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Bosch Digital Congress Network Conference System PDF Data Brochure (Updated: Tuesday 25th of April 2023 10:48:10 PM)

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Compatible devices: DCN Next Generation, DCN multimedia, DCN-DS, PRS‑CSR, DCN Next Generation 4.41, CCS 1000 D, DICENTIS, DCN multimedia 1.41.

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  • 2, Bosch Digital Congress Network DCN Data Brochure | Contents |1 1. Introduction 1.1 Digital Congress Network . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 1.2 Contribution Equipment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 1.3 Interpretation and Language Distribution Equipment . …

  • 5, Bosch Digital Congress Network Complete range of equipment The full range of DCN products includes contribution units, central control units, simultaneous interpretation and language distribution equipment, application- specific software modules, information display systems and installation equipment. This is complemented by external equipment such as video and dot matrix dis- plays, PCs, monitors, booster amplifiers, loudspeakers and printers, all of which are fully compatible and easily integrated into the DCN system. Advanced digital technology Signal transmission and processing i…

  • 56, DCN Data Brochure | DCN Central Control Equipment |55 • Three indicators to indicate trunk-line overload (red LEDs) • Two asymmetrical line input connectors (cinch-type) for floor input • Symmetrical/ asymmetrical line output connectors (cinch- type) for distribution of floor language to public address sys- tems • Tape/cassette recorder input and output (cinch-type) for floor input and output • Euro-mains socket with built-in fuse. Matching mains cable 1.7 m (66.92 in) included • Seria…

  • 54, DCN Data Brochure | DCN Central Control Equipment |53 4. DCN Central Control Equipment 4.1 Overview Introduction The DCN central conference control equipment is based around the Central Control Unit (CCU). This compact unit is at the heart of any DCN system, and can control up to 240 contribution units such as dele- gate- and chairman units, interpreter desks and audio and multipurpose interface units. The CCU can func- tion with or without a central operator…

  • 4, Bosch Digital Congress Network DCN Data Brochure | Introduction |3 1. Introduction 1.1 Digital Congress Network World’s first digital congress system The Bosch Digital Congress Network (DCN) brings the benefits of innovative digital technology to discussion, conference and congress systems. Digital signal process- ing and transmission via a simple network system not only offers great improvements in audio quality, but simplifies operation and installation. The DCN control system has the optio…

  • 24, LBB 3547/00 Chairman unit with Channel Selector, Chip-Card Reader and Graphic LCD Screen • Graphic LCD screen with backlighting • Chip-card reader • Channel selector for accessing interpretations • Displays messages and conference-related data • Incorporates all functions of LBB 3546/00 Delegate Unit This stylish and ergonomically-designed chairman unit is equipped with all the necessary facilities to enable the user to function as chairman of a conference. Similar in appear…

  • 23, ited to the number of language channels available. The flat-panel loudspeaker offers superior acoustics with minimal feedback, so increasing intelligibility. When the unit is not being used, the loudspeaker panel conve- niently folds down. Note: The loudspeaker is not muted when the head- phones/headset are connected. Note: The pluggable microphone is automatically switched off when an external microphone is connected. Note: For information about the pluggable microphones available for use with this unit, plea…

  • 59, Interconnection • Three outlet trunk-line cable connectors for connection of contribution, distribution, and interpretation units, plus exten- sion power supplies. Each socket is protected against short- circuit (3 x 6-pole circular connectors) • Two rear-panel BNC connectors for input and output closed loop connections to other Multi-CCUs and the Multi-CCU PC • Three indicators to indicate trunk-line overload (red LEDs) • Two asymmetrical line input connector…

  • 19, Flush-mounted panels and connection units Mic. Voting LCD Chip-card button buttons display reader Comments/description Page: LBB 3527/00 Table-top housing for LBB 3538/00 or two flush-mounted units 41 LBB 3535/00 Dual audio interface unit 32 LBB 3536/00 • Hand-held microphone 34 LBB 3536/10 • Hand-held microphone with coiled cable 34 LBB 3537/00 • Microphone with control panel 35 LBB 3537/10 • Chairman priority control panel 37 LBB 3537/50 • Microphone with extended stem length and contr…

  • 61, Bosch Digital Congress Network 4.4 Extension cards LBB 3511/00 PC Card for Multi-CCU Systems This card provides the interface for communication between the PC and interconnected Multi-CCUs, type LBB 3500/35. It is installed in an 16-bit ISA-bus expan- sion slot of a personal computer. The PC Card should be installed in a secondary dedi- cated PC, running OS/2, and not in the main PC run- ning the DCN control software in Windows. Once the card and the Multi-CCU software package LBB 3586 i…

  • 12, Example 2 - discussion with voting The kind of discussion shown in this example is typical of a local council or board meeting, where some for- malised structure is required and the need for quick and efficient decision taking means that an automatic voting system is required. The Basic CCU, the LBB 3500/05, is used as a stand-alone conference con- trol system, providing voting facilities as well as micro- phone management and power for all contribution units. A chairman will preside over the meeting and control the proceedings. An LBB 35…

  • 63, LBB 3557/00 Chip Card Encoder Used in combination with the Chip Card Encoder software module (LBB 3581), the LBB 3557/00 encodes delegate chip cards (LBB 4159/00). 62 | DCN Central Control Equipment | DCN Data Brochure 4.6 Personal computers Introduction To meet the ever-changing requirements of the modern conference plus the demands brought on by technologi- cal developments, the DCN system has now integrated conference control and management w…

  • 36, Bosch Digital Congress Network LBB 3537/50 Microphone with Extended Stem Length and Control Panel • Uni-directional microphone on adjustable stem • Built-in plop- and windshield • On/off switch and LED status indicators • Extended microphone stem length The LBB 3537/50 is functionally identical to the LBB 3537/00. Technical data Identical to LBB 3537/00 Microphone with Control Panel but with a microphone stem length of 480 mm (18.89 in). (see page 36) LBB 3537/00 Microphone with Control Pan…

  • 15, Example 5 - large-scale international conference A typical example of a large-scale, high-end interna- tional conference with many contributing delegates, a chairman and the need for multiple languages. The venue is an auditorium with theatre-style seating and a podium for the chairman, board and guest speakers. Each participant on the podium is equipped with a per- sonal colour liquid crystal TV, flush-mounted micro- phone unit, channel selector unit, voting control panel with LCD screen, loudspeaker panel and headphone…

  • 97, LBB 3500/05(D), /15(D), /35(D) Central Control Unit Nominal power consumption 175 W for LBB 3500/05(D) 350 W for LBB 3500/15(D) and LBB 3500/35(D) Line in/outputs -18 dBV/ +12 dBV* (nominal/maximum) Recorder in/output -33 dBV/ -3 dBV Mains voltage 105, 115, 125, 220, 230, 240 Va.c., 50/60 Hz 230 V on delivery (125 V for D units) * -12dBV/ +18 dBV when used as symmetrical output LBB 4106/00(D) Extension Power Supply Unit Nominal power consumption 350 W Mains…

  • 87, Bosch Digital Congress Network The DCN can operate with a range of Allegiant Video Switchers. These units are used in combination with Allegiant Keyboards and the DCN Automatic Camera Control software to configure a camera switching sys- tem. This ensures that speaking delegates are always displayed on the hall displays. An outline is given below of the Allegiant Video Switchers available. The LTC 8200 is recommended for DCN. This allows up to 16 camera to be connected, and has five video outputs. Information …

  • 94, 9. Technical data Conforming to the international standard IEC 914; Conference systems - electrical and audio requirements. 9.1 Microphones DCN Data Brochure | Technical Data |93 General Frequency response 100 Hz to 16 kHz Transducer type condenser Directional pattern cardioid Max. SPL for THD <3% 110 dB Equivalent input noise level 24 dB (A) 9.2 Headphones Lightweight stereo headphones LBB 3443/00 Impedance 2 x 32 Ω Frequency response 50 Hz to 20 kHz (-10 dB) Power handling capacity 50 mW Sensitivity (1 kHz) 98 dB S…

  • 22, Bosch Digital Congress Network DCN Data Brochure | DCN Contribution Equipment |21 Controls and indicators • Channel selector with channel number display with backlighting and channel select keys (up/down) • Headphone socket and volume control on each side of the unit • Socket for external microphone or headset microphone • Socket for pluggable condenser microphone (ordered sepa- rately) with built-in plop- and windshield, complete with a light ring which illuminates when the microphone is on. • Bu…

  • 102, Partnummer Description Page LBB 9095/50 Replacement Ear Pads for LBB 3015/04 Headphones 51, 61 LBB 9600/20 Hand-Held Microphone 41 LBC 1215/01 Universal Microphone Clamp 42 LBC 1221/01 Floor Stand 42 LBC 1226/01 Adjustable Boom 42 LTC 0450 Digital Colour Cameras LTC 2814 Colour Video Monitor 90 LTC 2917/91 Colour Video Monitor 89 LTC 5138/00 Virtual Keyboard software 87 LTC 8200 Allegiant Video Switcher 86 LTC 8555/00 Allegiant Keyboard 87 Audipack 6399 Suitcase for Interpreter Units 2…

  • 43, LBC 1215/01 Universal Microphone Clamp Quick-release universal microphone clamp with a plas- tic swivel stand adaptor which is also suitable for coni- cally shaped microphones. The clamp internal diameter range is 19 - 32 mm (0.74 - 1.25 in). The clamp is fitted to the floor stand LBC 1221/01 by a screw with a 3/8" Whitworth thread. Technical data Weight 60 g (0.13 lb) Colour black 42 | DCN Contribution Equipment | DCN Data Brochure LBC 1226/01 Adjustable Boom Adjustable matt black boom wi…

  • 50, 3.3 Wired Language Distribution Equipment LBB 3524/00 Electronic Channel Selector Panel • Up/down select keys for easy channel selection • Built-in ‘silent’ function • LCD for currently-selected channel • Automatically adapts to number of available channels The LBB 3254/00 Electronic Channel Selector Panel, with up/down select keys, provides the delegate with an easy and reliable means of selecting language channels. Channel selection is automatically limited to the num- ber of language channels avai…

  • 48, LBB 3513/00 Analog Audio Input/Output Module • Enables remote interpretation via video conferencing or tele- phone link • Interfaces DCN with external analogue audio/music and/or other DCN systems • Can distribute DCN channels for external monitoring or recording • Connection via standard DCN cabling The LBB 3513/00 Analog Audio Input/Output module has two main functions. It allows external analogue audio signals to be dist…

  • 99, 98 | Technical Data | DCN Data Brochure 9.9 System limits • The total cable length (using standard LBB 4116/xx cable) between the central control unit and the last unit in any branch of the system must not exceed 250 m (820 ft 2 in). This includes all extension cables and the 2 m (78.74 in) long cable attached to each system unit • The total length of the extension cable from the central con- trol unit to the first regenerati…

  • 49, Bosch Digital Congress Network Technical data Audio input impedance >10 kW (symmetrical) (without transformer) Nominal audio input level -3 dBV (limiter off), -24 dBV (limiter on) Maximum audio input level 6 dBV Audio output impedance (symmetrical) <600 Ω at 1 kHz Nominal audio output level (-9 dBFS) 1 dBV Maximum audio output level (0 dBFS) 10 dBV (22 dBV for PA channel) Maximum cable length for remote control 25 m (82 ft) Mounting 19" rack Connector panel dimensions (H x W) 128.4 x 50 mm (5.1 x 2.0 in) Power consumption factor (PCF) 1 48 | Interpretation …

  • 75, Access: the settings specified for registration can also be used for access purposes. This means that although par- ticipants can enter the conference venue, they cannot use any of the contribution unit facilities (such as microphone, voting, intercom) without first satisfying access requirements. Access is also controlled by means of chip cards, with or without PIN code. There is also an option whereby par- ticipants register their presence at the entrance using an chip-card reader, and a specific c…

  • 66, 5. Application Software 5.1 Overview Introduction Bosch offers a comprehensive range of software modules for use with DCN systems. These modules are run on a system-connected PC in Microsoft Windows, and inte- grate conference preparation, management and control into this versatile graphical computer environment. Any combination of modules can be loaded according to spe- cific system requirements. This software is generally used in larger scale systems where operator control is required.…

  • 101, Partnummer Description Page LBB 3541/00 Delegate Voting Control Panel 39 LBB 3542/00 Delegate/Chairman Voting Control Panel with LCD Screen 39 LBB 3543/15 Chip-Card Reader Panel 40 LBB 3544/00 Standard Delegate Unit 19 LBB 3545/00 Delegate Unit with Channel Selector 20 LBB 3546/00 Delegate Unit with Channel Selector, Graphic LCD and Chip-Card Reader 21 LBB 3547/00 Chairman Unit with Channel Selector, Graphic LCD and Chip-Card Reader 23 LBB 3549/00 Pluggable Microph…

  • 29, LBB 3534/00 Chairman Discussion Unit with Channel Selector • Channel selector for accessing interpretations • 2-digit channel indicator display • Two headphone sockets • Incorporates all functions of LBB 3533/00 Chairman Discussion Unit The LBB 3534/00 is stylistically identical to the LBB 3533/00 standard Chairman Discussion Unit, but also includes a built-in language channel selector. This makes it suitable for discussions where more than on…

  • 93, Bosch Digital Congress Network 92 | Installation Equipment | DCN Data Brochure LBB 4115/00 Tap-Off Unit The LBB 4115/00 is used to create short-circuit proof tap-off points on the trunk-line cabling. Each tap-off point allows for connection of up to four channel selec- tor panels or up to two table-top contribution units such as delegate-, chairman- or interpreter desks. A Tap-Off Unit consists of two tap-off points. The Tap- Off Unit comes complete with cable restraining clamps and includes mounting holes for fixing purposes. Interconnection • 2 m (78.74 in) long …

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