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Compatible devices: Genie, Plus HD, Genie 2, R16NC-500, PLUS DVR, HD RECEIVER, D12MP, H20.

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  • 33, DirecTV HD DVR 23 Disk Space Bar The MyVOD screen displays a Disk Space bar that shows the approximate amount of space available on your disk at any given time. The Disk Space bar shows programs you have designated Keep until I Delete in blue, programs subject to expiration in light blue, and the remaining unused disk space that is available for recording in black. …

  • 53, 43 Consider using a surge protector or line conditioner. If your TV turns off while playing, and other lights/appliances in your house do too, you may have blown a circuit breaker or be experiencing a power outage. Consult an electrician if the problem is frequent or severe, especially if other household appliances or electronics are affected. DIRECTV Plus HD DVR turns on or changes channels unexpectedly An autorecord may have been activated. See page…

  • 66, 56 Sign up for the DIRECTV PROTECTION PLAN Today If you have standard DIRECTV Receiver(s), visit and SIGN IN using the simple steps below or call 1-800-DIRECTV. 1. SIGN IN with your user name and password, or click on the “Register Now” link and go through the easy steps, then continue with Step 2. 2. SELECT Option B, and then click the “Next” button at the bottom of the page. 3. SCROLL down to Step 3 (Add Additional Services) and SELECT “ DIRECTV PROTECTION PLAN,” then CLICK on the “Next” b…

  • 55, 45 My DIRECTV Plus HD DVR is “frozen” on a single frame of a TV picture. If you are on a Pay Per View channel, watching the free portion of a program, the free portion may be completed. You must buy the program to continue watching. If that doesn’t work, restart your DIRECTV Plus HD DVR. Press the RESET button behind the access panel door on the front of the DIRECTV Plus HD DVR. You can also press MENU, pres…

  • 23, 13 DIRECTV Plus HD DVR Features in Recorded TV Recorded programs can be found in the MyVOD tab on the Playlist screen. To view the Playlist, press LIST. To return to live TV, press EXIT. Cruise Controls: The PAUSE, FFWD, REWIND, REPLAY, RECORD and ADVANCE keys work with recorded programs just as they do with live TV. Pressing STOP while you’re watching a recorded program stops playback and displays the MyVOD tab on the Playlist screen. When you’ve reached the…

  • 27, DirecTV HD DVR 17 The Guide Overview of the DIRECTV Advanced Program Guide ® The Guide displays listings of current and upcoming programs for up to 14 days in advance. Find out what’s on (now or later), change the channel, search for and purchase a pay per view movie or event, or search for a program you’re interested in. Icons you may see in the Guide: – Broadcast in letterbox (16:9 widescreen) format – All Day Ticket Pay Per View showings (pay once, watch all day) – Scheduled to Record – All episodes scheduled to record (Series Link™…

  • 42, DirecTV HD DVR 32 select the title to display information about the found item. If you’d like to repeat a previous search, select Recent Searches, then select your search to view matching programs. Date & Time This option gives you a convenient way to jump several days ahead in the Guide, without having to scroll through pages of programs. Favorites Favorites allows you to set up special, customized Guide that shows only those channels you choose. So you can have easy access to the channels you like best, or perhaps a grouping of fami…

  • 87, 77 Using Your IR or RF Remote to Control Your DIRECTV Plus HD DVR You can skip this section if you do not have an RF Remote Antenna and RF Capable Remote (sold sepa- rately) or you setup your RF Remote Control during Guided Setup. This information is included here if you skipped that part, or if you want to change your Remote setup later. The remote control included with your DIRECTV Plus HD DVR works using IR (infr…

  • 37, DirecTV HD DVR 27 Using the Quick Menu Press MENU on your remote to easily access DIRECTV features. Once the Quick Menu is displayed, use the UP and DOWN arrows to highlight a desired menu item, then press SELECT to access that item. Some menu items will display a submenu, others will take you directly to a new screen. To remove the Quick Menu at any time, press MENU again. The features in the Quick Menu change as needed to dis- play only the most helpful features at any time. For example, when the Quick Menu is …

  • 90, 80 About High-Definition This section describes HD, and how it differs from regular TV, including helpful information about high- definition and your DIRECTV Plus HD DVR. Types of TV Broadcasts Analog TV is the type of TV broadcast you may be most familiar with. If you get your broadcasts via a standard off-air antenna, it’s the type you receive, and most broadcasts from local cable companies are ana- log as well. Digital TV is a newer system for broadcasting TV signals delivering higher qu…

  • 29, 19 Recording Programs: A Great Way to Watch Your Favorites Recording is a great way to see your favorite programs on your schedule. You won’t miss your favorite series because it moved to a different day or time, or miss your team’s playoff game because you had to work late. Just set a program to record and your DIRECTV Plus HD DVR will save it for you to watch later. To watch recorded programs, use the Playlist feature. (See The…

  • 91, 81 To get the best-quality TV picture, you need an HD TV to go with your DIRECTV Plus HD DVR. Resolution & Interlacing Two elements that determine the quality of a TV picture are: Resolution If you’ve ever looked very closely at your TV, you have noticed the picture is actually made up of many lines scanning across the screen. The set of lines that make up a complete image are called a “frame.” For TV equipment and broadcasts, resolution is defined by the number…

  • 52, DirecTV HD DVR 42 Problems with Caller ID You must subscribe to Caller ID service through your local phone company. Also, check to be sure your Caller ID feature is turned on (see page 33). If you are plugging your receiver to a wireless phone jack, note that it typically does not transmit Caller ID information and you may need a special wireless phone jack to use with Caller ID service. See the user’s manual that came with the wireless phone jack to see if it transmits Caller ID information. If it doesn’t, either connect the phone …

  • 44, 34 DIRECTV Messages This feature lets you view a listing of current DIRECTV messages waiting for you. Simply highlight and select a message in the list to read, then you’ll have the choice to keep or delete it. The messages icon will appear brightly on your channel banner whenever there’s any new or unread message in your Inbox. Parental Controls Parental Controls enables parents to place certain restrictions on just who’s watching what…

  • 95, DirecTV HD DVR 85 Supported Resolutions and Formats The tables on this page show the formats and resolutions supported by the DIRECTV Plus HD DVR, the interac- tion with the FORMAT key, the outputs supported by the different types of connections, and other, related informa- tion. See the beginning of this chapter for a full description of screen resolutions, formats, and Native mode. The DIRECTV Plus HD DVR supports broadcasts in the display formats shown in the following table: Selected Resolutions Remote Control FORMAT Key Cycle (¯ = (Press FORMAT…

  • 50, 40 Troubleshooting Many problems can be corrected by performing a simple reset of the DIRECTV® Plus HD DVR. If you experience image freezes, audio freezes or blank screen, or the system won’t respond to front panel button or remote control, try one of these: Press the red RESET button behind the access card panel door on the front of the DIRECTV® Plus HD DVR, then wait for program guide information to be acquired. If the problems persist, try unplugging the power cord of the DIRECTV® Plu…

  • 96, DirecTV HD DVR 86 Wide-Screen vs. Standard Formats 4:3 TVs Showing 16:9 programs For a standard 4:3 TV showing a wide screen program, the program is too wide to fit on the screen. To alleviate this, choose: Letterbox With this format, the 16:9 image is shrunk until the entire width of the program fits on your TV. Since the aspect ratio of the program is maintained, the image is no longer tall enough to fill your screen, so gray or black bars are seen …

  • 56, 46 I wanted to record a program, but I got an error message saying it conflicted with another scheduled record. What do I do? Your DIRECTV Plus HD DVR can record up to two programs at once, or it can record one program while you watch another. If you exceed these limits (for example, if you try to record three programs at 8 p.m. on Thursday), you will be notified there is a conflict. You will have to decide which program you want to cancel. If the…

  • 17, 7 5) COMPONENT OUT/ YPbPr (G, R, B) – Provides good HD picture quality, but not as good as HDMI. YPbPr carries only picture information, not sound; use it along with a digital audio con- nection or AUDIO (L/R red/white) jacks. 6) AUDIO (R-Red and L-White) – Audio cables off er better sound quality than RF coaxial cables. You can connect a second set of audio cables to another component, such as a VCR or stereo. 7) VIDEO (Yellow) – Provides good picture quality for standard-defi n…

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