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  • Manufacturer: Design-mate
  • Category of Device: Music Mixer
  • Document: PM 6200, File Type: PDF Manual 
  • Updated: 15-02-2024
  • Count of Pages: 20
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Data: UPD 15th February 2024

Design-mate PM 6200 Music Mixer PDF Manual  (Updated: Thursday 15th of February 2024 06:43:54 PM)

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Compatible devices: RC-1716, B021-000-19-SH, SP-555, C-12, VeniceU16, HD96-24-CC-TP, MPX-226E, EN55103-1.

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  • 1, Design-mate PM 6200 Ow ner’s Manua l PM 6200 ON OFF PHANTOM ON OFF PROGRAM EFX LEVEL 010 5 010 5 010 5 SELECT 0dB -12dB +12dB 0dB -12dB +12dB -20LEVEL MONITOR MAIN -10 -7 -4 0 +3 +6 CLIP MAIN MON MAIN MAIN 63Hz 160Hz 400Hz 1kHz 2.5kHz 6.4kHz 16kHz MAIN BRIDGE EFX TO MON MASTER MASTER MODE POWER 010 5 0dB -12dB +12dB 0dB -12dB +12dB 63Hz 160Hz 400…

  • 3, 1 P M 6 2 00 I ntr oduc ti o n s ...................................................................................... 2 Features .............................................................................................. 3 Fr o nt P a n e l Co ntr o l s ............................................................…

  • 4, Design-mate PM 6200 2 P M 6 2 00 I n t ro d uc ti on s A personal welcome to y ou f rom the mana g ement and emplo y ees o f HPA. A ll o f the co-workers here at HPA are dedicated to providin g excellent pr o ducts with inherentl y g ood value, and we are deli g hted y ou have purchased one of our products. We sincerel …

  • 5, Design-mate PM 6200 3 P M 6 2 00 F ea t ures Feature s - SIX INPUTS WITH TWO CHANNEL POWERED MIXER S ix Mono inputs, plus a 200W 2 C hannel ampli fi er ( 400W in brid g ed mono mode ) . - MODE SELECT FOR BRIDGED MONO Amp1 and Amp2 can be brid g ed to g ether to provide 400 watts o f power to a sin g le loudspeaker - VERS…

  • 6, 4 P M 6 2 00 Front Panel Control s Fr o nt P a n e l Co ntr o l s ( 1 ) . E Q CO NTR O L S Th ese k no b s prov id e co ntin uous co ntr o l of parametric E Q f or the Input C han- ne l s . Thr ee ba n ds of e qualization are pro- vided: Low ( 80Hz ) , �…

  • 7, 5 P M 6 2 00 ( 16 ) . MAIN O UTPUT LEVEL DI S PLAY This LED meter indicates the amount o f si g nal sent to the M ain j ack. ( Input /O utput S ection,Pa g e7 ) ( 17 ) . MAIN GRAPHIC E Q UALIZER Each slider controls the cut ( decreased g ain ) or boost ( increased g ain ) for its associate…

  • 8, Design-mate PM 6200 6 P M 6 2 00 ( 20 ) . AMP S ELE C T S WIT C H This switch selects between three output mode set- tin g s f or the power amp. M AIN-M O NIT O R The Main and Monitor sections are used independ- e ntl y . The MAIN bus si g nal is output from P O WER A MP 1 output, and the M O NIT O R bus si…

  • 9, Design-mate PM 6200 7 P M 6 2 00 8 . INPUT/OUTPUT CONNECTOR S ( 1 ) .CHANNEL INPUT JACKS M I C JA C K S A 3-pin XLR-t y pe connector is used for balanced low impedance microphone inputs. ( 1: g round, 2: hot, 3 : c old ) BALAN C ED LINE IN J A C K S A standard 1 / 4” phone j ack is used f or balanced or …

  • 10, Design-mate PM 6200 8 P M 6 2 00 1. S PEAKER OU TP U T J A C K S The PM6200 contains a two-channel p ower am p . The two channels can be used independently to supply 2 00W+200W, or brid g ed to provide 400W output power . N OTE : Use the front panel M O DE switch to select which si g nal is sent t…

  • 11, 9 P M 6 2 00 C onnection s Co nn ec ti o n s CAUTION : When connectin g devices to y our PM6200, avoid usin g non-standard plu g s and cables. - SPEAKER CONNECTION The dia g ram below presents three approved PM6200 speaker setups. Please take notice of the speaker impedance ( Ω ) req…

  • 12, 10 P M 6 2 00 B asic O p eration Basic O p eration Turn o ff an y powered instruments, mics, or devices be f ore connectin g to y our PM6200. Also be sure to turn down all channel and main output levels before makin g connections. C onnect cables to y our mics, instruments, and devices bef…

  • 13, Design-mate PM 6200 11 P M 6 2 00 E xam p les Setu ps E xam p les Setu p This section provides some wa y s in which the PM6200 can be used, and explains connections and operation. As a conference PA s y stem/installed sound s y ste m H ere is an example o f usin g the PM6200 as a con f erence PA s y stem…

  • 14, 12 P M 6 2 00 Connect mics or instruments, such as ke y boards, to the channel input j acks 1-6 . C onnect the main speakers to the AMP1 j ack, and connect the monitor speaker to the AMP2 j ack. Then, set the power amp se l ec t s wit c h t o “MAIN-M O NIT O R. ” If y ou will…

  • 15, 13 P M 6 2 00 I ns t a lli ng an op ti ona l rac k moun t kit I ns t a lli n g an op ti ona l rac k moun t kit You can rack-mount the PM 6200 usin g an optional r ack mount kit ( RK-88 ) . R ac k m ou nt kit PK- 88 * Br ac k e t x 2 * Sc r e w x …

  • 17, Design-mate PM 6200 15 P M 6 2 00 S p ecifi cation s S pecifi cation s *0dB=0.775Vrms, 0dBV=1VRM S -General Specifi cations M aximum O utput power 200W + 200W/4 Ω@ 1% THD at 1khz 400W/8 Ω1% THD at 1khz ( BRIDGE ) T.H.D < 1% @ 200W output into 4 Ω ( AMP OUT 1,2 ) < 0.1 % @ +14dB 20Hz…

  • 18, Design-mate PM 6200 16 P M 6 2 00 Se rvi ce Servic e Procedures Take steps to insure the problem is not related to operator error or other products within the s y stem. In f or- mation provided in the troubleshootin g portion of this manual ma y help with this process. O nce it is certain that the problem is related to the product contact y o…

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