Configuring PIM PIM overview Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) provides IP multicast forwarding by leveraging unicast static routes or unicast routing tables generated by any unicast routing protocol, such as routing information protocol (RIP), open shortest path first (OSPF), or border gateway protocol (BGP). Indep…

  • 361, HP 6125G 350 Configuring outbound IPv6 MBGP route filtering Ste p Command Remarks 1. Enter system view. system-view N/A 2. Enter BGP view. bgp as-number N/A 3. Enter IPv6 MBGP address family view. ipv6-family multicast N/A 4. Configure outbound IPv6 MBGP route filtering. • Configure the filtering of outgoing…

  • 224, HP 6125G 213 For more information about static joining, see "Configuring static ports." Configuration procedure To specify the version of MLD snooping: Ste p Command Remarks 1. Enter system view. system-view N/A 2. Enter VLAN view. vlan vlan-id N/A 3. Specify the version of MLD snooping. mld-snooping versi…

  • 335, 324 FF0E::101/64. Modify the hash mask length to map a certain number of consecutive IPv6 group addresses within the range to the two C-RPs. MLDv1 runs between Switch A and N1 and between Switch B/Switch C and N2. Figure 92 Network diagram Device Interface IPv6 address Device Interface IPv6 address Switch A Vlan-int100 1001…

  • 213, HP 6125G 202 MBGP configuration example Network requirements As shown in the following figure: • PIM-SM 1 is in AS 100, and PIM-SM 2 is in AS 200. OSPF is the IGP in the two ASs, and MBGP runs between the two ASs to exchange multicast route information. • The multicast source belongs to PIM-SM 1, and the receive…

  • 257, HP 6125G 246 [SwitchB-vlan2] mld-snooping enable [SwitchB-vlan2] quit # Create VLAN 3, assign GigabitEthernet 1/0/3 to VLAN 3, and enable MLD snooping in the VLAN. [SwitchB] vlan 3 [SwitchB-vlan3] port gigabitethernet 1/0/3 [SwitchB-vlan3] mld-snooping enable [SwitchB-vlan3] quit # Configure GigabitEthernet 1/0/1 as a trun…

  • 316, 305 Ste p Command Remarks 3. Enable embedded RP. embedded-rp [ acl6-number ] Optional. By default, embedded RP is enabled for IPv6 multicast groups in the default embedded RP address scopes. The default embedded RP address scopes are FF7x::/12 and FFFx::/12. Here "x" refers to any legal address scope. For more info…

  • 254, 243 For more information about the port link-type, port hybrid pvid vlan, and port hybrid vlan commands, see Layer 2—LAN Switching Command Reference. Configuring IPv6 multicast VLAN ports In this approach, you configure a VLAN as an IPv6 multicast VLAN and assign user ports to it. You can do this by either adding the user…

  • 171, 160 Figure 53 Intra-domain Anycast RP through MSDP The work process of Anycast RP is as follows: 1. The multicast source registers with the nearest RP. In this example, Source registers with RP 1, with its multicast data encapsulated in the register message. When the register message arrives at RP 1, RP 1 de-encapsulates the message. 2. Rec…

  • 140, HP 6125G 129 PIM common feature configuration task list Task Remarks Configuring a multicast data filter Optional Configuring a hello message filter Optional Configuring PIM hello options Optional Configuring the prune delay Optional Configuring PIM common timers Optional Configuring join/prune message sizes Optional Settin…

  • 150, HP 6125G 139 PIM-SM non-scoped zone configuration example Network requirements As shown in Figure 47, receivers receive VOD information through multicast. The receiver groups of different organizations form stub networks, and one or more receiver hosts exist in each stub network. The entire PIM-SM domain contains only one BSR. Host A and Host C are m…

  • 214, HP 6125G 203 [SwitchA] interface vlan-interface 100 [SwitchA-Vlan-interface100] pim sm [SwitchA-Vlan-interface100] quit [SwitchA] interface vlan-interface 101 [SwitchA-Vlan-interface101] pim sm [SwitchA-Vlan-interface101] quit The configuration on Switch B and Switch D is similar to the configuration on Switch A. # Enable …

  • 310, 299 Relationship among IPv6 PIM protocols In an IPv6 PIM network, IPv6 PIM-DM cannot work with IPv6 PIM-SM or IPv6 PIM-SSM. However, IPv6 PIM-SM and IPv6 PIM-SSM can work together. When they work together, which one is chosen for a receiver trying to join a group depends, as shown in Figure 90. Figure 90 Relationship a mong IPv6 PIM protocols…

  • 57, 46 Figure 18 Sub-VLAN-based multicast VLAN After the configuration, IGMP snooping manages router ports in the multicast VLAN and member ports in the sub-VLANs. When forwarding multicast data to Switch A, Router A sends only one copy of multicast data to Switch A in the multicast VLAN, and Switch A distributes the data to th…

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