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  • Manufacturer: PURE
  • Category of Device: MP3 Player, Radio
  • Document: POCKETDAB 2000 Owner's Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 12-11-2023
  • Count of Pages: 31
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PURE POCKETDAB 2000 MP3 Player, Radio PDF Owner's Manual (Updated: Sunday 12th of November 2023 03:54:38 AM)

Rating: 4.6 (rated by 46 users)

Compatible devices: HIGHWAY, One Elite series 2, Oasis flow, Move R3, Evoke H2, Evoke C-F6, One Maxi, elan dx20.

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  • 2, Copyright Copyright 2005 by Imagination Technologies Limited. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be copied or distributed, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any human or computer language, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, magnetic, manual or otherwise, or disclosed to third parties without the express written permission of Imagination Technologies Limited. Disclaimer Imagination Technologies Limited makes no representation or warranties with respect to the c…

  • 25, PURE POCKETDAB 2000 22 Battery safety For safe operation of your PocketDAB 2000 with batteries ensure that you: - Do not mix battery types or sizes - Do not mix old and new batteries - Remove used batteries as soon as possible to prevent leakage - Dispose of old batteries carefully - Orientate batteries as shown in the battery compartment …

  • 26, 23 Using the adapter A power adapter is supplied for use with your PocketDAB 2000. To prevent damage to your unit, use only the supplied adapter. To use the power adapter plug one end of the cable into the power socket on the side of your unit and plug the other into the mains. The battery gauge on the screen will not be displayed when using the adapter and the backlight operates continuously. Note Only the supplied rechargeable batteries can be recharged in your PocketDAB 2000, others will require a separate charge…

  • 16, PURE POCKETDAB 2000 13 Playing files Press the Mode button until the MP3 icon is highlighted and wait to change to MP3 mode. You see a list of the files ( )and folders ( ) on the SD card and the MP3 mode indicator in the top right corner of the screen. PocketDAB 2000 records MP2 files to a TRACKS folder when you record from radio on your PocketDAB 2000. DAB recordings will show recording date and time and show the station name and multiplex when played, MP3s will show track title and addition…

  • 29, 26 Hints and tips Troubleshooting I can’t get any sound Make sure your PocketDAB 2000 is plugged in or has batteries inserted and is switched on. Check that the volume level is not set too low on the unit or headphones. Display in DAB mode says ‘ No stations available’ Check that your headphones are connected and the cable is uncoiled. Use the Autotune facility to search for services. Try moving to another location to find better reception. I can’t access secondary services At the time of publishing not ma…

  • 8, 5 Quick start So you’ve unpacked the box - here’s how to get up and running. 1. Insert the headphone plug into the headphone socket ( ) on the top of your PocketDAB 2000 and unravel the headphone cable. 2. Insert the power adapter plug into the power socket ( 5.7 V DC ) on the side of your PocketDAB 2000 or slide the battery cover off and insert 3 AA batteries. 3. Press the Power button to switch your unit on. The backlight will come on…

  • 21, 18 Multiplex Lists stations in groups according to their multiplex. Multiplexes are groups of stations owned and broadcast by a multiplex operator. Remove inactive stations Removes inactive stations from the station list. Add favs to presets Available only when Favourite station order (above) has been selected. Transfers your ten favourite stations to presets. Manual tune Enables you to find new stations or fine tune your recep…

  • 24, 21 Using batteries Your PocketDAB 2000 is supplied with three high-power rechargeable AA size NiMh batteries. You can also use alkaline (non-rechargeable) or other rechargeable batteries of the same size. Inserting the batteries To insert the batteries slide the battery cover down with your thumb and lift off. Insert the batteries in the orientation shown on the base of the battery compartment and replace the battery cover. Replacing the batteries The battery gaug…

  • 14, PURE POCKETDAB 2000 11 To view and delete stored messages: 1. Hold down the TxtStor button for 3 seconds or press the Menu button, select DAB settings then TxtStor. You see a list of the stored messages. 2. Rock the navigator left to delete the highlighted message or right to view the message. 3. Press the Menu button to exit. DAB Autotune The autotune options automatically scans the DAB frequency range and stores all the stations found in the station list for easy selection. Note Ensure your headphones are connected before s…

  • 7, PURE POCKETDAB 2000 4 DAB screen MP3 screen FM screen LCD screen 1Xtra - BBC Rampage with Mike Anthony and Treble T - txt 88111 Now playing - Keisha MHz 97.60 …

  • 11, 8 Changing the information displayed Press the Info button to change what you see on the screen while you listen to DAB. Scrolling text The default mode, displays scrolling text messages broadcast by most stations. Broadcast info Day and date from the current multiplex. Multiplex the current station belongs to. Multiplexes, sometimes known as ensembles, are groups of stations owned and broadcast by a single operator. Type of content being broadcast. Stereo or mono indicator and the data rate at which the signal is b…

  • 13, 10 Recording radio You can record radio* to an SD (Secure Digital) card which you put into the SD card slot on the side of your unit. The amount you can record depends on the size of your card and the quality of the audio being broadcast. 1. Push your card in the slot on the side with gold pins facing up and cut off corner to the top. 2. Press the Rec button to start recording. You see the record icon ( ) flashing on the screen. 3. Press the Rec button again to stop recording. You see a message giving the name that the tim…

  • 17, 14 Managing files To delete files from your SD card you can use the Delete track option in MP2/MP3 settings, see page 19, or connect to a PC using the USB socket and use Windows Explorer to manage files on your SD card. …

  • 5, PURE POCKETDAB 2000 2 Overview diagrams Controls and connectors I n f o M o d e R e V u R e c T x t S t o r E q M e n u ® LCD screen 128 x 80 pixel backlit screen Info Changes the information shown on screen Mode Switches between DAB, MP3 and FM ReVu Press in DAB to enter ReVu with audio paused. Hold to enter ReVu with audio playing Rec Record DAB radio to SD card TxtS…

  • 9, 6 DAB mode When you first switch on your PocketDAB 2000 it switches into DAB mode and performs an autotune to find all the DAB stations available in your area. To listen to DAB at any other time, press the Mode button until the DAB icon is highlighted. Selecting stations The stations found during an autotune are stored in a list ordered alphanumerically. To change stations rock the DABnav button up and down to view and scroll the station list and push to change …

  • 30, PURE POCKETDAB 2000 27 Resetting your PocketDAB 2000 The reset option removes all presets, stored stations and favourite station settings and resets all options to defaults. You may want to use this option to restore default values to options you have changed. 1. Press and hold the Menu button for more than two seconds. The display will ask ‘Do you want to reset?’ 2. Press the DABnav button to select Yes to confirm the reset or press no buttons…

  • 12, PURE POCKETDAB 2000 9 Storing and recalling presets Presets enable you to store radio stations on a presets list for easy access. To access presets press the Menu button, use the DABnav button to select the View & manage presets icon and choose one of the following options: To add a preset Rock the DABnav button right. Scroll the station list and select the station you want to add as a preset. The current station is indicated by a speaker icon ( ). Press the DABnav button again for confirmation. The station is added to the DAB Presets list and the prese…

  • 6, 3 Optical Digital output of DAB or MP3 or analogue output 3.5 mm headphone socket Vol -/+ Volume jog dial. Push in to mute Power Hold down for 2 seconds to turn on or off Lock Slide to lock buttons preventing accidental presses USB Connector for software upgrades and file transfer SD card slot For removable MP3 storage 5.7 V DC Socket for power adapter Battery compartment Slide cover down and insert 3 AA batteries Optical - Vol + PowerLock  5.7 V DC …

  • 22, 19 Rest of World Full range of digital frequencies in Band III and L-band. FM settings Changes between stereo and mono reception - mono may be clearer for stations with weak signals. MP2/MP3 settings To adjust MP2/MP3 settings select from the following options: Delete tracks You see a list of the tracks and folders on the SD card. Rock the navigator left to delete the highlighted track or folder or right to open a folder. Press the Menu button to exit. SD card status Displays the total, us…

  • 31, 12F27 PURE Digital Imagination Technologies Ltd. Imagination House Home Park Estate Kings Langley Herts WD4 8LZ, UK +44 (0) 1923 270188 +44 (0) 1923 277477 support +44 (0) 1923 277488 sales [email protected] [email protected] www .pure.com …

  • 15, 12 MP3 mode MP3 mode enables you to use an SD (Secure Digital) card in your PocketDAB 2000 for recording*, see page 10, and for playing back digital radio or playing MP3 or MP2 files recorded elsewhere. Your PocketDAB 2000 comes with an SD card, other sizes and additional cards are available from PURE and other electronics retailers. As a rough guide – a 64 MB card will give you around an hour of recording time from a 128…

  • 28, 25 Connecting to other devices You can connect your PocketDAB 2000 to other devices such as an external amplifier or MiniDisc recorder using the Optical socket on the top of your unit. You will also need a suitable S/PDIF optical connection cable – available from your nearest PURE dealer or direct from the accessories section of our shop at www.pure.com or by calling the PURE order line on +44 (0)845 045 1122. Analogue line out By default the Optical socket is a normal analogue line output suitable for 3.5 mm ste…

  • 3, PURE POCKETDAB 2000 Contents Introduction ..............................................................1 Overview diagrams ...................................................2 Controls and connectors ....................................................2 LCD screen ........................................................................4 Quick start ................................................................5 DAB mode ............................................................…

  • PURE POCKETDAB 2000 User Manual
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