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  • Manufacturer: S&P
  • Category of Device: Extender
  • Document: EBB Instruction Leaflet, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 12-04-2023
  • Count of Pages: 7
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S&P EBB Extender PDF Instruction Leaflet (Updated: Wednesday 12th of April 2023 04:01:49 AM)

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Compatible devices: AR-40-101, EDM-100VM, DCE400, AC1059A, DTP T HWP 232D, ZXT-120, CE-H22811-S1, EXT-DVI-1500HD.

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(Ocr-Read Summary of Contents of some pages of the S&P EBB Document (Main Content), UPD: 12 April 2023)
  • 1, EBB Instrucciones de montaje Instruction leaflet Notice de montage Montageanweisungen Montage-en gebruiksaanwijzing Instruções de montagem Istruzioni per l'installazione Användar instruktion Instrukcja obslugi Návod Brugervejledning Инструкции по сборке …

  • 3, Fig.3 Fig.5A Fig.6A N LA LB Fig.4 L N NL ALB L N N LA LB Fig.5B L C N N L ALB L N REB N LA LB Fig.6B EBB- S …

  • 4, Fig.9A Fig.7A L N N L LS L N N L LS NLLS NLLS 15 30 A 2 T(min.) 80 90 70 60 T(min.) HR(%) 20 30 1 10 L N N L LS Fig.7A Fig.7B EBB- T EBB- HT L N N L LS Fig.8A Fig.8B Fig.9B …

  • 5, ENGLISH EBB CENTRIFUGAL EXTRACTOR SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS INSTALLATION IMPORTANT: Before proceeding with the installation and connection of the device, make sure to disconnect the electricity supply. Figure 1A: For your extractor to work more efficiently: SurfaceAssembly (fig. 2A): Built-in assembly (fig. 2B): EBB series extractors have been manufactured according to strict production and quality control standards such as ISO 9001. All the components have been verified and all the devices have been tested f…

  • 6, S&P EBB 5. Connect a 100-mm diameter tube to the discharge flange (9). 6. Secure the fan body (2) using 4 screws and plugs that are appropriate for the kind of surface. 7. Connect to the terminals, passing the cable through as indicated in figure 3. 8. Follow the electrical diagram applying to the EEB version that is being installed (fig. 5 to 8) 9. Close the connections cover (5) with the screw. 10.Assemble the front cover (1) again by tightening the u…

  • 7, switched off), the device continues to operate at slow speed for the length of time set by the timer. You are advised to remove any dirt that has accumulated in the 4 filters of the front cover (1) at regular intervals. To do so, remove the front cover as indicated in the “INSTALLATION” section and hand wash with warm soapy water. Make sure that the front cover is absolutely dry before putting it back in place. Clean the other parts with a cloth soaked in mild detergent. Should you observe any anom…

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