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  • Manufacturer: Omron
  • Category of Device: Blood Pressure Monitor
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  • Updated: 04-08-2023
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Omron R7 Blood Pressure Monitor PDF Instruction Manual (Updated: Friday 4th of August 2023 07:16:07 AM)

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Compatible devices: M5, JPN2, HEM-6200, BP710, BP785N, MX 3 Plus, BP785, M3 Expert.

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  • 1, R7 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Instruction manual page 1 Gebrauchsanweisung Seite 23 Gebruiksaanwijzing pagina 45 Mode d’emploi page 67 Manuale di istruzioni pagina 89 Manual de instrucciones pagina 111 IM-HEM-637-E7-01-12/2011 5329374-8C HEM-637-E7 Cover_24101102 R7 GB 12/01/06 21:01 ページ 1 …

  • 2, R7 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Instruction manual page 1 Gebrauchsanweisung Seite 23 Gebruiksaanwijzing pagina 45 Mode d’emploi page 67 Manuale di istruzioni pagina 89 Manual de instrucciones pagina 111 IM-HEM-637-E2-03-10/2010 5329374-8B HEM-637-E2 Cover 9/14/10 4:33 PM Page 1 …

  • 3, Omron R7 2 R7 English Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing this OMRON product. OMRON products are known for their reliability and advanced technology. By buying this OMRON R7 wrist blood pressure monitor with position sensor you have chosen for a high quality and innovative instrument. We hope that you will be fully satisfied with your new blood pressure monitor. Please take your time to read this instruction manual carefully before using it for the first time. If you still have qu…

  • 4, Omron R7 3 R7 English Before measuring your Blood Pressure Notes on Safety Please read thoroughly before using this monitor. • The warning signs and the sample icons shown here are listed for you to use the product safely and correctly as well as to prevent the risk of damage to you and others. • The icons and meanings are shown as follows. Warning sign Contents Indicates matters in which bodily harm or material damage* may arise as a result of incorrect handling. Caution The icon indicates prohibitions (what you cannot do). Matters involvi…

  • 5, 4 R7 English Notes on safety Important instructions for obtaining meaningful readings • Avoid eating and drinking (alcohol), smoking, sport and taking medicines before measuring your blood pressure as this could affect your blood pressure level. • Before you start sit comfortably on a chair and relax. It is recommended to check your blood pressure at least twice a day, in the morning after getting up and in the evening after work, or as advised by your doctor. • Do not move and do not speak while the measurement is being taken. Avo…

  • 6, Omron R7 5 R7 English Main unit Storage caseBatteries for monitoring Instruction Manual Blood pressure pass (Two LR03 alkaline batteries) Names and functions of the parts Battery Cover Wrist Cuff Main unit Guarantee card HEM-637-E2 EN 7/8/10 9:17 AM Page 5 …

  • 7, Omron R7 6 R7 English Systolic Blood Pressure Display Diastolic Blood Pressure Display Date/Time Display Pulse Display  Button Push to move the displayed item forward. Push  to move the displayed item backward. Mark Displayed when a stored measurement is shown. SETTING button Push this button to set various items on the monitor such as time and date. MEMORY RECALL button Push this button to see the measured values stored in the monitor. GRAPH CALL button Push this button to see the graph. ON/OFF button Push this button to mea…

  • 8, 7 R7 English With new batteries (long life alkaline batteries) you are able to measure app. 300 times under normal conditions. Please switch off the monitor after using it. If you forget to switch the monitor off it will switch off itself after app. 2 minutes. Please take the batteries out of the monitor if you intend not to use the monitor for a long period (app. 2 months). How to set the Date and Time Before using your OMRON R7 for the first time, you have to set the date and time. After turning the monitor on by pushing the on/off button the i…

  • 9, 8 R7 English 10~15mm 4) Place the cuff over your left wrist with your thumb facing upwards. Leave app 10-15 mm between the cuff and the bottom of the palm of your hand as shown in the figures. 1 2 5) Pull the wrist cuff upward and close the cuff firmly with the Velcro tape as shown. You can use your OMRON R7 also on your right hand after selecting right wrist measurement in the SETTING MODE. People with a slender wrist (wrist circumference of less than 145mm) may feel loose because th…

  • 10, 9 R7 English Incorrect Posture How to obtain a correct posture Achieving a correct posture before measuring your blood pressure is important since an incorrect posture might give you incorrect readings. To achieve a correct posture please follow the instructions (see pictures): 1) Sit down and stretch your back. 2) Relax yourself by relieving the stress from your shoulders and arms. 3) Breath several times deeply and return to natural respiration. 4) Do not sustain your wrist with your other hand and avoid stre…

  • 11, 10 R7 English How to measure Blood Pressure Inflation Start Screen Inflation in Progress Screen Mark Indicating Inflation in Progress Pulse Rate Mark Sustain your elbow with your other hand or a table to avoid movement. • Adjust the height of your wrist by using your elbow as a fulcrum. When the (  ) will reach the ( ) sign you will hear a beeping sound indicating that your blood pressure monitor is at the correct height (heart height). The ( ) sign will change in the ( ) sign and the measure- ment will start. Deflation St…

  • 12, 11 R7 English How to enlarge the reading The results will be shown on your display. By pushing the (  ) buttons you can enlarge the readings. How to use the Memory function Date and Time of Measurement Your OMRON R7 blood pressure monitor is able to store maximum 90 measurements including date and time. When your blood pressure monitor is holding 90 measurements the oldest will be deleted to store a new measurement. Press the (M) memory button when your blood pressure monitor is switched off. The latest measurement will be displayed. …

  • 13, 12 R7 English Night Data Graph Night Data Mark How to use the Graph function This monitor has the possibility to display the stored measurements as a graph. In order to get a clear history of your blood pressure the measurements are put in time zones: • Morning: Measurements made between 0:00 and 9:59 • Daytime: Measurements made between 10:00 and 17:59 • Evening: Measurements made between 18:00 and 23:59 The last measurement in each time zone will be displayed. For example if you measure 3 …

  • 14, 13 R7 English Date of Measurement Month/Days of a Week Pulse Rate Blood Pressure Values (systolic/diastolic) (mmHg) Detail Screen of Data in Flashing Display Display screen where the systolic blood pressure values higher than 170 mmHg are measured twice Graph Display Screen of Hypertension Type The systolic blood pressure is higher than 170mmHg When a systolic blood pressure above 170 mmHg is measured twice the (  ) symbol is displayed i…

  • 15, Omron R7 14 R7 English Automatic Memory Setting (Refer to Page 14.) Position Sensor Setting (Refer to Page 15.) Measuring (Wrist) Setting (Refer to Page 15.) Alarm Setting (Refer to Page 15.) Time Setting (Refer to Page 16.) All Memory Erasure (Refer to Page 16.) Reset Settings (Refer to Page 16.) Automatic Memory Screen Automatic Memory OFF Screen Auto memory You can either enable (ON) or disable (OFF) the memory function of your blood pressure…

  • 16, Omron R7 15 R7 English Position Sensor Screen Position Sensor OFF Screen Position Sensor ON and SIGNAL OFF Screen Position sensor The position sensor of your OMRON R7 can be switched ON or OFF. In the factory preset the position sensor is enabled. If the position sensor is switched ON you can choose to have the optimal wrist height supported by an acoustic sound (SIGNAL ON or OFF). Measuring (Wrist) Screen Measuring (Wrist) Right Wrist Screen Left or right wrist measurement Normally blood pressure is measured on the left wr…

  • 17, 16 R7 English Time Screen Time You can change the time and date setting of your blood pressure monitor. When reaching the time screen you will see the Gregorian calendar. The year will be flashing. 1. By using the (  ) buttons you can set the current year. 2. By pushing the SET button you will lock the year and proceed to the next setting. For setting the month, date and time repeat step 1 and 2. After setting the minutes you will proceed to the DELETE DATA screen. Delete data In this screen you are ab…

  • 18, 17 R7 English What is Blood Pressure? Blood is pumped to artery by the beat (contraction and expansion) of a pump called the heart. The pressure to pump out blood to artery is called the "systolic blood pressure." The pressure when the heart expands as the blood having circulated the whole body returns is called the "diastolic blood pressure." Health and blood pressure Blood pressure fluctuates being affected by everyday life and age. Hypertension is a sign that can cause dangerous diseases such as cerebral apoplexy or myoc…

  • 19, 18 R7 English (mmHg) According to the blood pressure classification by the WHO/ISH* (revised in 1999) * International Society of Hypertension (mmHg) 80 85 90 100 110 120 130 140 160 180 Systolic blood pressure Diastolic blood pressure Optimal blood pressure (target value) Normal blood pressure Normal systolic value Mild hypertension Moderate hypertension Severe hypertension Hypertension guide The World Health Organizati…

  • 20, Omron R7 19 R7 English Diseases influencing blood pressure values Diabetes, hyperlipemia, or hypertension accelerates arterial sclerosis, which causes dangerous disease such as cerebral apoplexy or myocardial infarction or induces arterial stenosis or peripheral circulatory disorder. In these cases, the wrist and brachial blood pressure values may differ greatly. (Even in healthy people, a difference of 20 mmHg may occur if the measuring conditions are not proper. Therefore do not try to dia…

  • 21, 20 R7 English Error indication If the measurement is not made correctly, the following error can be displayed. Cause How to correct You moved your wrist during measurement. Measure your blood pressure again without moving your wrist until the measurement is com- pleted. (Refer to Page 10.) Error After several seconds You moved your arm or body, or talked during measurement. Measure your blood pressure again without moving your arm or body. (Refer to Page 10.) After several seconds You moved your arm or body extensively during measurement. Measure…

  • 22, 21 R7 English Troubleshooting Possible cause How to correct Batteries are worn out. Replace the batteries with new ones. (See to Page 6.) Nothing is displayed when you push the on/off button. Measurement cannot be made. Or the blood pressure values are displayed abnormally high (low). The wrist cuff is not held at the level of the heart. Measure your blood pressure again in correct posture. (Refer to Page 9.) Trouble You are talking or moving your hands during measurement. The directions of polarit…

  • 23, 22 R7 English Product Description : Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Model : R7 (HEM-637-E2 / HEM-637-E7) Display : Dot matrix LCDdisplay Measurement : Oscillometric method Measurement Range : Pressure; 0 to 299 mmHg, Pulse rate; 40 to 180 /min. Accuracy : Pressure; within +/-3 mmHg, Pulse rate; within +/-5% of reading Inflation : Automatic inflation with pump Deflation : Automatic rapid deflation Power supply : Two LR03 alkaline batteries (AAA) Ba…

  • 24, OMRON HEALTHCARE Co., Ltd. 53, Kunotsubo, Terado-cho, Muko, Kyoto, 617-0002 JAPAN OMRON HEALTHCARE EUROPE B.V. Scorpius 33, 2132 LR Hoofddorp THE NETHERLANDS OMRON (DALIAN) CO., LTD. Dalian, CHINA OMRON HEALTHCARE UK LTD. Opal Drive, Fox Milne, Milton Keynes MK15 0DG, U.K. OMRON MEDIZINTECHNIK HANDELSGESELLSCHAFT mbH John-Deere-Str. 81a, 68163 Mannheim GERMANY OMRON SANTÉ FRANCE SAS 14, rue de Lisbonne 93561 Rosny-sous-Bois Cedex, FRANCE Uniquement pour le …

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