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  • Manufacturer: Muratec
  • Category of Device: All in One Printer, Copier
  • Document: MFX-C3035, File Type: PDF Brochure
  • Updated: 03-06-2024
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Data: UPD 3rd June 2024

Muratec MFX-C3035 All in One Printer, Copier PDF Brochure (Updated: Monday 3rd of June 2024 04:48:20 AM)

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Compatible devices: F-300, MFX-3590, MFX-1500E, M-1020, M-4700, F-520D, MFX-3510, MFX-1200.

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Multifunctional Solution


D E P L O Y.   D U P L I C AT E .   D I G I T I Z E .   D E L I V E R .
B U s I n E s s - C L A s s   D O C U m E n T   s O L U T I O n s

Exceptional Color Printing
•  The MFX-C3035 produces both color and monochrome output 
at up to 31 pages-per-minute.
•  Advanced color technology sharpens output to produce rich, 
high-quality documents using ordinary office paper.
•  The latest Windows, Macintosh and Linux drivers, PCL and PS3 
emulations, and native XPS functionality handles print files in any 
format your network requires. PDF and JPEG Direct Printing save time 
by processing and printing files without opening software applications.
•  Secure printing suppresses document printout until a password has 
been entered on the control panel.
•  The MFX-C3035 can print on a variety of media including postcards, 
recycled paper, waterproof paper, envelopes and labels.
•  To produce brilliant, spectacular images through long print / copy 
runs, enhanced color calibration maintains consistent output without 
hands-on adjustments.
•  Smooth halftone gradation makes photos look more 
natural and edge enhancement gives color characters 
greater legibility.
The MFX-C3035 from Muratec is a right-size, cost-effective color solution to satisfy the workflow demands 
of workgroups, branch offices, small to mid-size businesses – any environment coping with increased 
document traffic in multiple formats. The brilliant color quality will help you communicate with greater 
impact. The high-speed 31 page-per-minute print engine will never slow you down. And you’ll have true 
multifunctional performance in space-saving compact design – an unbeatable combination of advantages.  
The MFX-C3035 is the perfect document solution for:
•  Offices that can benefit from color output capabilities, however do not require 11" x 17" output.
•  Workgroups that want to cost-effectively add color to everyday business documents such as financial 
reports, sales forecasts and internal presentations.
• Sales representatives that demand exceptional color quality for client proposals and presentations.
M F X - C 3 0 3 5
Efficient Document Handling
•  50-sheet reversing automatic document feeder (RADF) efficiently 
captures two-sided, multi-page documents.
•  Legal-size platen glass enables the seamless copying of carbon papers, 
bound documents, photos, coated identification cards and other media 
that is not suitable for the RADF.
•  The MFX-C3035 comes standard with a 250-sheet paper cassette 
that support paper sizes up to 8.5" x 14". The 100-sheet multipurpose 
bypass tray supports postcards, labels, 110 lb. index, envelopes and 
waterproof paper.
•  Optional paper cassettes can be added to bring the total paper 
capacity to 1,350 sheets.
•  Supports mixed original copying.
•  Optional convenience stapler can be installed to enable quick and 
efficient document stapling at the MFP.
Digital Document Delivery
•  Easily deliver color documents to e-mail addresses, PC folders and 
FTP sites.
•  Documents can be delivered in PDF, TIFF, JPEG and XPS file formats.
•  On-the-go users can conveniently scan documents to a portable 
USB flash drive.
•  Color touchscreen enables users to efficiently locate contacts, enter 
e-mail addresses, name scanned images, adjust scan settings and more.
•  High-speed fax modem delivers faxes at up to 3 seconds-per-page. 
Environmentally Responsible
•  Standard duplex (2-sided) printing reduces paper consumption.
•  Energy Star
 compliance promotes responsible energy usage. 
The MFX-C3035 has a TEC value of 6.48 kWh which satisfies the 
stricter Tier 2 rating of the new Energy Star
 standard for energy-
saving performance.
•  MFX-C3035 imaging supplies are designed for reclamation 
and recycling.
•  Consolidate multiple functions, such as printing, scanning and 
faxing, into a single, energy-efficient device.
•  Inbound fax routing to e-mail reduces paper consumption and 
increases document security. 

M F X - C 3 0 3 5

MFX-C3035 Standard Features:
•  50-Sheet Reversing Automatic Document Feeder.
•  (1) 250-Sheet Paper Cassette.
•  100-Sheet Multipurpose Bypass Tray.
•  Color scan to e-mail, PC, FTP & USB.
•  33.6 Kbps faxing.
Multifunctional performance doesn’t mean you need an operator’s license to get the job done. For the MFX-C3035, we’ve 
designed a smaller, simpler control panel that’s just the right size for your fingers – combining function keys, color graphics, and simple icons to help everyone 
work like an MFP expert right from the start.
•  A bright 4.3” color touch screen can be tilted to a comfortable angle for better visibility. 
•  Simple icons let you select functions like Copy, Fax, Scan-to-Email, Scan-to-Folder and more. 
•  Each application screen is focused on a specific function, so there’s less visual confusion. 
•  Help screens are available at the touch of a button to make processes easy to understand.
•  An interrupt key can quickly cancel printing if you change your mind or make a mistake, saving time and paper.
•   There’s even a status line at the bottom of your screen that displays the date/time and current consumable status.
The MFX-C3035 is certified for ISO 15408 Common Criteria security classification 
at EAL 3 – the highest level for commercially available products. Standard security 
features include:
•  Secure print which requires device authentication before releasing a print job from memory.
• Customized user authentication for device access, printing, scanning, faxing. 
• IP Filtering restricts access to the device based on an IP address authentication list.
• SSL encryption that protects data during an exchange with an LDAP server.
• Authentication lock in case of password error.
• 128-bit AES encryption of files stored on the hard disk drive.
You can also add powerful security options such as the HID Authentication Kit, which requires a proximity card prior to gaining machine access, and the 
HDD sanitizing solution which can overwrite disk drive data in eight different modes.
S TA N D A R D   C O N F I G U R AT I O N   &   O P T I O N S
I N T U I T I V E   O P E R AT I O N
A D V A N C E D   D O C U M E N T   &   D E V I C E   S E C U R I T Y
Optional HID 
Authentication Kit
•  Up to (2) cassettes can be added to 
the base configuration.
•  Add (1) cassette to increase the paper 
capacity to 850 sheets.
•  Add (2) cassettes to increase the 
paper capacity to 1,350 sheets..
•  Raises machine height and 
provides storage for toner, paper 
and instruction manuals. Includes 
wheels to enable machine 
Paper OptionsMFX-C3035 Standard Configuration

8.5" x 11" – Letter
Looking to add some spot color for an internal presentation? No problem.
Delivering that final proposal to an important client? We’ve got you covered.  
Since every print job is unique the MFX-C3035 was designed with media flexibility in mind. With the MFX-C3035 users can 
interchange between everyday office paper, color laser copy paper, glossy paper, cover stock, waterproof paper and a variety of other 
media types without hassle. 
M E D I A   F L E X I B I L I T Y

Sunower Cafe 
Chicken Pita Wrap
Arugula Pecan Salad
Tuna Ciabatta Melt
Spinach Portabella Sandwich

8.5" x 14" – Legal
Waterproof Paper
Waterproof paper is designed for harsh 
applications & climates. 
Applications include:
• Real Estate Collateral
• Outdoor Bulletins
•  Construction Site 
Specialty Paper
Speciality paper can enhance the 
perception and uniqueness of a 
Applications include:
• Cover Letters / Resumes
• Menus / Wine Lists
• Special Recognition / Awards
Recycled Paper
The MFX-C3035 delivers 
exceptional output results 
when using recycled papers 
featuring 30%, 50% and 
100%  post consumer 
recycled content.
Paper Tray  Min – Max Size  Min – Max Weight 
Multipurpose Bypass Tray  4" x 6" – 8.5" x 14"  16 lb. bond – 110 lb. cover
Paper Cassette 1  4" x 6" – 8.5" x 14"  16 lb. bond – 110 lb. cover
Paper Cassette 2 (Optional)  8.5" x 11" – 8.5" x 14"  16 lb. bond – 110 lb. cover
Paper Cassette 3 (Optional)  8.5" x 11" – 8.5" x 14"  16 lb. bond – 110 lb. cover
• Maps / Signs
• Menus
best prospects
to your 
best prospects
M A I L I N G   L I S T S     S A L E S   L E A D S
We can help!
See back for details


4" x 6" – Postcard
Printing postcards on the 
MFX-C3035 can reduce 
direct mail costs and 
enable you to quickly 
change content on-the-fly.

D O C U M E N T   D E L I V E R Y   S O L U T I O N S
The MFX-C3035 is more than just a color printing solution. With the ability to electronically capture hardcopy documents 
and deliver them to e-mail addresses, PC locations, fax terminals and USB drives, the MFX-C3035 is a key component in the 
document lifecycle.
•  Documents can be sent via e-mail in PDF, Compact PDF, 
TIFF, JPEG, or XPS file formats.
•  Large color touch screen makes it easy to enter e-mail 
addresses, add text to an e-mail, select preregistered 
recipients and more.
•  Ultra-Compact PDF technology produces smaller file sizes, 
while actually raising the quality of conventional compact 
PDF images to a level that approaches normal PDF. This 
solution can greatly reduce network bandwidth usage 
when scanning to an e-mail address.
•  Supports LDAP. 
•  Deliver documents to a PC folder at the touch of a button 
utilizing scan profiles. 
•  33.6 Kbps fax modem transmits documents at up to 
3 seconds-per-page.
•  Store up to 2,000 fax numbers in the address book for 
instant recall.
•  Broadcast a document to multiple locations and create group 
dials with up to 500 locations per group.
• Quickly send documents from a PC using the fax driver.
•  Route inbound fax documents to an e-mail address to reduce 
paper consumption, increase document security and receive 
critical communication when out-of-the-office. 
• T.37 Internet Faxing is supported.
•  Quickly and securely digitize documents, 
without a PC, by capturing images directly 
onto a USB flash drive via the side-mounted USB port.
•  Documents can be printed directly from a USB flash drive. 
Supported file formats include PDF, JPEG, and TIFF.
•  Administrators can enable/disable USB device usage in total, 
or restrict usage by user with user authentication.
Scan to Hard Disk Drive 
•  Store commonly printed documents, such as forms, on the 
MFX-C3035 for instant recall and printing.
•  Documents stored on the HDD can be encrypted for added 

Muratec America, Inc. 
3301 East Plano Parkway, Suite 100, Plano, Texas 75074
For more information on Muratec products or services,  
call (469) 429-3300 or visit our web site at
 partner, Murata Machinery, Ltd. has determined that these products meet the 
 guidelines for  energy efficiency.
Muratec and the Muratec logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Murata Machinery, Ltd. or 
its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.  
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of their respective companies.
All specifications subject to change without notice.
                      
Type 
Print/Copy Process; Toner Type  
Monthly Duty Cycle   
Print/Copy Speed  
Print/Copy Resolution 
Scan Speed/Resolution 
Scan File Formats 
Memory/Hard Disk Drive  
Original Size  
Warm Up Time (Full Color/B&W)   
First Copy Time 
Copy Quantity 
Magnification 
Color Modes   
Copy Exposure Modes  
Faxing 
Fax Transmission Speeds   
Fax Exposure Modes  
Standard Paper Capacity 
Maximum Paper Capacity 
Document Feeder 
Power Requirements/Consumption 
Dimensions (WxDxH)/Weight 
Options 
Available Print/Copy Functions* 
Available Scan Functions* 
Available Fax Functions* 
Applications Network & Device Management:
User Tools:
Processor 
Memory/HDD 
Page Description Language 
Fonts 
Print Drivers PCL6:
PS3: 
 Mac: XPS: 
Interface 
Protocols 

  • Muratec MFX-C3035 User Manual
  • Muratec MFX-C3035 User Guide
  • Muratec MFX-C3035 PDF Manual
  • Muratec MFX-C3035 Owner's Manuals


Recommended for Muratec MFX-C3035 Owners: ATK-2021B, DNX7150DAB, H6KS

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