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  • Manufacturer: YSI
  • Category of Device: Measuring Instruments, Medical Equipment
  • Document: PRO20 Operation & User’s Manual, File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 16-09-2023
  • Count of Pages: 43
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YSI PRO20 Measuring Instruments, Medical Equipment PDF Operation & User’s Manual (Updated: Saturday 16th of September 2023 02:33:39 PM)

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Compatible devices: Pro2030, ProDIGITAL, 5000, Professional Plus, EcoSense ORP15A, Pro30, EcoSense pH1000A, SonTek RiverSurveyor.

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  • 17, YSI PRO20 MEMBRANE TYPE Membrane Type sets the type of membrane used on the dissolved oxygen sensor; either 1.25 PE (Yellow) or 2.0 PE (blue). Use the up or down arrow keys to highlight Membrane Type and press enter to open the membrane submenu. Highlight the membrane type corresponding to the membrane installed on the sensor and press enter to confirm. The enabled membrane type will have an ‘X’ in the box next to it. Use the down arrow key to highlight the ESC – Exit box and press enter to save changes and to close the membrane submenu. …

  • 30, 26 CARE, MAINTENANCE, AND STORAGE This section describes the proper procedures for care, maintenance and storage of the sensors. The goal is to maximize their lifetime and minimize down-time associated with improper sensor usage. GENERAL MAINTENANCE GENERAL MAINTENANCE - O-RINGS The instrument utilizes o-rings as seals to prevent water from entering the battery compartment and the sensor ports. Following th…

  • 10, CONNECTING THE CABLE The Pro20 is designed for field and laboratory use. It is compatible with two different cable options: 1) The field rugged cable is available in standard lengths of 1, 4, 10, 20, 30, and 100 meters with special lengths available between 30 and 100 meters. This cable has a built in temperature sensor and includes a port for the dissolved oxygen sensor. 2) The ProBOD is a 1 meter probe/cable assembly with built in Polarographic dissolved oxygen and temperature sensors. It has an AC powered mo…

  • 38, 34 Symptom Possible Solution Instrument readings are inaccurate. 1) Verify correct sensor/membrane type selection in the System Setup menu. 2) Verify calibration, barometer reading, and salinity settings are correct and recalibrate. 3) Verify accurate temperature readings. 4) Sample temperature is over 45 ºC, the temperature compensation range. 5) Probe may not have been in 100% water saturated air during calibration procedure. Moisten sponge in calibration …

  • 26, TAKING MEASUREMENTS Before taking measurements, be sure the instrument has been calibrated to ensure the most accurate readings. Turn the instrument on and wait 5-15 minutes if using a polarographic sensor. If using a field cable/sensor, install the sensor guard to protect the sensor and membrane. Place the probe in the sample to be measured and give the probe a quick shake to release any air bubbles. Allow the temperature readings to stabilize. Next, stir the probe in the sample to overcome the stirrin…

  • 42, YSI PRO20 38 RECYCLING YSI takes seriously the commitment to reducing our environmental footprint in our course of doing business. Even though materials reduction is the ultimate goal, we know there must be a concerted effort to responsibly deal with materials after they’ve served a long, productive life-cycle. YSI’s recycling program ensures that old equipment is processed in an environmentally friendly way, reducing the amount of materials going to landfills. Printed Circuit Boards are sent to facilities that …

  • 3, CONTENTS Warranty .....................................................................................................1 Introduction................................................................................................2 Getting Started ............................................................................................2 Initial Inspection................................................................................2 Battery Installation............................…

  • 14, After selecting a language, sensor, and membrane, the run screen will appear. The next time the instrument is powered up the run screen will appear immediately after the self check. If the sensor type or membrane type is changed, ensure that it updated in the System Setup menu. SYSTEM SETUP MENU Press the menu key to access the following System Setup functions. The System Setup menu contains multiple screens which are notated as ‘pages’. The current page is indicated on the display, figure 9.…

  • 5, WARRANTY The YSI Pro20 Instrument is warranted for three (3) years from date of purchase by the end user against defects in materials and workmanship, exclusive of batteries and any damaged caused by defective batteries. Pro20 cables are warranted for two (2) years from date of purchase by the end user against defects in material and workmanship. Pro20 Polarographic sensors are warranted for one (1) year and Galvanic sensors are warranted for six (6) months from date of purchase by the end user against defects in m…

  • 43, 39 CONTACT INFORMATION ORDERING & TECHNICAL SUPPORT Telephone: (800) 897-4151 (937) 767-7241 Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET Fax : (937) 767-9353 (orders) (937) 767-1058 (technical support) Email : [email protected] Mail : YSI Incorporated 1725 Brannum Lane Yellow Springs, OH 45387 USA Internet : www.ysi.com When placing an order please have the following information available: YSI …

  • 9, YSI PRO20 The Pro20 has two compatible sensors for use with a field cable: Polarographic – This sensor has a black sensor body and is engraved with the model number 2003. Polarographic will be abbreviated Polaro in the instrument. Galvanic – This sensor has a grey sensor body and is engraved with the model number 2002. For information about the differences on the two sensor types, see Sensor Type in the System Setup menu section and/or the Principles of Operation section of this manual…

  • 27, YSI PRO20 6.58 mg/L 95.9 % 24.2 °C Data set 01 saved  SAVE  DATA 23 The instrument will display ‘Memory Full’ if all 50 data sets have been saved and you attempt to save another data set. VIEWING AND ERASING SAVED DATA – DATA MODE Data mode allows you to view and erase saved data. From the run screen, use the up or down arrow keys to highlight Data and press enter to access data mode. Note that the function boxes at…

  • 24, If the calibration is unsuccessful, an error message will display on the screen. Press the Cal key to exit the calibration error message and return to the run screen. See the Troubleshooting guide for possible solutions. CALIBRATING IN PERCENT (DO LOCAL% ENABLED) Perform this calibration procedure when DO Local% is enabled in the System Setup menu. Prepare a 100% humid environment for the sensor as described in the One Touch Calibration section. Power the instrument on and wait approximately 5 to 15 minutes for the storage chambe…

  • 32, GENERAL MAINTENANCE – DO SENSOR PORT It is important that the entire sensor connector end be dry when installing, removing, or replacing. This will prevent water from entering the port. Once a sensor is removed, examine the connector inside the port. If any moisture is present, use compressed air to completely dry the connector or place directly in front of a steady flow of fresh air. If the connector is corroded, con…

  • 20, RESETTING THE SYSTEM SETUP MENU TO FACTORY DEFAULT To reset the Pro20 settings to factory default, press the down arrow key until the Reset - 4 box is highlighted, then press enter. The instrument will ask you to confirm the reset. Highlight Yes and press enter to continue with the reset or highlight No and press enter to cancel the reset. A Factory Reset will not affect data saved in the unit’s memory. The following will be set in the Pro20 after performing a factory reset: Parameter Reset Defaults Temperature Units o C Dissolved Oxyg…

  • 19, 15 TEMPERATURE UNITS Highlight Temperature Units and press enter to open a submenu that will allow you to change the temperature units displayed in the run screen. Highlight the desired unit (Celsius or Fahrenheit) and press enter to enable. The enabled temperature unit will have an ‘X’ in the box next to it. Only one unit may be enabled at a time. Highlight the ESC-Exit box and press enter to save any changes and to close the Temp…

  • 18, YSI PRO20 AUTO STABLE Auto Stable utilizes preset values to indicate when a reading is stable. The preset values are adjustable in the System Setup menu. The user can input a % change in dissolved oxygen readings (0.0 to 1.9) over ‘x’ amount of time in seconds (3-19). Highlight Auto Stable and press enter to expand the submenu. Use the up or down arrow keys to highlight the DO% Change or seconds (secs) input field, then press enter to make the highlighted …

  • 34, First dry the sensor tip completely with lens cleaning tissue. Wet a sanding disc and place it face up in the palm of you hand. Next, with your free hand, hold the sensor in a vertical position, tip down. Place the sensor tip directly down on the sanding disc and twist it in a circular motion to sand the gold cathode. The goal is to sand off any build-up and to lightly scratch the cathode to provide a larger surface area for the O 2 solution under the membrane. Usually, 3 to 4 twists of the sanding disc are sufficient to rem…

  • 33, Fill a new membrane cap with O 2 sensor solution that has been prepared according to the directions on the bottle. Be very careful not to touch the membrane surface. Lightly tap the side of the membrane cap to release bubbles that may be trapped. 29 Thread the membrane cap onto the sensor. It is normal for a small amount of electrolyte to overflow. Replace the sensor guard. Polarographic Sensors – Model # 60520…

  • 31, Using alcohol on o-rings may cause a loss of elasticity and may promote cracking. Do not use a sharp object to remove the o-rings. Damage to the o- ring or the groove may result. Before re-installing the o-rings, make sure to use a clean workspace, clean hands, and avoid contact with anything that may leave fibers on the o-ring or grooves. Even a very small amount of contamination (hair, grit, etc.) may cause a lea…

  • 39, 35 Temperature values display Over or Undr on run screen. 1) Sample temperature is less than -5º C or more than +55 o C . Increase or decrease the sample temperature to bring within the allowable range. 2) Return system for service. SPECIFICATIONS Parameter Range Resolution Accuracy -5 to 55 ºC * 0.1 ºC ± 0.3 ºC Temperature 23 to 113 °F 0.1 °F ± 0.6 ºF 0 to 200% air saturation 1% or 0.1%, user selectable ± 2% of the reading or 2% air saturation, whichever is greater 200 to 500% air saturation 1% …

  • 40, 36 ACCESSORIES/PART NUMBERS Part Number Description 6050020 Pro20 60520-1, -4, -10, -20, or -30 1, 4, 10, 20, or 30-meter cable with temperature and a port for Dissolved Oxygen 605202 Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen sensor 605203 Polarographic Dissolved Oxygen sensor 605780 ProBOD, Self-Stirring BOD sensor 603077 Flow cell – For use with any Professional Series Instrument 603056 Flow cell mounting spike 603075 Carrying case, soft-si…

  • 37, YSI PRO20 TROUBLESHOOTING ERROR MESSAGES Symptom Possible Solution Instrument will not calibrate; instrument displays “Calibration Over”, “Calibration Under”, or “Unstable Reading” during calibration. 1) Verify barometer reading 2) Verify correct sensor and membrane type selection in the System Setup menu. 3) Calibration sleeve may not be 100% water saturated, ensure sponge is moisten 4) Ensure adequate sample movement if performing mg/L or ppm calibration 5) Allow sufficient stabiliza…

  • 25, YSI PRO20 Allow the dissolved oxygen and temperature readings to stabilize. This may take 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the age of the instrument, type of sensor, and condition of the sensor. Press the Calibrate key. Highlight mg/L and press enter. Use the up and down arrow keys to adjust the mg/L reading to the value of the titrated sample. Press enter to confirm the value and calibrate or press the Cal key to cancel the calibration. Calibration Successful will display for a few seconds to indicate a successful calibration and th…

  • 13, Description of run screen box functions from left to right: Option Description Barometer reading Highlight and press enter to calibrate the barometer Salinity compensation value Highlight and press enter to adjust salinity compensation value  SAVE Highlight and press enter to save current data to memory  DATA Highlight and press enter to view and/or erase saved data NAVIGATING IN THE SYSTEM SETUP MENU When in the System Setup menu, the up and down arrow keys will move the highlighted bar up and down the sys…

  • 2, Item # 605597 Rev B Drawing # A605597 October 2008 ©2008 YSI Incorporated. The YSI logo is a registered trademark of YSI Incorporated. Teflon is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. …

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44 Elite-ZC, PGG 15 A1, Spacemaker 49-40614, 110.2808 Series

  • Multi-Parameter Water Quality TROLL®CD6Connect to the TROLL 9500—7When connected, the device appears in the Navigation tree below the COM port. Select the TROLL and set its clock—MP TROLL 9500 Quick STaRT Guide5Launch the software—Win-Situ: Double-click the desktop shortcut . A Select the TROLL. The software retrieves and displays informa-tion about the device ...

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  • Notice de fonctionnement User’s manual Bedienungsanleitung Manuale d’uso Manual de instrucciones FRANÇAIS ENGLISH DEUTSCH ITALIANO ESPAÑOL  Testeur de sens moteur et rotation de phases  Motor and Phase rotation indicator Drehfeldrichtungsanzeiger  Tester di senso motore e rotazione delle fasi  Comprobador de sentido de motor y rotación de fase ...

    C.A 6609 69

  • PHD6 Quick Reference Card Operation Procedure Turn on Press MODE button. Turn off Hold MODE button until display says “release.” Auto Cal Turn PHD6 on and allow sensors to stabilize. Take to fresh air. Press MODE 3 times to enter “Auto Cal Mode.” At prompt press MODE to Auto-Zero. At next prompt press MODE to begin Auto-Span. Attach calibration adaptor and fittings. Apply span ...

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  • Code No. 0816693Rev. 2 (11/16)INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FORTRUFLUSH ELECTRONIC CLOSET AND URINAL FLUSHOMETERSLIMITED WARRANTYUnless otherwise noted, Sloan Valve Company warrants this product, manufactured and sold for commercial or industrial uses, to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of three (3) years (one (1) year for special nishes, SF faucets, PWT el ...

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  • • The configuration of your clock may differ somewhat from that shown in the illustration.RG3714Wireless Rain GaugeINSTRUCTION MANUALLOCATIONS OF CONTROLS Main Unit (Receiver)Remote Unit (Wireless Rain Gauge)A. MODE BUTTONB. “+” BUTTONC. MAX/MIN BUTTOND. RESET BUTTONE. RE-SYNC BUTTONF. IN/OUT TEMP BUTTONG. “-” BUTTONH. CLEAR BUTTONA. RESET BUTTONB. RE-SYNC BUTTONFEATUR ...

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