Sierra Wireless AirCard 330U Quick Start Manual

Quick Start Manual for Sierra Wireless AirCard 330U Modem (24 pages)


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  • Manufacturer: Sierra Wireless
  • Category of Device: Modem
  • Document: AirCard 330U, File Type: PDF Quick Start Manual
  • Updated: 05-01-2024
  • Count of Pages: 24
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Data: UPD 5th January 2024

Sierra Wireless AirCard 330U Modem PDF Quick Start Manual (Updated: Friday 5th of January 2024 08:48:02 PM)

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Compatible devices: AirCard 326U, WISMO228, MP215, AIRCARD 595U, AirCard 595, MP597, Telstra ultimate mobile broadband usb modem, 305.

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  • 10, 9 Unable to connect? 1. Check the physical connection of the AirCard 330U. (Remove and reinsert it.) 2. Try another USB port. Do not use a hub or any external equipment. Once connected, what do I do if I have trouble with my email account or Internet browser? 1. Check the browser settings: a. Select File. Ensure…

  • 21, Sierra Wireless AirCard 330U 20 • Confi gurez Outlook ® , Entourage ® ou Mail pour qu’il télécharge les messages moins souvent ou pour les récupérer manuellement. • Confi gurez Outlook, Entourage ou Mail pour ne télécharger que les en-têtes et non les messages dans leur intégralité. Quels outils peuvent m�…

  • 7, Sierra Wireless AirCard 330U 6 Remove the AirCard 330U modem Windows 1. Exit Watcher. 2. Remove the AirCard 330U modem by pulling it straight out from the USB port. Mac OS X 1. Exit Watcher. 2. If a microSD card is inserted in the AirCard 330U modem, locate the AirCard 330U in Finder, select the drive, and click the Eject icon. 3. R…

  • 5, 4 Windows 7 Mobile Broadband* To connect to the network using Windows 7 Mobile Broadband: 1. Click the signal strength icon in the system tray. The Mobile Broadband connection window opens. 2. Select your network and click Connect. Note: Features such as SMS are only available by using Watcher. *This pro…

  • 14, Sierra Wireless AirCard 330U 13 L'AirCard 330U est compatible avec TRU-Install et ne nécessite pas de CD d’installation. Retirez le couvercle arrière et insérez la carte SIM comme illustré. Installation 1 1 Carte SIM Replacez le couvercle arrière. Carte microSD …

  • 19, Sierra Wireless AirCard 330U 18 Que faire si le programme d'installation ne démarre pas (Windows) ou si je ne vois pas le kit d'installation (Mac) ? Windows 1. Double-cliquez Poste de travail (Windows XP) ou sur Ordinateur (Windows Vista, Windows 7) sur votre bureau. 2. Cliquez sur le lecteur TRU-Install. 3. Dans le lecteur TRU…

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