Moomba Mondo Owner's Manual

Owner's Manual for Moomba Mondo Boat (92 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Moomba
  • Category of Device: Boat
  • Document: Mondo, File Type: PDF Owner's Manual
  • Updated: 16-12-2023
  • Count of Pages: 92
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Data: UPD 16th December 2023

Moomba Mondo Boat PDF Owner's Manual (Updated: Saturday 16th of December 2023 08:17:35 PM)

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Compatible devices: 44, RS Neo, VOYAGER FRAMELESS PONTOON, Gravity Edition, Outback, 500 MK2, Mobius LS, Outback LS.

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(Ocr-Read of the Moomba Mondo Document (Main Content), UPD: 16 December 2023)
  • 58, Moomba Mondo 58 © 2014 Skier’s Choice, Inc. oPTIonal sTeReo aMP The stereo amplier is an optional piece of stereo equipment that is designed to increase the wattage of the signal going to the speakers while minimizing distortion of this signal. Please see stereo amplier owner’s manual for more information.…

  • 67, Moomba Mondo 67 © 2014 Skier’s Choice, Inc. V-DRIVe loCaTIon The uid level can be checked by using the oil level dipstick, which is located on top of the V-Drive transmission. This unit’s located under the center cushion of the rear seat. Pull out the cushion to access the transmission. MaInTaInIng flUID leVel …

  • 46, Moomba Mondo 46 © 2014 Skier’s Choice, Inc. Be sure that all bolts are tightly in place before use. Be aware of and avoid low overhead objects such as bridges, power lines, overhanging trees, etc. To loWeR ToWeR foR sToRage: Remove the two hand knobs from the back edge of the base of the tower leg. The hand knobs wil…

  • 88, Moomba Mondo 88 © 2014 Skier’s Choice, Inc. WaTeRsPoRTs safeTY CoDe Before you get in the water: Skiing or riding instruction is recommended before use. Instruction will teach general safety guidelines and proper skiing or riding techniques, which may reduce your risk of injury. For more information on skiing …

  • 11, 11 © 2014 Skier’s Choice, Inc. WaRnIng PlaTes & labels Read and note ALL warning plates and labels from bow to stern that appear on the boat, including these. If your warning decals should become damaged in any way, please contact your Moomba Dealer or write Skier’s Choice, Inc. to request replacement …

  • 30, 30 © 2014 Skier’s Choice, Inc. TaCHoMeTeR The tachometer registers the operating speed of the motor’s shaft output and may be used as an alternative to speedometer if weight and water conditions permit. DO NOT exceed the recommended RPM during break-in and normal operation of your motor. Exceeding the manufa…

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