Outdoor Works Nahanni Assembly Instructions Manual

Assembly Instructions Manual for Outdoor Works Nahanni Tent (12 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Outdoor Works
  • Category of Device: Tent
  • Document: Nahanni, File Type: PDF Assembly Instructions Manual
  • Updated: 17-11-2023
  • Count of Pages: 12
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Data: UPD 17th November 2023

Outdoor Works Nahanni Tent PDF Assembly Instructions Manual (Updated: Friday 17th of November 2023 12:39:47 PM)

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Compatible devices: Euro Easy Dome T3, W873.3, WPS A3, JIT-1333M, Event, MP-SDF, SwiftRise 6P, AIRFRAME SENTINEL II.

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  • 6, Outdoor Works Nahanni 5 Service & Warranty Congratulations for having purchased an OutdoorWorks tent. If treated properly, your tent will provide years of trouble free fun and enjoyment. Your tent is covered by a 12 month limited warranty and for problems beyond that time; we do stock sp…

  • 5, Outdoor Works Nahanni 4 Condensation Solution: This happens when the air inside the tent is warmer than that outside. Open all your doors and windows to provide maximum ventilation. Mildew and Odor Solution: This is caused by dampness. Never store your tent while it is still wet. If mildew does …

  • 2, Outdoor Works Nahanni 1 Keep all flame and heat sources away from all tent components. This tent is made of flame-resistant fabric. It is not fireproof! The fabric will burn if left in contact with an open flame source. ! Warning! Importan…

  • 7, 5 Service & Garantie Félicitations pour votre achat d’une tente OutdoorWorks. Si vous utilisez votre tente de la bonne façon, vous aurez des années et des années de plaisir et d’amusement sans problèmes. Votre tente est couverte par une garantie limitée de 12 m…

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RZT420H, EEH 7375.0, Mobile Network Video Recorder, LS743 - EASYSHARE Digital Camera

WPS A3, WEEKENDER LUNA, Headquarters, Switchback 9129, Toronto 6
  • 6. Insert one end of red main pole into first grommet in web straps at front corner of tent.(Fig. 2 & 2A)7. Go to opposite end of red mainpole and gradually apply pressureto the pole forming an arch. Insert the end of pole into first grommet at the back corner of tent. (Fig. 2 & ...

    Model & Doc Type: 2000000437 2

  • Oponal Tool List:• Electrical Cords and Power Source• 4’ or 6’ Level and or Lazar level• Caulk Gun• General Hand Tools• Pencils and or Removable Markers• High Speed Hammer Drill• Assorted Ratchets - 1/4” - 1/2”• Tape Measure• Ladder and or High ...

    Model & Doc Type: Atlantis G-Gutter 2

  • AMERICAN HERITAGE™WEATHERMASTER®CABIN 12'X9'1Layout & Positioning of Tent– Layout and position tent with door facing desired direction. (illus. 1)– Stake down tent, starting with the corners. Do not stretch too tight. Angle the stakes slightly toward the tent.(illus. 2) ...

    Model & Doc Type: 2000000148 2

  • Pop-Up Camouage TarnzeltPop-Up Camouage TentLieber Kunde, liebe Kundin,wir freuen uns, dass Sie sich für ein Walimex pro Produkt aus dem Hause WALSER entschieden haben und wünschen Ihnen viel Freude mit unse-rem Pop-Up Camouage Tarnzelt. WALSER bietet seinen Kunden mit den Marken Walim ...

    Model & Doc Type: 16345 3

  • ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE ENTERTAINER SHELTERComponent List: 1 Tent Canopy, 1 Crown, 4 Shockcorded BLUE Rafters, 4 Shockcorded RED Rafters, 8 Shockcorded GREEN Rafters, 4 Corner Brackets, 4 Mid Brackets, 8 Corner/Mid Poles, 8 Adjustable Pole Extensions, 8 Baseplates, ...

    Model & Doc Type: Entertainer Shelter 2

  • ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONSMODEL W790S.3, 7 Person Teepee Tent Spread out tent and open the front door to allow air to enter. An adult should enter and lift the roof of the tent o the ground.Insert Pole A into center of roof. Insert Pole B into the short endof Pole A.BAFor addition ...

    Model & Doc Type: W790S.3 2

  • fig.8fig.7fig.9Component List:1 Tent Body 1 Fly, 1 Short Pole, 1 Long Pole,1 Carry Bag, 1 Stake Bag w/Stakes, 1 Pole Bag, 2 Cords w/slidersfig.1fig.2fig.3fig.4Front peakfig.5fig.6Tension and stake out the web loops on either side of the fly.Tie a cord to the stor ...

    Model & Doc Type: Spitfire 2

  • Outdoor Revolution MODEL Movelite XL Thank you for purchasing an Outdoor Revolution product, this product will give years of satisfactory service if basic instructions are followed, our products are designed for durability and for ease of erection. Spa ...

    Model & Doc Type: Movelite XL 2

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