Bush Hog RDTH84 Operator's Manual

Operator's Manual for Bush Hog RDTH84 Cutter, Lawn Mower (20 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Bush Hog
  • Category of Device: Cutter, Lawn Mower
  • Document: RDTH84, File Type: PDF Operator's Manual
  • Updated: 02-10-2023
  • Count of Pages: 20
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Data: UPD 2nd October 2023

Bush Hog RDTH84 Cutter, Lawn Mower PDF Operator's Manual (Updated: Monday 2nd of October 2023 08:13:43 AM)

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Compatible devices: 4815RR1, MID MOUNT ZERO TURN SERIES, AIR TUNNEL FINISHING MOWER ATH 900, Razorback RZ160, 305, TOUGH 2010 Series, 4215, HDTH7.

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  • 1, Bush Hog RDTH84 OPERATION ll MAINTENANCE 1107 $4.00 50038342 RDTH 84 Rear Discharge Turf Hog Operator’s Manual BUSH HOG ® …

  • 2, CONGRATULATIONS! You have invested in the best implement of its type on the market today. The care you give your Bush Hog implement will greatly determine your satisfaction with its performance and its service life. We urge a careful study of this manual to provide you with a thorough understanding of your ne…

  • 3, RDTH 84 Operator’s Manual TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION/PARA PAGE Warranty....................................................2 Dealer Preparation Check List ..................3 Safety Signs ..............................................4 Safety Precautions ....................................5 Federal La…

  • 4, LIMITED WARRANTY OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Bush Hog warrants to the original purchaser of any new Bush Hog equipment, purchased from an author-ized Bush Hog dealer, that the equipment be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year for non-commercial, state, and munic…

  • 5, DEALER PREPARATION CHECK LIST RDTH ROTARY CUTTER BEFORE DELIVERING MACHINE — The following check list should be completed. Use the Operator’s Manual as a guide. ❒ 1. Assembled completed. ❒ 2. Gearbox filled with oil. ❒ 3. All fittings lubricated. ❒ 4. All shields in place and in good condition. ❒…

  • 6, Safety Alert Symbol This Safety Alert Symbol means: “ATTENTION! BECOME ALERT! YOUR SAFETY IS INVOLVED!” This symbol is used to call attention to safety precautions that should be followed by the operator to avoid accidents. When you see this symbol, carefully read the message that follows and heed its advice. F…

  • 7, Bush Hog RDTH84 IMPORTANT SAFETY PRECAUTIONS This symbol is used to call attention to safe- ty precautions that should be followed by the operator to avoid accidents. When you see this symbol, carefully read the message that follows and heed its advice. Failure to comply with safety precautions could result in serious bodily inj…

  • 8, IMPORTANT FEDERAL LAWS AND REGULATIONS* CONCERNING EMPLOYERS, EMPLOYEES AND OPERATIONS. *(This section is intended to explain in broad terms the concept and effect of the following federal laws and regulations. It is not intended as a legal interpretation of the laws and should not be considered as such). U.S.…

  • 9, 1-1 INTRODUCTION We are pleased to have you as a Bush Hog cus- tomer. Your RDTH Series Rotary Cutter has been carefully designed to give maximum service with minimum down time.This manual is provided to give you the necessary operating and maintenance instructions for keeping your rotary cutter in top operating cond…

  • 10, 2-1 ATTACHING TO TRACTOR A. Attach to tractor Cat. I three point hitch as described in tractor operator’s manual. B. Raise and lower cutter to determine position with shortest distance between the tractor PTO shaft and gearbox input shaft. Shut down tractor leaving cutter in position of shortest distance. SECUREL…

  • 11, Bush Hog RDTH84 G. Clamp end of driveline in a vice. Cut off shield where marked. (Figure 2-3). Figure 2-3 H. Using cut off section of shield as a guide, cut shaft the same amount. (Figure 2-4) I. Repeat steps “G” and “H” to other driveline sec- tion. J. Deburr ends of driveline sections and clean away all chips and…

  • 12, SECTION III OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 3-1 GENERAL SAFETY Only qualified people familiar with this operator’s manual and tractor operator’s manual should oper- ate this machine. Operator should wear hard hat, safety glasses and safety shoes. The operator should read, understand and practice all safety mes-…

  • 13, Bush Hog RDTH84 SECTION IV MAINTENANCE 4-1 MAINTENANCE CHECK LIST Perform scheduled maintenance as outlined below. Lower implement to ground, turn off tractor, and set parking brake before doing maintenance inspections or work. Some checks may require raising machine off ground and supporting with blocks. All bolts should be …

  • 14, Belt tension should be checked every 40 hours to get maximum life from drive belt and best perfor- mance from cutter. Belt tension is adjusted by increasing or decreasing the length of the spring on the moveable idler. For proper belt tension the spring length should be set at 2-7/8”. (Figure 4-2). To…

  • 15, Bush Hog RDTH84 4-6 TROUBLESHOOTING Troubleshooting procedures are listed in Table 4-1 below. If the problem cannot be solved or replacement parts are necessary, contact your authorized Bush Hog dealer. Please have ready your machine name, model number, serial number, purchase date and exact cause or description of pr…

  • 16, Bush Hog RDTH84 THE FOLLOWING SAFETY PRECAUTIONS SHOULD BE THOROUGHLY UNDERSTOOD BEFORE ATTEMPTING MACHINE ASSEMBLY. 1. Wear personal protective equipment such as, but not limited to, protection for eyes, ears, feet, hands, lungs and head when assembling the equip- ment. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry that may catch …

  • 17, Bush Hog RDTH84 E. Fasten mast supports and upper flex link to mast halves using 5/8” x 5-1/2” bolt, pivot tube, lock- washer and locknut. F. Place two 1” spacers on the caster stems and insert into caster arms. Place two 1” spacers and one 1/2” spacers on the caster stem above the cast- er arms. This arrangeme…

  • 18, SAFETY DECALS To promote safe operation, Bush Hog supplies safety decals on all products manufactured. Because damage can occur to safety decals either through shipment, use or reconditioning, Bush Hog will, upon request, provide safety decals for any of our products in the field at no charge. Contac…

  • 19, TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS Proper toque for American fasteners used on Bush Hog equipment. Recommended Torque in Foot Pounds (Newton Meters).* BOLT DIAMETER WRENCH (IN.) “B” AND SAE SAE SAE SIZE (IN.) “A” THREAD SIZE GRADE 2 GRADE 5 GRADE 8 7/16 1/4 - 2O UNC 6 (7) 8 (11) 12 (16) 7/16 1/4 - 28 UNF 6 (8…


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