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  • Manufacturer: Baumatic
  • Category of Device: Ventilation Hood
  • Document: BT7.3GL Instruction Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 15-09-2023
  • Count of Pages: 26
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Baumatic BT7.3GL Ventilation Hood PDF Instruction Manual (Updated: Friday 15th of September 2023 10:27:25 AM)

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Compatible devices: ISL4SS, ISL5SS, P37SS, BEI350SS, BTC6750GL, PV372SS, CAN54SS, BWT9.3GL.

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  • 2, User Manual for your Baumatic BT7.3GL Cooker Hood 70 cm Chimney Hood in Stainless Steel NOTE: This User Instruction Manual contains important information, including safety & installation points, which will enable you to get the most out of your appliance. Please keep it in a safe place so that it is easily available for future reference. 1 …


  • 4, Baumatic BT7.3GL Specifications of your BT7.3GL Cooker Hood Congratulations on purchasing a Baumatic Cooker Hood! To fully enjoy using your appliance long into the future, please firstly familiarise yourself with its specifications, safety advice and operational instructions included in this manual. You will also need this manual to ensure that your Cooker Hood has been installed properly. DIMENSIONS Width (canopy): 700 mm Depth (canopy): 500 mm Height (adjustable): 540 mm to 101…

  • 5, Important Safety Information: Please Read this before installing & using. o Any installation work must be carried out by a qualified electrician or competent person. o The hood must be installed in accordance with the installation instructions and all measurements followed. o If the cooker hood is installed for use above a gas appliance then the provision for ventilation must be in accordance with …

  • 6, o Ensure the ducting for the extractor function has the same diameter as the outlet hole all the way through. o Keep young children from using, playing with or tampering with the cooker hood. Older children and infirm persons should be supervised if they are using the cooker hood. o Your cooker hood is for domestic use only. o Please dispose of the packing material carefully – children are especially vulnerable to it. o Dirty oil is an even greater fire risk. o Always put lids on pots and pans when cooking o…

  • 7, Baumatic BT7.3GL Note: Before discarding an old appliance, switch off and disconnect it from the power supply. Cut off and render any plug useless. Cut the cable off directly behind the appliance to prevent misuse. This should be undertaken by a competent person. CONFORMITY TO W.E.E.E. DIRECTIVE Environmental Note 6 …

  • 8, Usin g y our Baumatic Cooker Hood: To use your cooker hood: 1) Make sure it has been properly installed. 2) Find the CONTROL PANEL. It is located at the front of the canopy, to the right. 3) The CONTROL PANEL contains buttons as shown in the Figure below. These perform separate functions. You will need to understand what these buttons do before you attempt to use your cooker hood. * Note: The ho…

  • 9, IMPORTANT: Before cleaning, always ensure that you have switched your cooker hood OFF at the omni-polar switch, set at the wall from the cable: Cleaning  Clean the external parts with mild liquid detergents on a damp cloth.  Never use abrasive powder, corrosive solvents or brushes.  Never insert pointed objects into the motor’s protective grid.  Only clean the control panel and filter grill with a damp …

  • 10, First remove the grille by pulling down on it. Undo the side catches. You can now clean the anti-grease filter grilles. 9 Soak them for about one hour in hot water with a grease-loosening detergent then rinse off thoroughly with hot water. 9 Repeat the process if needed. Refit the grease grille 9 9 LEASE NOTE: DISCOLOURATION OF THE GREASE ILTER CAN TAKE PLACE WHEN CLEANED IN A DISHWASHER, ETC. Do not worry about the slight discolouration of the grille –its performance won’t e affected. et the …

  • 11, Baumatic BT7.3GL a) Changing the light bulb Before changing ou have switched it off at the 9 the light bulb, ensure that the appliance is not live (i.e., ensure that y wall switch). 9 Remove the metal anti-grease filters (see Figure 2 below) and find the old bulb locate ulb d in the light fixture up inside the exposed canopy. Change the halogen b using only olive-shaped spares with an G4 coupling, max. 20W. …

  • 12, Installin g / Chan g in g the Carbon Filter Installing / Changing the Carbon Filter. Your Baumatic Cooker Hood uses a pair of CARBON FILTERS to purify the air for the air recirculation function. You will find that the filters will attach to both sides of the fan motor (please see figures at bottom of page). The active carbon filters must be replaced regularly, at least ery three months, low normal operation. Before…

  • 13, Before installation and usage, read all the the INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS – Electrical Connection. instructions and make sure that voltag z) indicated on the identification plate (found e (V) and the frequency (H inside your Cooker Hood) and all the data inside the appliance are exactly the same as the voltage and frequency in your home. NOTE: The manufacturer declines all responsibilit accident-prevention regulations in force which are lar operation of the electric system. _____________________…

  • 14, Baumatic BT7.3GL that at least od. NOTE: Your Baumatic Cooker Hood shou NOT posi 1) Remov (S INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS – Installin g y our Cooker Hood : The cooker hood must not be fitted above stoves with a radiant top plate. : We recommend two people install this ho ld only be fitted on a wall. Do ti…

  • 15, -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3) Using a drill bit with a 6 mm diameter, make holes in the wall where you have marked these positions (see below). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4) Insert the expansion fixings (rawlplugs) in the holes and then screw the support screws halfway in (see below fig…

  • 16, 15 ----------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS – Attachin g the Hood ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6) (EXTRACTION FUNCTION ONLY) Connect the coupling to the top of the cooker hood (see below). Then connect the discharge pipe to the coupling as shown below. Remember that your ducting will have to match the specifications shown in th…

  • 17, FITTING THE PIPE – Once your Cooker Hood has been installed, you can now fit the pipe. 1) Take the two casings ‘A’ and ‘B’: 2) Rest the bottom of the casing ‘A’ on the top of the hood, taking care to position the tabs of the casing correctly on the back of the hood as shown as part ‘X’ in Figure 4 at right. 3) Fix casing ‘A’ onto the hood using the two screws ‘K’ supplied in the bag of accessories (Figure 4 – at right). 4) Lift the mobile part ‘B’ unt…

  • 18, 6) T INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS – Fittin g the Chimne y w c oring holes usly made (see below). ake the fixing bracket ‘G’ (Fig. 4 – previous page), centre it ith respect to the mark you previously made, keeping it in ontact with the ceiling, and then mark the anch (‘H’). 7) Using a drill bit with a 6m fixing marks you previo m diameter, make two holes on the 8) Insert the expansion fixings (rawlplugs) provided, put brac ‘G’ (see Fig. 4 on previous page) …

  • 19, 2 ¾ Remove the metal grease filters from the hood ¾ Slac ATTACHING THE GLASS ken both anchoring screws “F” in ¾ Tightening the screws ‘F’ again in the hole and connecting them to the unit. ¾ Take care that the anchoring corner is firmly fastened, tightening it well. ¾ Re-insert the ventilation tube with the coupling t…

  • 20, Extraction / Air Purifier Modes of O p eration EXTRACTION OPERATION – Installation Instructions  Ensure t union (‘N’) to the upper part of the hood usi screws supplied inside the packing (Fig. – diamete (N) on the od (see F g. 1) to the discharge outlet for cook section of  PLEASE NOTE: If there is no discharg be fitted building, m ll that i rge enough to fit a wind and rain section of at least 150 c…

  • 21, If y our Cooker Hood comes with a Lower Bracket * Note on what to do if your Cooker Hood is the version that comes with a BRACKET. Please note that your cooker this is the case, you will need This will mean a slight change installed from the process s In Fig. 6, below, you will see and (inset), the bracketed c hood may include a lower bracket. If to have it installed as such. in how the cooker hood is to be hown on page 13. an exploded view of the cooker…

  • 22, Baumatic BT7.3GL ng against this chart might keep you from having to call for service. Troubleshootin g If something has gone wrong with your Cooker Hood, checki Symptom Solution The d city supply. cooker hood will not start! trol is • Check that the hood is connecte to the electri • Check that the fan speed con set properly. The cooker hood is not working effectivel et high enough. is dirty. • …

  • 23, Baumatic BT7.3GL BAUMATIC BDW13, BDW14 dishwasher user manual 35 35 BAUMATIC LTD. -CONDITIONS OF GUARANTEE. Dear Customer, The conditions of guarantee which apply to your Baumatic appliance are as follows: This product is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of original purchase. Baumatic Ltd will repair any defect that arises due to faulty materials or workmanship free of charge during this period. *In addition, your appliance i…

  • 24, Baumatic BT7.3GL Baumatic Ltd Make-up for your kitchen Headquarters Baumatic Ltd. Baumatic Buildings, Berkshire +44 118 933 6900 Service Fax +44 118 986 9124 Spares Telephone +44 118 933 6922 lephone 933 6 Bennet Road, Reading, RG2 0QX, United Kingdom Sales Telephone Sales Fax +44 118 931 0035 Service Telephone +44 118 933 6911 Te Technical / Advice +44 118 933 6 E-mail : [email protected]

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  • MODEL 1536S_LHOUETTERANGE HOODA INTENDEDFORDOMESTICCOOKINGONLY.AL ®MODELO 1536S_LUETAEXTRACTORWARNINGTO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE, ELECTRIC SHOCK,OR INJURY TO PERSONS, OBSERVE THE FOLLOW-ING:1. Use this unit only in the manner intended by themanufacturer If you have questions, contact themanufacturer at the address or telephone num-ber listed in the warranty2. Befo ...

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  • SERVICEWhirlpool EuropeCustomer ServicesAKR 675/WHThis documentation is only intended for qualified technicians who are aware of the respec-tive safety regulations.Date: 16.07.1996 Subject to modificationDocument-No.: 4812 716 10889 Model AKR 675/WH Version 8578 675 53000 PageTechnical data 2Spare part list 3Exploded view 4Wiring diagram 5Circuit diagram ...

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