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  • Manufacturer: Gardena
  • Category of Device: Trimmer
  • Document: AccuCut 400 Li Operating Instructions Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 21-07-2023
  • Count of Pages: 10
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Gardena AccuCut 400 Li Trimmer PDF Operating Instructions Manual (Updated: Friday 21st of July 2023 05:22:12 PM)

Rating: 4.2 (rated by 39 users)

Compatible devices: 350, EasyCut 23/18V P4A, classicCut special, EasyCut 50-Li, THS 500/48, ErgoCut 48-Li, smallCut 2401, RL 10 2155.

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Operating Instructions Manual (Text):

(Ocr-Read Summary of Contents of some pages of the Gardena AccuCut 400 Li Document (Main Content), UPD: 21 July 2023)
  • 1, D Betriebsanleitung Turbotrimmer GB Operating Instructions Turbotrimmer F Mode d’emploi Coupe bordures NL Instructies voor gebruik Turbotrimmer S Bruksanvisning freeeTrim DK Brugsanvisning freeeTrim I Istruzioni per l’uso Turbotrimmer E Manual de instrucciones Turbotrimmer P Instruções de utilização Turbotrimmer FIN Käyttöohje Turbotrimmeri N Bruksanvisning Turbotrimmer AccuCut 400 Li Art. 8840 AccuCut 450 Li Art. 8841 GARDENA ® N FIN P E I DK S NL F GB D …

  • 2, 12 GB 2. Safety Instructions v Please read the notes on safety on the Trimmer. CAUTION ! V Always read the operating instructions before using your Turbotrimmer. DANGER ! V Keep your Turbotrimmer away from water and rain! DANGER ! Risk of injury to other people! V Keep other people out of the area where you are working. DANGER ! Risk of injury to eyes! V Always wear eye protection! Proper use Please note GARDENA Turbotrimmer AccuCut 400 Li /AccuCut 450 Li Welcome to the Garden of GARDENA…

  • 3, Gardena AccuCut 400 Li 13 GB DANGER ! Tool does not stop immediately when turned off! V Keep your hands and feet out of the area where you are working until the cutting filament is stationary! Check your Trimmer before each use v Always visually inspect your Trimmer before each use. v Check that the ventilation slots are not obstructed in any way. Do not use Trimmer when safety devices (starting lock-out, start button, safety cover) and / or blade are damage…

  • 4, 14 GB 3. Assembly 1. Push the cover 3 into the guide of the cutting head from behind 2 until the connection locks into place on both sides. 2. Push plant guard 1 onto the cutting head from the front 2 until it locks into place. 20 plastic blades and a magazine for spare blades are supplied with your trimmer. Up to 6 spare blades can be stored in the magazine. 1. Slightly widen magazine 4 at open point and slide onto handle 5 . 2. Insert up to 6 plastic blades 6 in the magazine 4 until…

  • 5, 15 GB 4. Initial Operation Before using for the first time, the battery must be fully charged. Charging time (for uncharged battery) approx. 3 hrs. The lithium-ion battery can be charged in any state of charge, and the charging process can be interrupted at any time without harming the battery (no memory effect). WARNING ! A Overvoltage damages batteries and the battery charger. V Ensure the correct mains voltage. 1. Press the locking buttons in 0 and remove the battery A from the uppe…

  • 6, 16 GB Setting the working position: Setting the trimmer to body height: Adjusting the plant guard: ATTENTION ! A Overloading of the motor. V When trimming with wheels, working position 2 must be set. The angle of the handle can be set to 3 working positions. 1. Push slider F up and set the handle G to the required working position (see scale H ). 2. Let the slider F lock into the required working position. Setting the handle length: v Open clamping lever I , …

  • 7, Gardena AccuCut 400 Li 17 GB Storage: AccuCut 450 Li: 1. Setting the plant guard L to parking position (see “Adjusting the plant guard” ). 2. Set handle angle to position 3 (see “Setting the working position” ). 3. Push slider M upwards, turn handle N through 90° and let slider M lock into place (see arrows z P on articulated fork and handle holder). AccuCut 400 Li: v Open clamping lever I , turn upper part of handle B through 180° and close …

  • 8, Gardena AccuCut 400 Li 18 GB The product must not be added to normal household waste. It must be disposed of in line with local environmental regulations. v Important: Make sure that the unit is disposed of via your municipal recycling collection centre. The GARDENA Accu-Trimmer contains lithium-ion batteries that should not be discarded with normal household waste at the end of their life. Important: Please return the lithium-ion batteries to your GARDENA dealer or dispose of them properly at a public recycling centre. 1. Dis…

  • 9, 19 GB Only use original GARDENA Spare Blades. Spare blades are available from your GARDENA dealer or direct from GARDENA Service. • GARDENA Spare Blades for Turbotrimmer Art. No. 5368 AccuCut 400 Li / AccuCut 450 Li Remove blade: 1. Turn Trimmer round and place on rubber pad of handle. 2. Press end of blade down slightly (A), slide blade T inside through blade carrier S (B) and pull out. Fit blade: v Slide new blade T from inside through slot in metal of blade carrier S until it snaps …

  • 10, 20 GB 10. Technical Data Turbotrimmer AccuCut 400 Li AccuCut 450 Li (Art. 8840) (Art. 8841) Cutting width 230 mm 230 mm Weight approx. 2.4 kg approx. 2.8 kg Rpm of blade carrier approx. 9,000 rpm approx. 9,000 rpm Work area related emission 85 dB (A) characteristic value L pA 1) Noise level L WA 2) measured 83 dB (A) measured 84 dB (A) guaranteed 84 dB (A) guaranteed 86 dB (A) Hand / arm vibration a vhw 1) &l…

  • Gardena AccuCut 400 Li User Manual
  • Gardena AccuCut 400 Li User Guide
  • Gardena AccuCut 400 Li PDF Manual
  • Gardena AccuCut 400 Li Owner's Manuals


F.8L Falco, D702HS, MOVENZA

  • LL_Dn°_A _ _NT-JAL Do Not Throw Away......Operator'sManualModel No.257.79803105" Cutting Path))•Always Wear Eye Protection During Operation_k WARNING:Read the Operator's Manual andFollow All Warnings and S_d'etyInstructions. Failure To Do SOCa_ Result in Serious Injury.' _i_:SEA/,qS/CRI:lFTSMRNoELECTRIC TRIMMERDOUBLE INSUI_TEI)• Assembly• Operation• -Maintenance:_ ...

    257.798031 12

  • Akku-Kombi-HeckenschereAccu-combi-haagschaarTaille-haie combiné sans lTagliasiepi combinato a batteriaCordless combination hedge trimmerAkumulátorové kombinované nůžky na plotAkumulatorowe nożyce do żywopłotów kombiKombinuotosios akumuliatorinės gyvatvorių žirklėsOriginalbetriebsanleitungVertaling van de originele gebruiksaanwijzingTraduction de la ...

    AKHS 18-45 144

  • Grass Trimmer/Brush CutterOperator's ManualMODELS, SRM - 3100, 3110 Type 2/2ESRM - 3100S Type 1/1ESerial Number 001001 & UpSRM - 3400 Type 1/1ESerial Number 001001 - 541792WARNING DANGERRead rules for safe operation and instructions carefully. ECHO provides an Operator'sManual and a Safety Manual. Both must be read and understood for prop ...

    SRM - 3100 40

  • A FEW WORDS ABOUT SAFETYSERVICE INFORMATIONThe service and repair information contained in this manual is intended for use by qualified, professional technicians. Attempting service or repairs without the proper training, tools, and equipment could cause injury to you or others. It could also damage the trimmer/brush cutter or create an unsafe condition.This manual ...

    HHT25S 131

  • SKU: 611441010W Pole Hedge TrimmerWHAT'S IN THE BOXIf you do not have all these items, please +44 01904 947568Email [email protected] User’s Instructions PLEASE KEEP THESE INSTRUCTIONS FOR FURTHER REFERENCEHedge trimmer tool x 1 Housing x 1Extension pole x 1 Handle x 1 Belt x 1 ...

    1010W 24

  • HT-43 HT-49 HT-53 ENHedge Trimmer INSTRUCTION MANUAL 5UKЛанцюгова пила для підрізування живоплотуІНСТРУКЦІЯ З ЕКСПЛУАТАЦІЇ10PLNożyce do żywopłotu INSTRUKCJA OBSŁUGI 16ROMaşină de tuns gard viu MANUAL DE INSTRUCŢIUNI 21DEHeckenschere BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG 26HUSövényvágó HASZNÁLATI KÉZIKÖNYV 31S ...

    HT-43 48

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