Gilera Runner RST 50 SP Service Station Manual

Service Station Manual for Gilera Runner RST 50 SP Scooter (183 pages)


671/671753-runner_rst_50_sp.pdf file (23 Nov 2023)
  • Manufacturer: Gilera
  • Category of Device: Scooter
  • Document: Runner RST 50 SP, File Type: PDF Service Station Manual
  • Updated: 23-11-2023
  • Count of Pages: 183
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Data: UPD 23rd November 2023

Gilera Runner RST 50 SP Scooter PDF Service Station Manual (Updated: Thursday 23rd of November 2023 07:23:25 PM)

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Compatible devices: Nexus 500, GP 800 i.e., Runner 125VX, Runner Purejet 2007, 633721, 2008 MSS Nexus, 633499, Runner 50 1997.

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  • 134, Radiator fan - Set up a receptacle to collect coolant. - Remove the fuel tank. - Loosen the clamps and disconnect the 4 lines from the radiator. - Remove the radiator by the 4 studs shown in the figure. See also Fuel tank Frame central cover Expansion tank - Remove…

  • 63, Gilera Runner RST 50 SP - Disconnect the electrical connection of the fly- wheel magneto. - Disconnect the electrical connections of the start- er. - Disconnect the transmission of the accelerator command by using the screw. - Disconnect the electrical connection of the ther- mistor a…

  • 126, Gilera Runner RST 50 SP Frame central cover Remove the saddle and the two screws indicated in the photograph. - Remove the air ducts, then operate the screw in- dicated in photograph. - Remove the ring nut of the fuel tank cap by un- screwing the 3 screws indicated in the photograph. - Rem…

  • 10, Gilera Runner RST 50 SP Wheels and tyres WHEELS AND TIRES Specification Desc./Quantity Front wheel rim In diecast aluminium alloy - 3.00x14" Rear wheel rim In diecast aluminium alloy - 3.50x13" Front tire 120/70 - 14'' 55L Tubeless Rear tire 140/60 - 13'' 57L Tubeless Secon…

  • 135, Gilera Runner RST 50 SP Front central cover - Remove the Gilera emblem placing a screwdriver in the emblem right groove. - Remove the screw indicated in the photograph and remove the cover by pulling it upwards. Battery Dopo aver rimosso il coperchio batteria installare la batteria ri…

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