Hoover PFV170 Manual, Instruction Book

Manual, Instruction Book for Hoover PFV170 Dryer (20 pages)


445/445881-pfv170.pdf file (14 Sep 2023)
  • Manufacturer: Hoover
  • Category of Device: Dryer
  • Document: PFV170, File Type: PDF Instruction Book
  • Updated: 14-09-2023
  • Count of Pages: 20
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Data: UPD 14th September 2023

Hoover PFV170 Dryer PDF Instruction Book (Updated: Thursday 14th of September 2023 11:12:09 PM)

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Compatible devices: DYC 8813BX, VHV 680F, OHNC272X, HNV171X, DYC 8913BX, VHC168A, VTC 680C, DYH 9913NA1X.

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(Ocr-Read: Summary of Contents Hoover PFV170 Document (Main Content), UPD: 14 September 2023)
  • 10, Do not tumble dry: Woollens, silk, delicate fabrics, nylon stockings, delicate embroidery, fabrics with metallic decorations, garments with PVC or leather trimmings, training shoes, bulky items such as sleeping bags, etc. Energy saving Only put into the tumble…

  • 11, Hoover PFV170 Control panel and indicator lights ‘ON’ Button and Indicator – press to switch on, the indicator will light. ‘ACRYLICS/SYNTHETICS’ Button – press to reduce the heat level for delicate items, press again to select high temperature. HIGH heat setting LOW heat setting…

  • 14, Cleaning the dryer ● Clean the filter after every drying cycle. ● After each period of use, wipe the inside of the drum and leave the door open for a while to allow circulation of air to dry it. ● Wipe the outside of the machine and the door with a soft cloth. ● DO NOT u…

  • 18, Hoover PFV170 The manufacturer declines all responsibility in the event of any printing mistakes in this booklet. The manufacturer also reserves the right to make appropriate modifications to its products without changing the essential characteristics. 18 …

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