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  • Manufacturer: Spirit
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Spirit XR895 Exercise Bike PDF Owner's Manual (Updated: Sunday 19th of March 2023 07:09:04 PM)

Rating: 4.7 (rated by 60 users)

Compatible devices: MU100, 1611683900, CR800 ENT, CE800, Upright, CR800, FITNESS BIKE, CE900.

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  • 11, Spirit XR895 XU875 & XR895 10 STEP 3: SEAT & HANDLE BAR ASSEMBLY 1. Install the Seat Cushion (61) on the Seat Carriage (4) with the 4pcs of M6x15mm Phillips Head Screws (98). 2. Install the Handle Bar (6) onto the Seat Carriage (4) with the 4pcs of 3/8 x 1-3/4 Hex Head Bolts (71), 4pcs of 3/8 x 19x1.5T Flat Washers (77), and 4pcs of 3/8 x 7T Nyloc …

  • 35, XU875 & XR895 34 Effective October 15, 2006 BIKE WARRANTY Spirit Manufacturing Inc. warrants all its bike parts for a period of 5 years from the date of retail sale, as determined by sale receipt, or in the absence of a sales receipt eighteen (18) months from the original factory shipping date, whichever comes first. Spirit…

  • 6, XU875 & XR895 5 Assembly Pack Check List (XR895) Step 1 #89. 3/8" x 7T Nyloc Nut (2 pcs) #65. 3/8 x 2-1/4 Hex Head Screw (4pcs) #67. 3/8 x 4 Hex Head Screw (2pcs) #77. 3/8" x 19 x 1.5T Flat Washer (2pcs) #84. 3/8" x 25 x 1.5 T Flat Washer (4pcs) Step 2 #99. M5 x 12m/m Phillips Head Screw (4pcs) #83. 5/16" x…

  • 26, XU875 & XR895 25 3. You are now asked to enter your Weight. You may adjust the Weight number using the Up and Down keys or the numeric key pad, then press enter to continue. 4. Next is Time. You may adjust the Time and press enter to continue. 5. Now you are asked to adjust the Max Level. This is the peak exertion level you will ex…

  • 34, Spirit XR895 XU875 & XR895 33 Heart Rate Control Program 1 & 2 (HR 1, HR 2) operation Both programs operate the same, the only difference is that HR 1 is set to 60% and HR 2 is set to 80% of maximum heart rate. They both are programmed the same way. To start the HR 1 or HR 2 programs follow the instructions below or just press the HR 1 or HR…

  • 18, XU875 & XR895 17 STEP 4: CONSOLE AND PLASTIC PARTS ASSEMBLY 1. Insert the Computer Cable (29) and Hand pulse Wires (26) into the connectors in the back of the Console (34). 2. Install the Console (34) onto the Console Mast (2) with the 4pcs of M5x12mm Phillips Head Screw (58) by using the Phillips Head Screw Driver (93). 3. Install the Front Stabilizer Cover (40) and the Rear Stabilizer …

  • 33, XU875 & XR895 32 How to wear your wireless chest strap transmitter: 1. Attach the transmitter to the elastic strap using the locking parts. 2. Adjust the strap as tightly as possible as long as the strap is not too tight to remain comfortable. 3. Position the transmitter with the Spirit logo centered in the middle of your body facing away from your chest (some people must position the transmitter slightly lef…

  • 25, XU875 & XR895 24 The Programs HILL The Hill program simulates going up and down a hill. The resistance in the pedals will steadily increase and then decrease during the program. To start the Hill program follow the instructions below or just press the Hill button then the Enter button and follow the directions in the message window. 1. Press the Hill …

  • 2, XU875 & XR895 1 Product Registration. 2 Important Safety Instructions 3 Important Electrical Information 4 Important Operation Instructions…

  • 23, XU875 & XR895 22 The Stop/Reset button actually has several functions. Pressing the Stop/Reset key once during a program will Pause the program for 5 minutes. If you need to get a drink, answer the phone or any of the many things that could interrupt your workout, this is a great feature. To resume your workout during Pause just press the Start key. If the Stop/Reset button is pressed twice during a workout the pro…

  • 29, XU875 & XR895 28 7. Now the first column will be blinking and you are asked to adjust the level for the first segment of the workout. When you finish adjusting the first segment, or if you dont want to change, then press enter to continue to the next segment. 8. The next segment will show the same level as the prev…

  • 22, Spirit XR895 XU875 & XR895 21 Console Operation Quick Start This is the quickest way to start a workout. After the console powers up you just press the Start key to begin. This will initiate the Quick Start mode. In Quick Start the Time will count up from zero, all workout data will start to accrue and the workload may be adjusted manually by pressing the Up or Down buttons. The dot matrix display will sh…

  • 15, XU875 & XR895 14  UNPACKING THE UNIT 1. Cut the straps then lift the carton off. 2. Carefully remove all parts from carton and inspect for any damage or missing parts. If damaged parts are found, or parts are missing, contact your dealer immediately. 3. Locate the hardware package. The hardware is separated into four steps. Remove the tool…

  • 5, XU875 & XR895 4 WARNING!  This product is self powered by a built in generator but does have the option of being plugged into an A.C. outlet (Optional 24 VAC transformer available through your local Spirit fitness dealer). The following are warnings to be observed when using the A.C. plug in option. NEVER remove any cover with…

  • 30, XU875 & XR895 29 Heart Rate programs Before we get started, a word about Heart Rate: The old motto, no pain, no gain, is a myth that has been overpowered by the benefits of exercising comfortably. A great deal of this success has been promoted by the use of heart rate monitors. With the proper use of a heart rate monitor, many people find that their usual choice of exercise intensity was either…

  • 32, XU875 & XR895 31 Rate of Perceived Exertion Heart rate is important but listening to your body also has a lot of advantages. There are more variables involved in how hard you should workout than just heart rate. Your stress level, physical health, emotional health, temperature, humidity, the time of day, the last time you ate and what…

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