Morso 1430 Cleanheat Squirrel Operating Instructions Manual

Operating Instructions Manual for Morso 1430 Cleanheat Squirrel Cooktop, Stove (8 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Morso
  • Category of Device: Cooktop, Stove
  • Document: 1430 Cleanheat Squirrel, File Type: PDF Operating Instructions Manual
  • Updated: 14-08-2023
  • Count of Pages: 8
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Morso 1430 Cleanheat Squirrel Cooktop, Stove PDF Operating Instructions Manual (Updated: Monday 14th of August 2023 08:12:53 PM)

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Compatible devices: 5400, 1010, 3112, 6600, 3450, S12 series, 2140, S11-40.

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Text Version of Morso 1430 Cleanheat Squirrel Cooktop, Stove Manual (Summary of Contents)

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  • 7, Morso 1430 Cleanheat Squirrel a little (always let some secondary air in). Now the coals can bum for a long time (if the stove is connected to a chimney supplying sufficient draught). some ashes on the grate to protect it from the heat. After burning off the coal gasses, a layer of glowing coals remain. At this point the lower air supply …

  • 6, Morso 1430 Cleanheat Squirrel life of the stove and the chimney. HEATING WITH SMOKELESS FUEL AND ANTHRACITE Open the lower and secondary air vent to the max. Establish a fire with paper and kindling wood. When the wood has ignited start adding fuel little by little, until the whole grate is covered by a layer of glowing coal…

  • 4, Morso 1430 Cleanheat Squirrel a mild detergent or brown soap. The painted surface may in the course of time get a grey tinge; but the stove can easily be freshened up with a special heat resisting senotherm spray- paint, which can be bought from your dealer. Front grate (7), bar frame (6), shaking grate (5) and c…

  • 2, We congratulate you on your choice of a Morso stove. Morso has been producing some of the world's best stoves since 1853. If you follow this Installation and operating Instruction carefully, we can guarantee you many years of warmth and plea sure. DIRECTIONS FOR INSTALLATION ~ …

  • 8, Morso 1430 Cleanheat Squirrel 2. Overfires must be avoided. Use only the primary air inlet and secondary air inlet as the means of supplying airto the fire. Do not leave them wide open after the first few minutes of firing a fresh load. NEVER run the stove with the ashpan door open. 8 …

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