AmbiCom WL1100B-AR Operation & User’s Manual

Operation & User’s Manual for AmbiCom WL1100B-AR Wireless Router (40 pages)


25/25114-wl1100bar.pdf file (14 Nov 2023)
  • Manufacturer: AmbiCom
  • Category of Device: Wireless Router
  • Document: WL1100B-AR, File Type: PDF Operation & User’s Manual
  • Updated: 14-11-2023
  • Count of Pages: 40
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Data: UPD 14th November 2023

AmbiCom WL1100B-AR Wireless Router PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Tuesday 14th of November 2023 04:36:01 PM)

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Compatible devices: R8000, WP2002000-01, CB54G2, NWL-15, WL250-KIT, GO-DSL-AC750, RB-1830, WL1100C-AR.

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(Ocr-Read: Summary of Contents AmbiCom WL1100B-AR Document (Main Content), UPD: 14 November 2023)
  • 27, AmbiCom WL1100B-AR -23- info * Display some basic information of the WL1100B-AR Wireless LAN Access Router, for example, firmware version, frequency domain, etc. stat Display the statistical values of the operation of the WL1100B-AR Wireless LAN Access Router, for example, ass…

  • 11, -7- Chapter 3 Configuring the WL1100B-AR Wireless LAN Access Router The WL1100B-AR Wireless LAN Access Router is shipped with default parameters, which will be suitable for the typical infrastructure wireless LAN. Just simply install the WL1100B-AR Wi…

  • 14, -10- Wireless Error: This item offers detailed information on error wireless packets that the AP receives and transmits. Receive: Packet FCS Errors: The number of wireless packets that fail during FCS transmission (Frame Check Status when accessing the wire…

  • 25, AmbiCom WL1100B-AR -21- Upgrade Here, you can upload the newest firmware of the WL1100B-AR Wireless LAN Access Router. You may either enter the file name in the entry field or browse the file by clicking the Browse button. …

  • 6, AmbiCom WL1100B-AR -2- 1-2 Applications The 11Mbps Wireless LAN products offer a fast, reliable, cost-effective solution for wireless client access to the network in applications like these: 1. Remote access to corporate network information E-mail, file transfer and terminal emulati…

  • 4, AmbiCom WL1100B-AR Table of Contents n Chapter 1 Introduction................................................................................1 1-1 Features and Benefits ................................................................................1 1-2 Applications............…

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