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  • Manufacturer: oticon
  • Category of Device: Hearing Aid
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  • Updated: 09-09-2023
  • Count of Pages: 36
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oticon HIT PRO Hearing Aid PDF User Manual Manual (Updated: Saturday 9th of September 2023 04:37:23 PM)

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Compatible devices: BTE13 PP, minirite Speaker 60, connectline microphone, ConnectLine Streamer Pro, Sumo XP, CIC WL Fusion 2, Oticon Opn 2 miniRITE, Alta 2.

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  • 14, 21a Tamper-resistant battery door (Optional) BTE 312 This is strongly recommended for infants, small children and people with learning difficulties. Instructions To lock the battery door: Make sure the door is completely closed. Use the screwdriver in the MultiTool to turn the tamper-resistant screw to the locked position. To unlock the bat…

  • 25, oticon HIT PRO 40 41 Avoiding heat, humidity and chemicals Your hearing instrument must never be exposed to extreme heat e.g. left inside a parked car in the sun. They must never be exposed to a lot of moisture e.g. steam baths, showers or heavy rain. Nor must they be dried in microwave ovens or other ovens. Wipe the batteries carefully if moisture is prese…

  • 16, oticon HIT PRO 23 Telecoil (Optional) The telecoil is a receiver for audio signals transmitted from an inductive loop installation. The telecoil is meant for telephone conversations and for loop systems in e.g. theaters, churches or lecture rooms. The telecoil is activated by the push-button as switching between programs. When acti…

  • 2, Thank you Thank you for choosing our product as your means to better hearing. To support your efforts, we have put great care and attention into making sure that your new hearing instruments are of the highest quality and that they are easy to use and maintain. We recommend that you read this manual carefully to achieve the maximum benefit of your…

  • 10, oticon HIT PRO 12 13 Push-button Your hearing instrument has a push-button to adjust volume and to switch between different programs. The push-button can be activated by pressing either the upper part (UP) or the lower part (DOWN). UP DOWN Putting on your hearing instruments with a Corda  (thin tube) Not available for BTE Power P…

  • 19, oticon HIT PRO 28 29 FM An FM receiver enables the hearing instrument to receive signals directly from an external wireless FM transmitter. Mounting of the FM receiver Start by opening the battery door. Slide the FM receiver onto the instrument. As long as the FM receiver is connected to the instrument, two FM programs will automatically be added after any …

  • 6, 5d Instrument View BTE with Corda  Not available for BTE Power Thin tube Dome Ear grip Microphone openings Battery door Your ear piece: Custom Mold Plus dome Open dome: Small Medium Large Battery size 312 Battery size 13 Push-button/ Volume Control (Optional) …

  • 33, Warning to hearing instrument dispensers A hearing instrument dispenser should advise a prospective hearing instrument user to consult immediately with a licensed physician (preferably an ear specialist) before dispensing a hearing instrument. If the hearing instrument dispenser determines through inquiry, actual observation, or review of any other av…

  • 18, 26 27 DAI (Direct Audio Input) If your hearing instrument is connected by means of a DAI adaptor with an external sound source, like a media player/MP3 or hand mic, the signals of these devices will be directly transferred to your hearing instrument. Mounting of the DAI adaptor Start by opening the battery door and slide the DAI adaptor onto the instrumen…

  • 3, 5a IMPORTANT NOTICE Please familiarize yourself with the entire contents of this booklet before using your hearing instru ments. It contains instructions and important informa tion about the use and handling of your hearing instru ments and batteries. Instrument View BTE – 312 Battery size: 312 FM 28 Caring for your hearing instrument 30 How …

  • 31, oticon HIT PRO 52 The hearing instrument contains a module with: ID: U28FUBTE01 IC: 1350B-FUBTE01 The device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules and RSS-210 of Industry Canada. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: this device may not cause harmful interference.1. this device must accept any interference received, includi…

  • 4, oticon HIT PRO 5b Instrument view BTE – 13 Battery size: 13 Microphone openings Push-button/ Volume Control (Optional) Earmold Battery door Sound hook Plastic tube Sound outlet Ventilation opening …

  • 35, oticon HIT PRO Safety requirements regarding Direct Audio Input (DAI) The safety of hearing instruments with DAI (Direct Audio Input) is determined by the • external signal source. When the DAI is connected to mains-operated equipment, this equipment must comply with IEC- , IEC-60601 or equivalent safety standards. Warning to heari…

  • 32, oticon HIT PRO Most hearing instruments can be supplied with a tamper-resistant battery compart-• ment upon request. This is strongly recommended for infants, small children, and people with learning difficulties. Hearing instruments may stop functioning, for instance if the battery goes dead. You • should be aware of this possibi…

  • 17, oticon HIT PRO 24 25 Auto Phone (Optional) Your hearing instrument may have a built-in Auto Phone functionality. When the hearing instrument is close to a telephone receiver, the Auto Phone will activate a Phone Program. When the Phone Program is activated you will hear a number of beeps. When you end your telephone conversation, the hearing instrument will…

  • 30, 50 51 Warranty Certificate Name of Owner: Dispenser: Dispenser Address: Dispenser Phone: Purchase Date: Warranty Period: Month: Model Left: Serial no.: Model Right: Serial no.: Battery Size: Product approval, precautions and markings The hearing instrument contains a radio transmitter using short range magnetic inducti…

  • 8, oticon HIT PRO 8 9 To replace the battery, follow these instructions: Open the battery door completely by pushing the raised edge on the bottom of the • instrument. To assist with the handling of the batteries, the magnet at the end of the MultiTool can be used to help you. Remove the sticky label from the + side of the new battery.• The new battery …

  • 13, oticon HIT PRO 18 19 Stand-by (Optional) Push the button for a minimum of  seconds to set the instrument in stand-by mode. To reactivate the instrument, push the button briefly again. Use the stand-by function if you need to silence the instrument while you have the instrument on. Note: pushing either side of the button will set the instrument on stand-by. IMPORT…

  • 9, oticon HIT PRO 10 11 Left/Right ear marking Hearing instruments are fitted to the uniqueness of each ear, which means if you have two instruments then your left hearing instrument is programmed differently from your right. That is why it is important to distinguish between the left hearing instrument and the right. In order to e…

  • 22, 34 35 Make sure the earmold and tubing are completely dry before they are reconnected to • the hearing instrument. Be careful that left ear earmold and tubing are connected to the hearing instrument with left ear marking and vice versa for the right ear instrument. Replacing the tubing The tubing in the earmold shou…

  • 28, 46 47 If none of the above solutions solves the problem, ask your Hearing Care Professional for assistance. Common problems and their solutions Symptom Possible causes Solutions No sound Worn-out battery Change battery pg.  Clogged sound outlet Clean earmold pg.  &  Intermittent or reduced sound Clogged sound outle…

  • 23, oticon HIT PRO 36 37 Cleaning your hearing instrument with Corda  (thin tube) To remove cerumen from the thin tube: Pull tube out of the hearing instrument. • Insert the cleaning tool in the tube all the way through.• Remove the tool and push the tube into the hearing instrument. • Daily maintenance with Corda  (thin tube) Domes The dome should not …

  • 11, 14 15 Programs (Optional) Your hearing instrument can have up to  different programs. When switching between the different programs, your hearing instrument will beep. The number of beeps will indicate which program you are using. e One beep, when you switch to program  ee Two beeps, when you switch to program  eee Three beeps, when you switch t…

  • 29, oticon HIT PRO 48 49 International Warranty Your hearing instruments are covered by a limited warranty issued by the manufacturer for a period of  months from the date of delivery. This limited warranty covers manu- facturing and material defects in the hearing instrument itself, but not accessories such as batteries, tubing, earwax filters e…

  • 34, oticon HIT PRO Children with hearing loss In addition to seeing a physician for medical evaluation, a child with a hearing loss • should be directed to an audiologist for evaluation and rehabilitation, since hearing loss may cause problems in language development and educational and social growth of a child. An audiologist is qualified by training and…

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