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  • Manufacturer: Nonin
  • Category of Device: Medical Equipment
  • Document: GO2 Achieve Operation & User’s Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 05-10-2023
  • Count of Pages: 17
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Nonin GO2 Achieve Medical Equipment PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Thursday 5th of October 2023 09:34:54 AM)

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Compatible devices: Sensmart H500, Onyx II 9560, 9570, 7500FO, 3100 WristOx, 2500A PalmSAT, Avant 9600, 8000AA.

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  • 2, Nonin GO2 Achieve i ii ENGLISH Introduction ....................................................................................................1 Contents of Package .......................................................................................1 Symbols ..........................................................................................................2 Intended Use ...................................................................................................4 Installing th…

  • 3, 1 2 ENGLISH Introduction Thank you for buying the GO 2 Achieve Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. This small, portable device will give you important information about your oxygen saturation (the amount of oxygen in your blood) and pulse rate at your fingertip! The GO 2 Achieve is easy to use and needs no routine maintenance except battery replacement. This User Guide explains how to use and care for your GO 2 Achieve. Contents of Package  • GO 2 Achieve  • One AAA Alkaline Battery  • User Guide  �…

  • 4, 3 4 ENGLISH Battery Indicates separate collection for electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). IP33 Protected against spraying water and against access to hazardous parts with a tool, per IEC 60529. SN Serial Number Sensor disconnect; the pulse signal is not detected or there is excessive motion. EC REP Authorized Representative in the European Community +70°C -30°C Temperature Limitation for storage/shipping Intended Use GO 2 Achieve is intended to m…

  • 5, Nonin GO2 Achieve 5 6 ENGLISH Cautions • The GO 2 Achieve might misinterpret excessive movement as good pulse strength. Limit finger movement as much as possible when using the device. • The GO 2 Achieve must be able to measure your pulse properly to give you an accurate reading. Do not put the device on the same hand/arm when using a blood pressure cuff or monitor. • The GO 2 Achieve has no alarms. It will not sound if the amount of oxygen in your blood is low or if your pulse …

  • 6, 7 8 ENGLISH • Radios and cell phones or similar devices may affect the GO 2 Achieve and should be kept at least 7 feet away from the device. • Field strengths from fixed transmitters, such as base stations for radio (cellular/cordless) telephones and land mobile radios, amateur radio, AM and FM radio broadcast towers and TV broadcast towers may affect accuracy. • Use in emergency vehicles with communication systems may affect accuracy. • Functional tester cannot be used to assess t…

  • 7, 9 10 ENGLISH 3. Carefully reposition the battery door. NOTE: Do not force it into place; it fits only when positioned correctly. When battery is low, the battery indicator symbol on the display will flash. Remove battery if the device will be stored for more than 30 days. Replace low battery as soon as possible. Applying the GO 2 Achieve to Your Finger Hold the GO 2 Achieve with the display facing toward you; slide your finger into the opening at the …

  • 8, 11 12 ENGLISH NOTE: Correct positioning of the device on your finger is critical for accurate measurements. While on the finger, do not press the GO 2 Achieve against any surface and do not squeeze or hold it together. The internal spring provides the correct pressure; additional pressure may cause inaccurate readings. Activating the Device and Verifying Operation The GO 2 Achieve automatically turns on when a finger is inserted. When a finger is inserted, the GO 2 Achieve performs a …

  • 9, 13 14 ENGLISH Reading Your Results When you put your finger in the GO 2 Achieve, you’ll notice an LCD display come on. The numbers you see show:  • the amount of oxygen in your blood, displayed as %SpO 2 ; and  • your Pulse Rate, displayed as a 2 or 3 digit number, measuring the number of times your heart beats per minute. The Pulse Quality indicator ( ) displays the strength of the pulse rate signal. Bars will display after the , indicating pulse signal strength ( ); the gre…

  • 10, 15 16 ENGLISH Care and Maintenance The GO 2 Achieve requires no calibration or periodic maintenance other than battery replacement. Wipe the device with a soft cloth dampened with a mild detergent or 10% bleach solution. Do not use undiluted bleach or any cleaning solution other than those recommended here, as permanent damage could result. Dry with a soft cloth, or allow to air dry. Clean once per week or more frequently if handled by multiple users. Caution: Do not place the GO 2 Achieve in liquid or clean it with agents contai…

  • 11, 17 18 ENGLISH Problems Possible Cause Possible Solutions Problems Possible Cause Possible Solutions Troubleshooting Display blank Nothing appears on the display. Reposition finger to activate the device. Verify battery is correctly inserted. Note: If battery is installed backwards, the unit will not function. Dead battery. Replace battery. May be too cold. Allow device to sit at room temperature for at least 30 m…

  • 12, 19 20 ENGLISH Specifications Oxygen Saturation Display Range 0% to 100% Pulse Rate Display Range 18 to 321 beats per minute (BPM) Oxygen Saturation Declared Accuracy Range (A rms *) 70% to 100% SpO 2 ± 2 digits Low Perfusion Oxygen Saturation Declared Accuracy Range (A rms *) 70% to 100% SpO 2 ± 2 digits Pulse Rate Declared Accuracy Range(A rms *) 20 to 250 BPM ± 3 digits Low Perfusion Pulse Rate Declared Accuracy Range (A rms *) 40 to 240 BPM ± 3 digits Measurement Wavelengths and Output Po…

  • 13, 21 22 ENGLISH Temperature (Operating) +41°F to +104°F (5°C to +40°C) Storage/Transportation -22°F to +158°F (-30°C to +70°C) Device temperature will not exceed 41°C as measured during a controlled environment test. Humidity (Operating) 10% to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing Storage/Transportation 10% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing Operating Altitude Up to 40,000 feet /12,192 meters Batte…

  • 14, Nonin GO2 Achieve 23 24 ENGLISH Equipment Response Time Testing Summary SpO 2 accuracy and low perfusion testing were conducted by Nonin Medical, Inc., as described below: SpO 2 Accuracy Testing SpO 2 accuracy testing is conducted during induced hypoxia studies on healthy, non-smoking, light- to dark- skinned subjects during motion and no-motion conditions in an independent research laboratory. The measured arterial hemoglobin saturation value (SpO 2 ) of the sensors is compared to arterial hemoglobin …

  • 15, 25 26 ENGLISH Warranty Nonin warrants to the purchaser, for 2 years from the date of purchase, each GO 2 Achieve exclusive of the battery. Nonin will repair or replace any GO 2 Achieve found to be defective in accordance with this warranty, free of charge, for which Nonin has been notified by the purchaser by serial number that there is a defect, provided notification occurs within the applicable warranty period. This warranty excludes cost of delivery to and from Nonin. Nonin reserves the right to charge a fee for a warranty rep…

  • 16, Nonin GO2 Achieve 27 28 ENGLISH Please take a moment to find and record the 9-digit serial number found on the back of your GO 2 Achieve. You’ll need this number if you have to contact Nonin with technical service issues or if you have any questions regarding the use or performance of your pulse oximeter. Nonin’s technical service department can be reached at (877) 577-2635. My Serial Number: _________________________________________________ 7077-000-02.indd 27-28 11/18/2009 2:20:20 PM …

  • 17, GO 2 1. +70°C -30°C 0123 ! GO 2 % SpO 2 GO 2 % SpO 2 2. Warning: Keep away from small children; this device contains small parts that may pose a choking hazard. 7077-000-02 Cover.indd 2 11/18/2009 2:27:53 PM …

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