Chrysler Caliber SRT4 Operation & User’s Manual

Operation & User’s Manual for Chrysler Caliber SRT4 Automobile (372 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Chrysler
  • Category of Device: Automobile
  • Document: Caliber SRT4, File Type: PDF Operation & User’s Manual
  • Updated: 09-12-2023
  • Count of Pages: 372
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Chrysler Caliber SRT4 Automobile PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Saturday 9th of December 2023 09:17:26 AM)

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Compatible devices: Grand Caravan, Stratus RHD 1999, Sebring, 2009 Town & Country LX, 2014 Town&Country, Dodge Ram 4500 2009, 2004 PT Cruiser, Crossfire Coupe Limited 2006.

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  • 339, Chrysler Caliber SRT4 if it has been 6 months since your last oil change even if the oil change indicator message is NOT illumi- nated. • Change your engine oil more often if you drive your vehicle off-road for an extended period of time. • Under no circumstances should oil change intervals exceed 6,000 miles (10,000 km) or 6 months, whichever comes f…

  • 171, Chrysler Caliber SRT4 0-60 MPH (0-100 kp/h) When the 0-60 mph (100 kp/h) screen is active, the time that the vehicle takes to reach 60 MPH (100 kp/h) will be displayed. • The feature will “ready” when the vehicle is at 0 mph. The SEC text will flash indicating that conditions are met for the event to begin. • If the vehicle does not reach 60 …

  • 15, procedure. This procedure consists of programming a blank key to the vehicle electronics. A blank key is one which has never been programmed. NOTE: When having the Sentry Keyt Immobilizer System serviced, bring all vehicle keys with you to an authorized dealer. Customer Key Programming If you have two valid Sentry Keyst, …

  • 227, Chrysler Caliber SRT4 Use each gear in numerical order - do not skip a gear. Be sure the transaxle is in FIRST gear, (not THIRD), when starting from a standing position. Damage to the clutch can result from starting in THIRD. For most city driving you will find it easier to use only the lower gears. For steady highway driving with light accelerations 6th gear…

  • 234, Chrysler Caliber SRT4 WARNING! Continued operation with reduced power steering assist could pose a safety risk to yourself and others. Service should be obtained as soon as possible. CAUTION! Prolonged operation of the steering system at the end of the steering wheel travel will increase the steering fluid temperature and it should be avoided wh…

  • 29, To Set the Alarm 1. Remove the keys from the ignition switch and get out of the vehicle. 2. Lock the door using either the power door lock switch, or the Keyless Entry Transmitter and close all doors. 3. The indicator light in the instrument cluster will flash rapidly for 16 seconds. This shows that the system is arming. During this period,…

  • 307, Chrysler Caliber SRT4 Windshield Wiper Blades Clean the rubber edges of the wiper blades and the windshield periodically with a sponge or soft cloth and a mild nonabrasive cleaner or use the washer solvent. This will remove accumulations of salt, waxes or road film and help reduce streaking and smearing. Operation of the wipers on dry glass for long periods may …

  • 327, Chrysler Caliber SRT4 VEHICLE STORAGE If you will not be using your vehicle for more than 21 days you may want to take steps to preserve your battery. You may: • Disengage the mini fuse in the Power Distribution Center labeled IOD (Ignition Off-Draw). • Or, disconnect the negative cable from the battery. REPLACEMENT BULBS All the inside bulbs are brass or …

  • 297, Chrysler Caliber SRT4 Checking the oil while the vehicle is on level ground and only when the engine is hot, will improve the accuracy of the oil level readings. Maintain the oil level between the range markings on the dipstick. The range markings will consist of a crosshatch zone that says SAFE or a cross- hatch zone that says MIN at the low end of the ran…

  • 340, Chrysler Caliber SRT4 • Check the fluid levels of coolant reservoir, brake master cylinder, power steering and transmission and add as needed. • Check all lights and other electrical items for correct operation. At Each Oil Change • Change the engine oil filter. • Inspect the brake hoses and lines. • Check the Manual Transmission fluid level. CAUTION! Fa…

  • 239, Tire Sizing Chart EXAMPLE: Size Designation: P = Passenger car tire size based on U.S. design standards (....blank....( = Passenger car tire based on European design standards LT = Light Truck tire based on U.S. design standards T = Temporary Spare tire 31 = Overall Diameter in Inches (in) 215 = Section Width in Millimeters (mm) 65 = Asp…

  • 55, In conjunction with other data gathered during a com- plete accident investigation, the electronic data may be used by DaimlerChrysler and others to learn more about the possible causes of crashes and associated injuries in order to assess and improve vehicle performance. In addition to crash investigations initiated by D…

  • 231, Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) — If Equipped The Anti-Lock Brake System provides increased vehicle stability and brake performance under most braking conditions. The system automatically “pumps” the brakes during severe braking conditions to prevent wheel lock-up. WARNING! Pumping of the Anti-Lock Brakes will diminish their effec…

  • 174, Chrysler Caliber SRT4 UNLOCK ALL DOORS is selected all of the doors will unlock at the first press of the remote keyless entry unlock button. Press and hold the EVIC button when in this display until “DRIVER’S DOOR 1ST” or “ALL DOORS” appears to make your selection. Sound Horn with Remote Key Lock When ON is selected a short horn sound will occur when the remote keyles…

  • 133, Chrysler Caliber SRT4 To turn ESP on again, momentarily depress the “ESP OFF” button. WARNING! In the Partial ESP mode, the engine torque reduction and stability features are desensitized. Therefore, the enhanced vehicle stability offered by ESP is unavailable. NOTE: To improve the vehicle’s traction when driving with snow chains, or …

  • 43, the pretensioners are single use items. After a collision that is severe enough to deploy the airbags and preten- sioners, both must be replaced. Enhanced Driver and Seat Belt Reminder System (BeltAlert) If the driver’s seat belt has not been buckled within 60 seconds of starting the vehicle and if the vehicle speed i…

  • 249, Chrysler Caliber SRT4 Tire Pressures for High Speed Operation The manufacturer advocates driving at safe speeds within posted speed limits. Where speed limits or condi- tions are such that the vehicle can be driven at high speeds, maintaining correct tire inflation pressure is very important. Increased tire pressure and reduced vehicle loading may be required for high-speed veh…

  • 294, Your vehicle has a simple ignition key-actuated test, which you can use prior to going to the test station. To check if your vehicle’s OBD system is ready, you must do the following: 1. Insert your ignition key into the ignition switch. 2. Turn the ignition to the ON position, but do not crank or start the engine. 3. I…

  • 185, Chrysler Caliber SRT4 Operation Instructions - CD Mode NOTE: The ignition switch must be in the ON or ACC position to operate the radio. Inserting The Compact Disc (Single CD Player) Gently insert one CD into the CD player with the CD label facing up. The CD will automatically be pulled into the CD Player and the CD icon will illuminate on the radio di…

  • 89, Emergency Assistance If you are in an emergency and the mobile phone is reachable: • Pick up the phone and manually dial the emergency number for your area. If the phone is not reachable and the UConnect™ system is operational, you may reach the emergency number as follows: • Press the “Phone” button to begin. • After th…

  • 224, STARTING PROCEDURES Before starting your vehicle, adjust your seat, adjust both inside and outside mirrors, and fasten your seat belts. WARNING! Never leave children alone in a vehicle. Leaving children in a vehicle unattended is dangerous for a number of reasons. A child or others could be seri- ously or fatally injured. Don’t leave the keys …

  • 62, Chrysler Caliber SRT4 Child restraints systems having attachments designed to connect to the lower anchorages are now available. Child restraints having tether straps and hooks for connection to the top tether anchorage have been available for some time. In fact, many child restraint manufacturers will provide add-on tether strap kits for some of their…

  • 367, Replacement Bulbs .......................327 Replacement Keys ........................14 Replacement Parts .......................295 Replacement Tires .......................251 Reporting Safety Defects ...................351 Resetting Oil Change Indicator ...........160,175 Restraints, Child .......................56,63 Restraints, Infant .........…

  • 53, WARNING! Deployed airbags can’t protect you in another colli- sion. Have the airbags replaced by an authorized dealer as soon as possible. Enhanced Accident Response System In the event of an impact that causes airbag deployment, with the vehicle stopped, and the vehicle communication network intact, and the power intact, t…

  • 317, Chrysler Caliber SRT4 WARNING! Use of a brake fluid that may have a lower initial boiling point or unidentified as to specification, may result in sudden brake failure during hard prolonged braking. You could have an accident. CAUTION! Use of improper brake fluids will affect overall clutch system performance. Improper brake fluids may damage the clutch syst…

  • 321, Interior Care Use Mopar Total Clean to clean fabric upholstery and carpeting. Use Mopar Total Clean to clean vinyl upholstery. Mopar Total Clean is specifically recommended for leather upholstery. Your leather upholstery can be best preserved by regular cleaning with a damp soft cloth. Small particles of dirt can act a…

  • 39, Chrysler Caliber SRT4 As a guide, if you are shorter than average, you will prefer a lower position, and if you are taller than average, you’ll prefer a higher position. When you release the anchorage, try to move it up or down to make sure that it is locked in position. Second Row Center Lap/Shoulder Belt Operating Instructions The second …

  • 105, Chrysler Caliber SRT4 Manual Lumbar The Lumbar adjustment is located on the outboard side of the driver’s seat. To increase or decrease support, rotate the handle up or down. Driver’s Seat Back Recline To recline: 1. Lean forward before lifting the handle, then lean back to the desired position and release the handle. 2. Lift the handle to return …

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